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Your Homework Assignment

In anticipation of an upcoming vacation in the Caribbean, it dawned upon me that I would be neglecting the millions of you who visit my web site for direction and conservative clairvoyance. I have decided to give out homework assignments for the conservatives and the liberals out there who are so inclined. I am sure that the idea of homework has put a number of readers into a diarrhea panic, but for the intrepid spirits who haven’t left in search of free porn or the latest stem winder from another pimply “MySpace-cadet”, I offer the following. I hope that the conservatives would have sharp pencils at the ready. Liberals, have your recycled crayons and your Hello Kitty notebooks in hand..

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Pregnant Chad

I hear that late fall is the best time for Rodham to do her planting…Really though, what is the big deal? I would wager that every candidate puts shills in the crowd. It adds to the “Carney” atmosphere prevalent within the three-ring circus of politics. It didn’t take long for politics to go from a “shell game” to a “shill game.” Besides, with the Clinton crime family, there is a lot more available to you if you want to be outraged other than the seeding of a Q and A.

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Enemies at Play

Part of the problem as regards the War on Terror is our approach to the enemy and the proper recognition of the fact that there are multiple enemies at play both here and abroad, foreign and domestic.

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NLTZ Must Hear

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Mapping Muslims and Religious Profiling

Hip, hip, HOORAY for the LAPD. In a city with 500,000 Muslim “inhabitants”, the LAPD wants to “map” the “communities” with a propensity for “violent, ideologically based extremism.” This should not be the most difficult of tasks. I would put in on par with the “mapping” of “guys” who love to sing show tunes and watch the Lifetime Channel. These “guys” are not that hard to pick out of a crowd. Continue reading

“Ils sont partis!”

Richard “Call me DICK” “Turban” Durbin has topped himself. Never one to shy away from outright treason, on June 14, 2005, Turban, on the floor of the United States Senate accused GITMO soldiers of using interrogation techniques similar to Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and the Khmer Rouge. Was DICK finally admitting that these fellow fascists ACTUALLY COMMITTED ATROCITIES in WWII, the Cold War and in Vietnam? No, DICK was strictly accusing Americans. Illinois’ answer to Hans Max Haupt has done it again. During the confirmation process of soon to be Attorney General Michael Mukasey, DICK equated “water boarding” to the Japanese torture of “60 years ago.” Wow. DICK thinks that a little terrorist “bobbing for crapples” is the equivalent of the Bataan Death March and the rape of Nanking? Not only has the left lost its collective mind, but they have lost their souls as well. Continue reading

Of Dodge ball, Lazy Susan’s and UFO’s


Let me start by saying that I did not watch the Democratic debate from the other night. Let me further state the obvious: no one needed to watch the Democratic debate. Distortion and hysteria are the Democratic default political settings. It is no longer necessary to revisit the Democrats. They are as maniacally predictable as…the Democrats! For those who did suffer through the debate, I am sure it would be hard to determine whether the unintentional political humor employed by the Democrats was better before, during or after the debate.

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