Let’s try to get this straight. The Muslims: subjugate women, approve of the beating of women, forcibly cover women from head to toe, do not allow women to talk, drive or even walk in front of a man, just to name a few. Where are the western feminists? I am not up on the “Feminist Manifesto”, but I will take a wild guess that that list does not run parallel to the feminist okey-dokey catalog. The only time the swarthy Muslims believe in the “equality of the sexes” thing is when it comes to strapping on a backpack full of C4. Muslims abhor free speech, pornography, homosexuality, equal rights and a free press, just to name a few. The Muslims all want these “freedoms” unequivocally eliminated. Where are the western liberals? These “freedoms” are the cornerstones of the liberal theology. So, two powerful western groups who should be front and center on the War on Terror are both AWOL. I cannot conceive of anything that should unite ALL Americans more than the War on Terror but somehow the left and their lemmings, which have the most to lose, can not find it in their black hearts to chip in. What could be more unifying than being targeted by the Islamo-nut jobs? How could the moral ambivalents not comprehend the value of what is at stake? Freedom and Democracy are uniquely American because prior to modern times, we placed enough value on them to fight for them without all the girlie sobbing. The Islamofascists believe enough in their sadism and savagery that they will willingly die in order to take Democracy and freedom from us. With the liberal blinders of political correctness forcibly strapped on, I wonder when the real War on Terror will begin.Listening to “rap” is like having your urinal cake and eating it too…

The liberals think that replaying the video carnage of 9-11 is ” conservative Muslim bashing”, obsequious “Americanism” and unnecessary “flag waving.” but the “Code Pinko” assaults, “No War for Oil”,”Bush knew” chants and the uniquely progressive “support for the troops” are all liberal spasms of patriotism. That makes sense, doesn’t it??

I firmly believe that the liberals will NEVER understand. They will forever be a dangerous distraction. The Islamofascists have declared war on America. To the observant: this happened in 1979. To the mildly observant: this happened in September 2001. To the liberals: “The who did what??” The left believes that a hug, a document, a negotiation, just a “talk” can bring about a permanent peace. Liberals love the idea of “talks” because they think they can outsmart anyone. Only a delusional fool believes that talking will make the radicals relent in their attacks. Only an intellectually dishonest knave believes a signature on a useless “resolution” will deter these psychotics. This will never be one of those “we agree to disagree” scenarios from the radicals point of view. The liberals can not understand the magnetic hold radical Islam has on the terrorists because the left views “belief” as an intellectually inferior endeavor that the supremely brilliant liberal could talk the terrorist out of, if just given the opportunity. They will never understand Islam’s mesmerizing tunnel vision when they have almost effortlessly separated religion from domestic believers here in America. They are convinced that since the domestic believer was such a pushover, the sixth century Muslim fanatic should not require them to break an intellectual sweat either. Liberals: radical Muslims do not recognize pronouncements from activist judges, the U.N., or left wing press conferences. The Islamofascists are not concerned with your self-perceived intellectual capacity. The radicals just want you to conform or die. Liberals: you are a hindrance in the War on Terror, not a help.

To “report” that “three U.S. soldiers died today in Iraq” and to say nothing further is blatantly biased because there is a lot more to say. It should be followed by, ” Soldiers based in Baghdad killed 127 terrorists..” What should follow is, “The terrorists were identified as Syrian and Iranian nationals who violated Iraq’s sovereign borders. To date, the U.S. has unfortunately lost xxxx troops but our forces have killed 250,000 terrorists..” “Senator Blah Blah is demanding accountability from Iran and Syria as to why their citizens are engaging our forces in Iraq.” If our “impartial” journalists reported in this manner, the publics “perception” of the effectiveness of the war effort would alter drastically. This type of information flies in the face of the liberal media’s agenda. When the propaganda you are being spoon-fed is coming at you via the liberally biased media, how could anyone be surprised by the “public’s perception” that the war is going badly?

The left never truly accepts the reigns of responsibility. Liberalism itself inoculates its victims from any and all responsibility. In the nebulous liberal village, the fault for failure lies elsewhere, “lies” being the operative liberal action word. Lets just take the socialist queen bee for example. Hillary blamed the “vast right wing conspiracy” for Willie using his Willie, on and in, an “intern” with her own agenda, and then lying about it under oath. Her “affirmative when it was politically expedient” vote for the war in Iraq was “misused by this president” which is just one of many childish dodges and evasions she trots out for this vote. Every other day she heaves another greasy salvo out there until she manages to stumble into something that will permanently slide by the lunatic liberal base. As immensely intelligent as the liberals believe themselves to be, the vast majority of their beliefs are blatantly infantile. In essence, the liberals never mentally grow up. They will forever have to don cerebral Pampers, intellectual Depends and mental Huggies.

It is imperative to always be aware when talking to a liberal. To them, “discussion” equals “acceptance” which fast tracks “implementation”. If they talk about giving birth control to your eleven-year-old, they believe that everyone accepts this and they just barge right into implementation of their “plan.” It is always a good idea to keep your enemies close, but with the liberal allergy to bar soap, it is a Herculean olfactory challenge.


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