No Left Turnz: Biography

For well over twenty years now, I have been “compelled’ to write down my thoughts on the passing scene. I do not know why, but I reached a point where I “had” to write things down. I moved rather quickly to the realm of “political commentary.”I believe I have not changed my mind relative to my core convictions since I was about twelve. If you ask enough questions, you will get enough answers. I feel it is easy to cut the wheat from the chaff when you are not shy about asking questions.Hypocrisy has always been self evident to me. Consistency in thought and action has always been something I have admired in others and something I have tried to achieve myself.

Who I am is not as important as what I am thinking, or the fact that I am actually trying to do so. With too many of my contemporaries, their concerns are more focused on other action words that end with “-ing.”

Your thoughts are important to me as well and I hope you take the opportunity to utilize the muscle between your ears. Whether you agree with me or not, my hope is that this site affords you countless opportunities for “cerebral workouts.”


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