Muslim Potemkin

The War on Terror becomes more difficult to conduct with each passing day. It is a multiple front war. Most believe those fronts to be in Iraq and Afghanistan. Add to that list, the “home” front and its terrorist appeasers, the liberals. As formidable as the left is, they are not alone in deploying the Democratic parties battle plan: “Target America First.” The liberals can always count on the impartial media to assist them in their quest.Those who have the charm of distance here in America are force fed a vulgar diet of the impartial media’s reporting on the War on Terror. How can the rest of us overcome the liberal and media bias while bringing the reality of terrorism to the work-a-day people? Can we do this in such a way as to not interrupt the foggy child like state of the average iPoder, the typical Xboxer and the You Tubers? Can we figure out how to put a happy face on the Islamic extremist threat? A liberal theme park like Disneyland? No.

A Muslim Potemkin Village.

However, attendance at this theme park is mandatory. I can hear the cheerful young Muslim Potemkin tour guide now…

‘Everybody gather around so we can get our tour started. I’m super psyched to see you here today! Some of the things you will see on our tour are the understanding Muslim responses to Christianity, or actually, any religion other than Islam. You will see how the Muslims treat “apostasy,” which is another word for those who have the audacity to convert to any other religion from the “Religion of Peace.” You will see the mutilation, humiliation and abuse that Muslim women take at the hands of the understanding Muslim men. Feminists, please control your outrage over this as you have for decades now…

‘Liberals, feel free to join in any American flag burning ceremony taking place within Muslim Potemkin. Conservatives, don’t protest the flag burning though, as our patriotic Muslims will be compelled to decapitate you while their children hang your torso from the nearest bridge and hold an impromptu marshmallow roast around your smoldering carcass, all for the benefit of the liberal media..

‘Here you will see the compassionate side of Muslim Potemkin as daily stonings, beheadings, and bombings, all in the name of Allah, take place for your enjoyment.

‘Liberals, feel free to protest for your rights in Muslim Potemkin. We suggest protesting for gay rights, abortion, separation of church and state or any other imaginary constitutional right you would like to create out of thin air. Before protesting, be sure to see your tour guide, as he or she is required to photograph you for your “missing person” picture, which will be distributed on milk cartons all over America after your tour ends…

‘Ladies, please use our complementary burkas, sorry about the smell, for the duration of your tour. Absolutely no pierced bellies, exposed breasts, real or plastic, tattooed butt cracks or any other sign of western depravity as Muslim Potemkin villagers will be obligated by Allah to behead you. The price of your tour will not be prorated if villagers kill you prior to the end of your tour. As an added bonus, each day, one lucky random tour group will be killed by an explosive backpack worn by their helpful tour guide.

‘Tour busses may be boarded at any time by rabid Islamofascists, and random tourists will become “infadel hostages.” Americans, it is mandatory that you be executed. Liberals and media personnel will be released after videotaping tearful pleas and promising to continue to undermine Americas War on Terror. Copies of your videos will be on sale in the gift shop 30 minutes after your tour ends. For those who are feeling a bit more active, we are now offering the “Theo Van Gogh bicycle ride tour.” Who is ready to have some fun?’

In the liberal world of fantasy, we are but one hug away from permanent peace with Islamic extremists. In the real world, we are one explosion away from thousands more innocent Americans prematurely dead because of the lefts proclivity towards handcuffing the authorities responsible for fighting terrorism and then blaming those authorities for not preventing the attack they were not allowed to prevent. Maybe if we could convince Osama to lay like spoons, make a cup of cocoa and watch “Hope Floats” at the Hague with W, terrorism would cease to exist.

The War on Terror cannot be fought through negotiations. Understand: all the talk in the world would not have made Hitler a nice guy and more than a few people tried prior to 1939. The War on Terror can only be won by eliminating terrorists permanently. The constitutional rights the liberals hide behind, real or imagined, would cease to exist instantly if the United States were a typical Islamic republic. The liberals imbecilic protests would result in “Islamic time outs” otherwise known as beheadings. The Muslims know the liberals will not fight for America. They know the liberal “Haditha Murtha’s” and “Psychotic Cindy’s” will always be there to attack America at home.

Muslim Potemkin, though sarcastically submitted here, is not American propaganda, it is the Muslim subculture reality and it needs to be seen through clear and unbiased eyes, not filtered through the kaleidoscope of liberal intellectual myopia.

Liberals can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. If they are to be part of the solution, they will need to embrace what America has stood for since the Revolution and join in the fight for the eradication of evils latest spawn, radical Islam. If they are to be part of the problem, they will simply need to stay the same course that they have been traveling for the last fifty years…


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