No Left Turnz: An Introduction

I have heard it said that, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” By that logic, we can conclude that it took longer than a day for that which was Rome to be destroyed. Likewise, that theorem can be applied to the social, cultural and political climate within the United States today.This metamorphosis has taken place over a long period of time. It has not been loudly conspicuous, it has been a stealthy flicking away of tiny morsels of cultural mortar until we have reached the point of our nations collapse.

Lets just call it the “Andy Dufresne-ing” of Western Civilization, one pocket of dirt at a time. It is a cultural game of Jenga with America in the balance. When it reaches that breaking point, everyone will stand about agog saying, “I never saw it coming.”

The enemies of western civilization keep chipping away like psychotic woodpeckers knowing that if they win enough battles, they will have won the war. It is a matter of stamina energized by agenda. It is an intellectual battle of attrition.

The country collectively forgets these small battles. Lead by the nose through the “creative writing” of the impartial media, everyone quickly moves to the next bright and shiny diversion. For example, does anyone remember the outcries of outrage over liberal imam Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration apostasy? Kennedy’s first attempt to kneecap our civilization and economy apparently failed to achieve its desired results because he and his comrades are giving it another whack 42 years later. Who foresaw the damage to our culture and civilization via Rowe v. Wade’s “privacy” pogrom? Who turned cartwheels of indignation over Barney “Fabulous” Frank’s 1990 “ideological exclusions amendment”?

This all began as small concessions. The decent folks conceded what appeared to be small issues at the time in the hopes that the troublemakers would just pipe down and go back to the methadone clinic, the bathhouse and the psychiatric ward.

These concessions were preceded with the calculated cries of “discrimination, racism, inclusiveness and fairness.” These concessions became perverted victories which “empowered” civilizations enemies to further expand their assault upon America. The lack of resistance they encountered encouraged these domestic terrorists to further besiege our communities, courts and culture. Using yesterday’s victory as another board and nail to build their Trojan horse, they slithered back the next day, demanding another inch of cultural and civilizational ground.

Today it is a plastic baby Jesus on your lawn. Tomorrow it is the cross on Mount Soledad. Today it is “press 1 for English”, tomorrow it is “press 2.” Today it is “privacy.” Tomorrow it is twenty million dead “choices.”

The goal is to make you believe that you are some type of “-ist” for believing in something that they have falsely tarnished as an “-ism.” Unchallenged perception quickly becomes reality.

The decent folks just conceded, seeing no harm at the time for taking the path of least resistance. “It’s just an inch, no big deal,” they said. Nearly fifty years of inches thus conceded has transformed Nietzsche’s “transvaluation” (Old sins become virtues, old virtues become sin.) into a twenty-first century progressive nightmare.

Cultural ground has been lost for nearly fifty years at the rate of an inch at a time, what is to say that it cannot be reclaimed at at least that rate?

It is time to apply the tourniquet to what has become our civilizations arterial bleeding.

In order for the corner to be turned, the value of what has been lost must be recognized.

In order for momentum to be built, it must be understood that what has been lost can be regained.

In order for what has been lost to be regained, it must be acknowledged that there needs to be an effort to reclaim that which has been lost.

Those adversely effected by what has been lost should consider conscription. Those adversely effected? That pretty much means everyone.

Unlike the heroic liberal protesters, the decent people, the “concede-ers,” have things like jobs, homes and families. These are otherwise known as responsibilities. When your only responsibility in life is standing in line for free cheese and free clean needles, it is not an occupational stretch, job description wise, for you to strap on a sandwich board and protest against all things American.

The “effort” necessary from the decent people boils down to just being informed, which should not be that difficult. After all, this is the “information age”, isn’t it? Step two in the procedure: VOTE. If you do not participate in the process you have no right to complain about the outcome. Actually, if you fall into that category, you are just as responsible for the resultant carnage as our professed enemies.

The true enemy is not liberalism, communism or even Islamofascism. The true enemy is not the illegal immigrants, secularism or even the ACLU.

The true enemy is apathy.

Apathy allows those who are overtly or surreptitiously at work to succeed unimpeded. Apathy festers within those who do not understand the value of what it is they can and will lose. Apathy forms when the majority believes it is someone else’s problem. Apathy appears when we take for granted what the Constitution promised us, and what past and present generations of heroes have given us with their sacrifice. Apathy becomes evident when more people vote for the American Idol than vote in the presidential election.

If you are minimally observant relative to current events and if you have just a nominal recall of history, it should be quite easy for you to understand the carcinogenic consequences of apathy.

For those of you who are having trouble correlating all of this into an image of what an “apathetic” America might look like in the future, for starters, just consider these scenarios:

    1. The “Gringo Piñata” otherwise known as the American taxpayer will be throttled into “sponsoring” up to twenty million illegal immigrants if the “Hyannisport Hegemonist” has his way.
    2. A hypocritical (hippo-critical?) harpy from New York, via Arkansas, via Illinois waddles into the oval office, soon to be renamed the “offal office” with the “First Lecher” in tow. I would wager that he is already putting out “feelers” for a new intern to be otherwise known as “Billy Bob’s sperm bank and humidor.”
    3. How does the thought of camels grazing on the West Lawn of the White House sit with you? Keep disregarding and downplaying Islamofascism.

From abortion to secularism to liberalism, if the maneuvers and manipulations of those targeting us prevail, we have no one else to blame for their success but ourselves.


2 responses to “No Left Turnz: An Introduction

  1. I have no idea who you are but you certainly make sense. I have read a lot of your stuff. I wish I knew people who think the way you do. You are so right about “apathy”. Too many of us suffer from it. I am trying to do something. At least I am keeping informed and alert. I hope I can be useful in some way when necessary. Thank you for your commentary.

  2. Betty,

    You do know people who think the way I do..

    There are a whole bunch who do alot of commenting..

    Welcome to the family.

    Thanks as always,


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