NLTZ Must Reads

A small sampling of light reading. Some but not all of my favorites.

Minority Report H.L.Mencken The one that started it all for me… White Guilt Shelby Steele

America Alone Mark Steyn

Unhinged Michelle Malkin

The Looming Tower Lawrence Wright

Life at the Bottom Theodore Dalrymple

Men in Black Mark Levin

American Jihad Steven Emerson

Hating Whitey David Horowitz

Mexifornia Victor Davis Hanson

Vision of the Anointed Thomas Sowell

Treason Ann Coulter

Why America Slept Gerald Posner

Case Closed Gerald Posner

Shakedown Kenneth R. Timmerman


9 responses to “NLTZ Must Reads

  1. Dereliction of Duty ,Col Patterson opened my eyes about these left wing lunitics

  2. Dee, Agreed. I too read Col. Patterson’s book and it is a doozie…Larry

  3. For those of you who have little or no regard for your or your Nation’s future, DO NOT READ Victor Davis Hanson’s ‘Mexifornia.’

    It exposes the plan to destroy America.

  4. Windrider, VDH wrote an amazing little book from the perspective of someone who was reatedly victimized by the illegals. Truly required reading..Larry

  5. Must add Ann’s Godless to the list, Larry!!!

  6. Amy, ANYTHING from Ann, as a point of procedure, is included. I just didn’t want to appear redundant..Thanks, Larry

  7. Bias – Bernard Goldberg is worth a read too. Also, American Soldier (Gen. Tommy Franks), and Barbara Olsen’s The Final Days.

    Unhinged is great, glad to see it on the list 🙂 and, of course, anything by Ann.

  8. Patrick,

    Bernie Goldberg’s Bias is excellent..

    Thanks for the catch.


  9. Dick Morris’s OUTRAGE is another gem.

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