“Where y’at?”

I have chosen to admire the talents of most actors and musicians for their abilities in their respective crafts. To look to them for political guidance would be as idiotic as turning to Rosie O’Donnell for dieting tips. I believe that their “political” cerebrations are nothing more than their vainglorious but futile attempts at stand up comedy.On a related note, I find it odd that so many of the “voices” of the undermedicated left are nothing more than cashiered “comedians.” Franken, Garafalo, O’Donnell, etc. It seems natural that they would fail as comedians when they tried to be humorous and they would now succeed at being humorous when they try to be serious. The humor of their positions on the issues aside, the liberals are the most humorless “people” on the planet.

Who has not heard “There hasn’t been a terrorist attack on American soil since 9-11.” Have the terrorists submitted some liberal “timetable” that I am not aware of? Is there some “statute of limitations” relative to terrorism that is in play? Do terrorists have an “expiration date” on them? (Related terrorist joke for the kiddies: How do you know when a terrorist has gone bad? Answer: They start smelling GOOD.) Do the terrorists have their own liberal sub culture that runs about weeping for an “exit plan”? I would assume that “Muslim liberals” are known as “Moderate Muslims” and they are about as prevalent in the Middle East as homosexuals in Iran, just ask “Ayatollah I-need-a-new-job”, or whatever his name is. Our resolve should not wane. Our attention should not be diverted. Always be alert to that which is suspicious. Our diligence relative to a multi “front” war, the terrorists and the liberals, determines and assures our safety.

Why should anyone be upset over the “cell phone in the end zone” and the “sharpie pen, sign the football, and throw it into the crowd” after a touchdown stuff? This is just the logical extension of the “sack dance”, the “first down dance” and the “I caught a pass dance.” Now there is a celebration of some sorts after every play during an NFL game. The key word in that sentence is “game.” Football WAS a sport. With tradition. Sportsmanship. Character. Now it is a GAME not far removed from the trailer park tripe known as the WWF. Everyone “dances” and cavorts after every play or celebrates after simply doing what they are being paid to do. To bring the farce full circle, ESPN now “analyzes” the end zone dances on Monday morning with a “rap choreographer.” Next the “Queer Eye” “guys” will be commenting on the color combinations used by the teams and doing “make overs” on all the head coaches. Those who giggle at the old “No Fun League” will never understand. Where have you gone, Barry Sanders, because no one like you will ever play this “game” again.

I have always wondered why the liberals scream so often for GITMO to be closed. What they want are their heroes, the terrorists (or the “enemy combatants” if you insist on softening the language.) to be closer to home. The lefties have no access to GITMO. They want the terrorists on American soil or at least somewhere where they can pitch tents, hold vigils, smoke weed and carry placards, all with the unequivocal support and approval of the media. The left feels that they are not having their full effect until they can scream and spit at American soldiers at close range. The Taliban, Bin Laden and the Islamofascists have never had to ask for the assistance of the left in achieving what turns out to be their mutual goals. All the thugs needed to do was express their intent to destroy America and all things American in order for their liberal allies to sound the clarion call and assemble for the common cause. It would appear that there is a bet between these “allies” as to who can destroy America first as though this is the relay race at the company picnic and there is a trophy awaiting the “victor” at the finish line.

No matter how many Korans are fictitiously flushed, no matter how many “Teke pledge terrorist Abu Ghrab nude pyramids” there are or aren’t, no American could ever discredit the Koran and Islam, the “religion of peace”, as much as the Middle Eastern Muslim fanatics.

Women all across America, young and embarrassingly enough, not so young, have a new hobby. It is called “the Tug.” These idiots spend hours buying shirts that are too short and jeans that ride too low and they then spend hours tugging the shirts down and yanking the drawers up. I thought the idea was to show off the cellulite, the “love handles” and the requisite tattoos. Is the “tug” en vogue due to a return to decency, a few too many snickers (and Snickers.) or just a good look in the mirror?

The most obvious point about hurricane Katrina that comes to mind years after that horrific event is that, try as she might, Mother Nature can never do as much damage to America as the Carter presidency did.

I think that the safest places in the world are the New York Times headquarters and any ACLU office. If any boneheaded terrorist were to self detonate in front of either of these “liberal mullah central commands,” it would be the equivalent of one bombing the Haram. These are terrorist safe havens. The liberals and the terrorists have the same outcome in mind, they are just going about it a skoshie bit differently. The liberals fight the war on terror by demanding civil rights for terrorists, investigating and prosecuting American soldiers, defiling the Patriot Act and filing lawsuits on behalf of anyone with a “Target America First” chip on their shoulder. It is interesting to note that the Muslims, via the CAIR, are aping the domestic liberal attack plan. Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery.

We are quickly approaching the crossroads where the total number of abortions “provided” by the “ethical cleansing” liberals will be the same as the total number of illegal aliens the leftists are allowing to invade our nation.


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