It dawned on me that our society was beginning to crumble when I first heard years ago that the emergency rooms at our area hospitals were X-raying children’s Halloween candy. The thought that this is even necessary is remarkably dispiriting.

The liberals with straight faces claim they are “looking out for the little guy.” It is their definition of “little guy” that is so amusing. Their “little guy” is usually the career criminal who victimizes the real “little guys.” The liberal obsession of exorbitant taxation targets the disposable income of the “little guy.” The liberal “little guy” is most often the “big guy” in disguise. The NEA for example. The liberals are not concerned about the “little guy” getting an inferior “minimum wage” mentality education, no the “little guy” is the teacher, usually referred to as a “hero”, who always needs more tax dollars to provide the “sandbox” education to the real “little guy.” The real “little guy” in this equation is of no value as opposed to the value of the donations made to the Democratic Party by the NEA. All of this phony liberal concern rings hollow when you ask them why they have no concern for the “little guy” in the womb… Anger: Creates liberal votes and conservative apathy.I have little tolerance for those who spend the vast majority of their time on the inconsequential, the deceptive and the unsubstantiated.

The only things worth knowing are the differences between appearances and reality.

Speaking of reality, I would like to know who named the prime time drivel on television “reality”. The five minutes of one of these broadcasts I managed to suffer through had nothing what so ever to do with “reality.”

If there was nothing incriminating within the documents at the Nation Archives to either the Clinton’s or to Sandy Berger himself, WHY DID HE NEED TO STEAL AND DESTROY THE CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS? There are still no answers to that Clinton crime and there has never been an outcry for justice.

It is only under the liberal white flag of appeasement that freedom is equated with an unnecessary vulnerability.

When your adversary intentionally dresses like the civilian population, hides among the civilian population and attacks you from within the civilian population, “collateral damage” as a liberally weepy “war crime” is off the table. Fight an unconventional war unconventionally.

If pamphlets dropped from the sky (liberal paper airplanes.) warn people to “get out” and then the bombing begins, you are then placing more value on destroying property than killing the enemy. If that is the case we do not need F-15’s, we need bulldozers. We do not need the Marines we need the Army Corps of Engineers. So, if the enemy does not have a hovel he will stop fighting? If you need a slogan to latch onto, try: “Buildings don’t kill people, Muslim terrorists do.”

The War on Terror has always baffled the left. They are equally confused by Muslims who want to kill innocent Americans and the need for America to bring about the demise of said terrorists BEFORE they get the chance to cash in their seventy two virgin coupon. To the left, the War on Terror consists of one individual alone. Ol’ Spinach chin, Bin Laden. In the liberal dream world, the war on terror should only involve a manhunt for “Senor Stinky.” Eventually the liberal geniuses would “take him into custody” (no killing!) carefully and with all due respect for his constitutional rights and Geneva Convention protections, whisk him away to The Hague where the ACLU could get busy proving that 9-11 was the work of the U.S. The liberal’s Muslim demigod would then be cleared of all responsibility at which time he can be sent on his merry way with a personalized ACLU prayer rug and a “Dhimmi” Carter autographed collectible Koran.

The population of the United States just crossed 300,000,000. I wonder how many of them are “the invisible poor.” I wonder how many are “homeless.” I wonder how many are “illegal.” I wonder how many came here with phony passports, ID’s and other documents. I wonder how many saw the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as opposed to being stacked into the back of a Uhaul truck that was driven through the fence. I wonder how many of these millions Madonna and Jolie will adopt as playthings and house pets. I wonder how many are on Middle Eastern “student” visas. I wonder how many had anchor babies today. I wonder how many came to jump into the “melting pot” or how many will demand to be in the rancid “salad bowl.” I wonder how many came with marketable skills or how many are totally illiterate. I wonder how many came to contribute to society and how many came to take advantage of it. I wonder how many came to participate in the American Dream and how many, after listening to a flea bitten imam, came here to destroy it. I wonder how many are not here to enjoy what is left of America because of Rowe v. Wade….

Unlike the left, I actually encourage the opposition to voice their opinions. I want them to have every opportunity to express their ideas. To silence the progressives would not only lend an unnecessary credence to what they want to say but it would force you to have to guess as to how subversive and dangerous their thoughts are.

If you asked a liberal for permission to “bug” and infiltrate a “rogue” Christian church that was working to: Overthrow Rowe v. Wade, propose a “sanctity of marriage” amendment and supported school “choice,” every liberal alive would sign on. Ask that same liberal for their approval to “bug” a mosque where the plans for killing 100,000 Americans are being hatched and suddenly “houses of worship” are havens of “protected speech.” Test a liberal: Put a Mohammed statue on the lawn of city hall during Ramadan. Would the liberals scream for the “separation of church and state” and remove it or would they demand that it be displayed in the spirit of “inclusion and fairness”? Lets go “all in” on this: Lets make the statue ridiculously “cartoon-ish”, sculpted by some “unknown” European artist. Would the left defend the “artist” and his “art” and insist that it remain in place or would they cave in to the Muslim psychotics and their screams for the statues removal based on Muslim “religious beliefs” when religious beliefs are normally verboten in liberal land?


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