No Left Turnz: An Overview

It is quite possible that the reason that “discourse” in this country has taken such a vehement turn could be due to the fact that people no longer go into a discussion of current events for the mental exercise, they go into it to “change the perspective” of everyone they are arguing with.It seems that there are those who specialize in “colorful metaphorical simplification”, which is a sexy term for “name calling,” at the expense of the exchange of ideas.When your views are dismissed out of hand as some obscure “-ism” or you are portrayed as an “-ist” of some kind, it simply means that the person you are arguing with has no rebuttal for your ideas. They are evading the issue being discussed by changing the point or the subject by deceit and false accusation.

I myself will use the “flowery metaphor” from time to time, but it is never the fulcrum of my argument.

You should be able to walk away from a discussion and still be friends with your adversary but that is becoming more difficult with each passing day.

The bottom line is you have the right to your opinions no matter how wrong you are. Let the games begin.


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