Alternative Reality

The “reality” of the events of the last thirty years as pertains to fossil fuels should be enough to cause serious debate and effort relative to the implementation of alternative fuel sources.Enough of bogus “shortages”, production slow downs and the cow towing to disgraceful Middle Eastern countries that have nothing else to offer the world other than crude oil at randomly exaggerated prices and spontaneously exploding foreign exchange students.

I wonder how much “serious effort” is underway as pertains to solid research and development of alternative fuels. The cancerous liberals have made ANWR and further off shore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and anywhere else for that matter, off limits and off the table. They still have bed wetting nightmares over the imaginary damage done at Three Mile Island and noted scientific scholar, Albert Gore, will be filming another Oscar-worthy documentary and blaming Three Mile for his own immense physical swelling, so nuclear power is out. However Al’s prodigious output of hot air should not be overlooked as a possible alternative energy source.

The current batch of alternative fuels is presently cost prohibitive but if crude keeps going at this rate there will be little difference between the two. The internal combustion engine drives our economy and short of accepting Middle Eastern blackmail or REALLY fighting a war for oil, full-blown research into realistic alternatives is our only recourse.

The best and brightest came together years back for the “Manhattan Project.” Motivated by a letter from Einstein (A REAL scientist, Al.) Roosevelt assembled geniuses like Oppenheimer and Fermi who created what was destined to end WWII. It was a matter of national importance. I view the Middle Eastern blackmailers and their “attack” (Via crude prices this time.) on our economy as a matter of national importance.

After Pearl Harbor was attacked, we became directly involved in the war. The nation pulled together and did what it took to get the job done. In the 1940’s, Americans believed that America and the American way of life was worth fighting for. After September 11th, liberal congressmen held hands and sang God Bless America with those from the other side of the aisle. Soon thereafter, they and their liberal “partners in slime” settled back into their socialist modus operandi of targeting America and aiding and abetting those who seek to destroy this nation.

It is difficult to communicate the realities of the threats to America and the American economy (Which, like it or not, drives the world economy.) when those you are trying to communicate to refuse to believe in all that America is and all that She stands for. “Freedom” and “America” are all abstractions to the pierced and tattooed X-boxers who believe the American flag is simply a doormat at the next federally funded NEA (National Endowment for the Arts.) event. Lets start by communicating the psychological need for all Americans to drop their hyphens and unify for the good of the country. Everything that is good about this country did not transpire as a result of “impersonal causation” or a series of random isolated events, it “happened’ because we unified and worked toward a common goal, occasionally taking up arms as well. With the “illegal turnstiles” at our borders and rampant mephitic multi-culturalism, it is hard to convince people that an “American identity” even exists. Most of our “young” are marinated in the socialist liberal juices where the “American identity’ consists of “institutional racism, corporate fascism”, and other such Lilliputian fantasies. When the melting pot of assimilation became the salad bowl, “America” simply became a hotel for foreigners who are here only to grab a paycheck, and with the “world economy” there is really no reason for America to exist, right?

So how do we go about weaning our nation from the Middle Eastern extorters and simultaneously keep this ADD nation interested?

Let’s just make a “reality” show called “Alternatives.” (This could have altogether different connotations with the San Francisco crowd..)

Each week, enterprising entrepreneurs will attempt to “empower” America” with a great big jackpot once the task is completed. Viewers will be riveted as the competition escalates and the pressure mounts.

The idea of being held hostage by Middle Easterners (via crude oil prices this time.) and paying exorbitant sums per gallon as ransom should never be tolerated ever again.

We have the minds available in this country. A national project making heroes out of scientists and praising their intellectual capabilities as opposed to worshipping gold toothed illiterate rappers should be a high priority. America was fascinated with the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space projects. We were hypnotized by their cumulative efforts as they were motivated by President Kennedy’s words in the early 1960’s.

The liberals, who have cachet of nitwit scientists on retainer and who routinely bawl about “global warming” and petroleum’s damage to the environment have yet to present a single palatable option in an area that is wide open to them. Alternative fuel production is right up their alley but they invariably pollute the topic with imbecilic indifference to drilling in the interim and their communist kabuki dance about the oil company’s “obscene profits.” It is hard to believe with all of the scientific minds in this nation, that the idea of the internal combustion engine operating efficiently and effectively with some other widely available element has everyone stumped.

Liberals stand to gain the most from this. It is a potential two pronged victory for them. They can “bring down big oil” and they can eliminate the so-called “irreparable damage” to the environment caused by the burning of petroleum products. Those two reasons alone should have every commie chemist boiling test tubes until the wee hours of the morning.

It is hard to motivate those who have passively accepted three dollars a gallon as an unavoidable inevitability. It is not necessarily the three dollars but it is where the lions share of that three dollars is going: to openly hostile and unbalanced Muslim hegemonies and to so-called “friendly Middle eastern countries” who serve as incubators for radical Islam.

It is time to boycott the Middle East and their only profitable resource. Then it will be time for corn that is exported to the Middle East to go to a thousand dollars a bushel. It sure is tough to kill the infidel when you are too weak to walk. What about “alternative fuel bonds” similar to the war bonds of the 1940’s with all the funds going directly to hard research. Not the Al Gore “silly science” of windmills on your car and such.

It is logical to conclude that that our new alternative fuel will be “enviro-friendly” so the progressives can self righteously club and cajole other governments into “preserving the environment” while effectively decapitating (The perfect Muslim action word.) the Middle East’s oil income.

All of the phony talk from both sides of the aisle contributes nothing positive towards solving our thirst for Middle Eastern oil. I think we have reached the time when it has become theoretically impossible for our politicians to put politics aside in order to do what is best for America.


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  1. Well said.

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