Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to the entire NLTZ family..

I haven’t abandoned the Family, LOTS of personal things that are almost sorted out after almost a year.

Thanks to JJ and all of those who haven’t given up.

Thanks as always,


Fact Simile

Having just stepped off of another airplane, one prevailing thought came to my mind. People used to dress up to fly on a plane. It was an event. NOW everyone dresses DOWN in preparation for the “dressing down” that they will receive from the friendly groping Clintoninan hands of the TSA. Based upon the frumpy frocks of those now gracing the world’s airports, terminals look more like gymnasiums to me..

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Flippant Philippic

I have the following statistics I would like to forward.. I understand that mere statistics are devoid of excitement but when they are applied to the liberal left, they are bursting with information and incredibly revealing.. With the left, as it was with their communist contemporaries, statistics illuminate the typical, “good, bad and indifferent” way of political “thinking” on the left.. “Good” for the liberal elite and their indentured servants of the lowest class, “indifferent” or worse, “bad”, for the ever disappearing middle class..

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For The Kids

Of all of the intentionally disingenuous distractions forever bandied about by the liberals, “for the kids” has to be their most sickening.

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Happy 100..

Today is the 100th birthday of the Federal Income Tax.. I want my readers to take over today and for each of you to wish it a very happy birthday in any manner that you wish with your comments..

This should be fun..

Shutdown Shenanigans

The “government”, otherwise known as the “liberal’s god” (liberalism is the left’s religion) is “shut down”.. Scary..

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The Progressive Panorama

The OWEBAMA “red line” seems to have become a yellow streak.. The “red line” is being dealt with by the REDS and NOT the Red, White and Blue..

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