Hammer and Tong

My guess is that Islam is not only sacred to Muslims, it appears to be sacred to the liberals as well because they would normally break into a bovine stampede at the thought of a “state sanctioned religion.” The left has yet to figure out that that is EXACTLY what the Muslims do. Their “governments” are actually arms of their religion. Their governments genuflect before their religion and Muslim terrorists claim Allah endorses their savagery. The liberal “separation-ists” should go completely ballistic and into overdrive when confronted by the realities of the Middle Eastern “church and state” symbiosis.

The CAIR is carefully watching and mimicking a large group of willing participants, otherwise known as “unindicted co-conspirators”, who laughingly call themselves Americans”, who are obsessed with “fairness.” We have seen them before. They apologized for Soviet spies. They acted as if Nazism did not exist in the 1930’s. They also thought that freeing the slaves was a bad idea.

Here in St. Louis, if you turn to “local” talk radio in search of searing political commentary, it will prove to be about as rewarding as going to your grandmothers house for your bachelor party.

If you ask any liberal which of the “rights” available to any American is most important in their mind, “Free speech” almost always tops that list. I find that fascinating because it is the first “right” they want to take away from those who disagree with them. Liberals always seek to silence conservatives due to the genetic fragility of the liberal “argument.” Liberal “ideas” when verbalized, always collapse under the weight of their own illogic. When confronted with superior conservative logic, they reflexively seek to assault the conservative logician personally or change the subject to a non-contiguous topic. If the conservative argument would collapse under the weight of its own illogic, the liberals would trumpet the conservative’s right to express their opinions without restraint. That is why the left resorts to censorship. It is the weakness of the liberal arguments as well as the strength of the conservative’s. In a land where achievement is viewed as “exclusionary” and “racist”, it is no wonder that the public schools are of no value. The left needs to create and sustain a permanent underclass perpetually enslaved to the socialist redistribution racket. Add to the mix multiple millions of immigrants, legal or not, with virtually no formal education. We used to limit the number of illiterates asking for admittance, now the left labors to insure the reproduction of the bottom feeders from both inside and outside this country. It all comes back to achievement. It is not the “inclusives” ILLUSION of achievement that builds ones self-confidence, it is the REALITY of their achievement. Those who have been molly coddled and cajoled eventually see the ruse and harbor resentment towards the emotional manipulators.

The left believes that encouraging our “immigrants” to speak English is discriminatory. The left realizes that a lack of proper English all but guarantees generations of entitlement dependents, destined to vote Democratic which in turn fulfills the liberal desire to ensure the decline of our nation. It is hard for “a rising tide to raise all boats” when the liberals all believe in drilling holes in that boat so we can all sink to the bottom “equally.”

Once upon a time, there was a distinct group of individuals who thought that the idea that communists within our borders had infiltrated our government and our society with the goal of toppling both was nonsensical. This same group trivialized or ignored what the communists and communism was doing outside of our borders to our allies and to sovereign nations abroad. This group demonized Joe McCarthy and the principles he espoused as hokum and mere witch-hunts. Today there is a distinct group of people who believe that the idea that radical Muslims have infiltrated America with the intent to convert or destroy our society and government is nonsensical. This same group often trivializes or ignores what radical Muslims are doing outside our borders to our allies and to sovereign nations abroad. This group will demonize today’s Joe McCarthy and the principles he espouses as mere hokum and witch-hunts. The realities of Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were deflected or ignored. This group dismissed the realities of Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin as an “over exaggeration”. Today this group ignores the rants of the Muslim savages. This group dismisses Muslim genocide in Africa and elsewhere, as an “over exaggeration.” Even after 9-11, this group can not bring themselves to accept the realities of terrorism and to stand behind the elimination of the direct terrorist threat. This group believes that terrorism is a by-product of American foreign policy and that it is fictitiously over exaggerated. This group believed that everyone under communism would flourish and be equal. Are they foolish enough to believe that everyone suffering under radical Islam today is flourishing and equal? This group was childishly naïve, short sighted and unintelligent before. Today this group is dangerously deceptive and duplicitous with their thoughts and actions relative to the real threat of radical Islam and its potential and actual effect on America and the free world.

If you are a little unsure about the killing of the Islamofascists, please consider this: It is not as though these Muslims just want their own little corner of the world where they can retreat to the sixth century, they want the entire world to be Muslim and to suffer under sharia law. By force if necessary. Sounds like the late thirties in Germany to me. How did the negotiations go with old Adolph back than? Which western liberal will step forward to become the twenty-first centuries Neville Chamberlain?

Why is it that when an alleged “western” ordinance goes off and “alleged” Muslim “innocent women and children” are allegedly killed, the Muslims all step up to do the “Boo Hoo line dance”? (Please make a note of the rigor mortis of these “allegedly” “just” killed. For good measure they will occasionally dust off a skeleton or two, drag them around and claim that the dear departed just departed…) Why is it that when a Muslim woman or child is strapped with explosives and they murder truly innocent Americans or Jews, the Muslims all celebrate and call the bomber a national hero? Is it just possible that the “Boo Hoo line dance” is just “orchestrated” for the liberal choreographers in the media, who will promptly dispatch it to America so it can be quickly utilized as fresh liberal talking points? Radical Muslims, like the liberals, cultivate the culture of death and the liberals, like the radical Muslims, despise America.


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