Jabs and Glancing Blows

When a Christian says that God “concerns Himself with every facet of a believers life, from the smallest detail to the biggest”, the liberals all giggle hysterically. This laughter creates three observations: irony, reason and a problem. The irony is the liberals enthusiastically endorse and labor towards, a government that “concerns itself with every facet of a citizens life, from the smallest detail to the biggest.” The reason the liberals abhor the idea of God is they cannot possibly conceive of a Being more omnipotent, sensitive and intelligent than they are. The problem is the liberals have the option to ignore the Christians God, but when the left is in power, NO ONE can ignore the liberals government….Those who are sensitive tend to think and react based on emotion rather than logic and reason. The last thing we need in the War on Terror is a “more sensitive war.” We certainly do not need generals who spend considerable amounts of time “getting in touch with their feminine side”…“Tolerance” is a word usually hurled about with each syllable dripping a smug self-righteousness. It is imperative, in order to determine context, to ascertain whose rendering of the word is in use. The “normal” definition of “tolerance” is “to put up with,” not “accept.” The difference lies (no pun intended.) within the liberal construction of the word. The liberal “tolerance” involves mandatory submission to their “values” at the expense of your own. If you want to know how tolerant the liberals really are, just disagree with one…If you would like to see a liberal completely meltdown, ask them this: “What would you be willing to fight for or against?” You would hope to hear “Islamofascism” or maybe “communist oppression” but the only answer you will get is “American imperialism.” Not to worry, the liberals do not really mean it. About the best you could get from them would be a scratch fight if you threatened to take away their Waylon and Madame tapes…Islam, as a religion, is practiced by a vast number of people worldwide. Islam, as a religion, suffers greatly through the intentional “misinterpretation” of its teachings by the radical Islamofascists. One would certainly think that those who do not endorse the radical interpretations of their religion would be a bit more pronounced in their denunciations of those who act homicidally in the name of Islam. Is their silence: cowardice, tacit approval, or the fault of the inattentive international media?Using my powers of “subliminal perception,” I just can not help but hear “Oh God, please don’t draft me” when the war protesters gather and cluck…Let us just suppose for a second that the childish notion of terrorism being caused by poverty is true. Terrorists are overwhelmingly Middle Eastern and the Middle Eastern countries are overwhelmingly saturated in crude oil. These days that sounds like a recipe for financial success for the Middle East. So who is responsible for this “poverty?” Not the United States. It is the Muslims in charge of the Middle Eastern countries. If the Muslims in charge would loose the purse strings, every Middle Eastern Muslim alive would owe a huge debt of gratitude to the United States for its unquenchable thirst for the only commodity available from the Middle East. That is, if noxious cab drivers and exploding foreign exchange students do not count as “exports.” The United States even mechanized the oil fields to enhance production. The Middle East should be a petro dollar paradise and a liberal redistributionists dream. Truth be told, if it were not for the Muslims desire to lord over and enslave other Muslims, the Middle Easterners should worship the ground we walk on for financing their way of life. The Muslim poverty provider is actually another Muslim. If poverty IS the cause of terrorism, the real enemy, the true Muslim “pauper-izer” is on the prayer rug next to you, Habib…

What the “American Idol” has done to singing, plastic surgery has done to feminine beauty. The “nuevo bimbos” have more plastic in and on them than your average Corvette, bringing new meaning to the term, “silicon valley.”

In the nebulous nether world of liberal criminal “rehabilitation,” the transgressors are “victims” and crime is an “addiction.” If criminals are addicted to crime and if their release from prison places the engraved invitation to victimize innocents too agonizingly close, then to “preemptively” incarcerate the addicted prior to the habitual stalking of their prey would be the first logical step in the genuine rehabilitation of the addict: removal from temptation. Then the liberal enabler/witch doctor can mentally massage the troublemaker from behind bars, where the criminals are literally a “captive audience.” Forcing prisoners to listen to liberals could be construed as “cruel and unusual punishment.” Our domestic “enemy combatants” would be bawling for Geneva protections and would be begging for the horrors of nude pyramids and water boardings after a scant thirty minutes with Garafalo or Robbins. Coincidental violence visited upon the liberal in this environment is perfectly excusable, as there is only so much torture a man can take. Their “rap sessions” will afford ample opportunities to give lots of hugs, play hopscotch, weave baskets, and for everyone to get in touch with their feelings. It is perfect. The liberals can feel good about themselves while accomplishing absolutely nothing, the prisoners can be lobotomized by the incessant dial tone drone of the metrosexual progressives and the rest of us can enjoy our lives as “non-victims” because our safety is assured when the criminal elements freedom is not.

I had someone ask me the other day why “Goofy” talks and “Pluto” does not. The obvious answer is that Pluto graduated from the public schools.

Is there really any difference today between the fourth estate and the fifth column?

Occasionally, you will see the names of the lottery “winners” and how much they have won in the newspaper. I would like to see them print a periodical containing only the names of the “participants” in this weeks lottery and how much they lost pursuing the brass ring. The “winners” would take up a line or two. The “losers” would cover, front to back, a complete edition.


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