Of Dodge ball, Lazy Susan’s and UFO’s


Let me start by saying that I did not watch the Democratic debate from the other night. Let me further state the obvious: no one needed to watch the Democratic debate. Distortion and hysteria are the Democratic default political settings. It is no longer necessary to revisit the Democrats. They are as maniacally predictable as…the Democrats! For those who did suffer through the debate, I am sure it would be hard to determine whether the unintentional political humor employed by the Democrats was better before, during or after the debate.

I have come to find out that Ms. Rodham was lined up in the candidates crosshairs and she cooperated with the hunters by standing perfectly still in the middle of an open field. So the assembled candidates went to the debate with their “harpy hunting tags” pinned to their jackets. That is why it is called a DEBATE. Now her goons and zombies are all mopey because the competition all took the obvious shots they were given. If I may alter the phrase: “Rodham, if you can’t stand the heat, get back in the kitchen..”

There are those who were surprised by “The Great Triangulator’s” performance. That means you have never really LISTENED to the “New and Improved HRC.” The Rodham choreographers have temporarily managed to manacle and subdue her feral temper and they have replaced it with a heartwarming (AKA: blatantly fabricated) cackle. Time is on our side. As time passes and the newly repackaged candidate makes her way to the window, we will be in position to pull back the curtains. The revealing light will have the same effect upon her as it did upon Nosferatu. I find it oddly coincidental that we have never seen Rodham in the rain….

Ol’ Rodham is just getting winded. When your “political” career consists of playing dodge ball with the issues and your stand on them, you had better be in good shape. When your political principles are arbitrarily determined by how the prevailing socialist winds direct the weather vane atop the “Double wide Clinton library”, a pocket full of sweaty polling data and the printouts from the latest imbecile focus group, eventually you will be called onto the carpet. Rodham has been spinning on a political Lazy Susan for so long she believes we are the ones getting dizzy when she is the one in need of Dramamine.

No one should be shocked that Rodham has nothing worth hearing to say. She can not talk about her “experience.” She has none. She can not talk about her “expertise.” She has none. Rodham wanting the Presidency is the equivalent of the French Fryer with a weeks “experience” at Mc Donalds storming in and demanding to run the restaurant.

Rodham does have experience. However, it is experience that she is not willing to discuss. What follows is only a PARTIAL listing of her “experience”: Obstructing Justice / Hindering an Investigation: The Vince Foster “suicide”, The Rose Law firm / Whitewater, The Berger / National Archives non-scandal. Handling Classified Documents (900 FBI files to be exact.): File-gate. Insider Trading: The Cattle Futures scandal. Real Estate scamming: Castle Grande. (Also, Hillary performs magic making subpoenaed Castle Grande law billings appear two years later in the room next to her “office” in the White House.) Fundraising Irregularities: The Lippo group, Norman Hsu and on and on… Socialist Experimentation: “Hillary-care” or the “Clinton Tea Pot Dome scandal.” Realistically, you could add the hundreds of scandals that took place during Bill’s eight years of liberal hedonism at the White House. After all, she did bill herself as the “co-president.” The miniscule political experience she has is “highlighted” by the “Count Every Vote Act” of 2005 which featured Hillary’s demand to reinstate the voting rights of convicted felons. This would afford thousands of Democrats, mostly Democratic fundraisers and contributors along with Rodham/Clinton family members, the chance to get back in the game. The word is that this floater will be resubmitted as the “Count Every Democratic Vote Twice” Act which has already been endorsed, sanctioned and utilized within urban areas for decades. With that record of “experience”, I would endlessly try to change the subject too.

The only logical option with this type of “experience” is to…SEAL YOUR RECORDS AT THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES!! Presto, it is done! Seal up everything that Sandy Berger did not destroy when he went on his field trip to the Archives awhile back. Don’t forget: Sandy had a Bill Clinton permission slip to go there and his trip coincided with the 9-11 commission hearings. There is no possible connection there.

The real fireworks began after the dust began to settle. A Democratic conference call after the debate began with the typical liberal request: “the campaign needs more money to fight back”, “we need financial resources to deflect their attacks.” It is always about money with the liberals. They always need more and they always need yours.

They discussed the “extremely confusing situation” and “there will be further clarification” as relates to the illegal drivers license waffle-fest. Remember: This IS a Democrat talking so pay attention. The liberal interpretation of the first part is, “Extremely confusing? Our plan is working..” “Further clarification?” With the Democrats, ANY clarification would be swell. The Democrats have a documented “clarification allergy.” What that means to the rest of us is “further obfuscation.”

They wailed over “an abdication of journalistic responsibility.” This actually ended up being their first lurch INTO “journalistic responsibility.” The liberals are always mystified when fellow socialists actually expect answers to logical queries. The Democrats view direct and pointed questioning by journalists as an apostasy. This is a uniquely instinctual liberal form of moral outrage designed to derail a damaging line of questioning. With all this pitiful puling it is safe to assume that everyone in the Rodham campaign wears a dress except for the candidate.

One even said, “Russert should be shot..” This “caller” was identified only as a “she.” With the number of Clintonistas who have inexplicably disappeared throughout the years, I would hope that Tim is using the deadbolts at the house and is considering that alarm system…

Whether it is drivers licenses for ILLEGAL aliens / future amnestied Democrats, Social Security, the War in Iraq or sealing your records at the Archives, Rodham and company just hopes to “rope-a-dope” their dupes long enough for the first Wednesday in November 2008 to pass.

When forced to “clarify” the murky, “John Kerry-esque” flip flop, a Clinton shill said drivers licenses for illegals are an issue because of “the federal governments failure to offer comprehensive immigration reform.” Last time I checked, Senator Rodham is a member of the federal government, why hasn’t she worked through legislation dealing specifically with immigration reform? How about that “Amnesty for Border Burglars” bill that the liberals are all salivating over but don’t have the courage to submit? Atypical liberal reflexology. “It is always someone else’s fault.”

The next day, using props for dramatic / humorous effect, Rodham holds up a pair of boxing gloves and says, ” When it comes to fighting for America’s working families, I’ll go ten rounds with anyone.” If we apply the liberal “Truth-o-meter” to that last knee slapper, you would have to remove “fighting for” and replace it with “targeting.” If Rodham manages to pilfer the Presidency, we all know that within the first 100 hours, her highest priorities will be mandatory penicillin injections to protect all of the female staffers from anything that might jump off of the “First Lecher”, permanently moving Lenin’s tomb to the Capital rotunda and throwing a “Pol Pot Luck” dinner.

With all the attention focused on the “Triangulator”, it was reassuring to hear that two of the remaining Liliputs were also trying to elbow each other out the way for the chance to cavort and gyrate within what is left of the “liberal stupidity spotlight.”

First we have Dennis (The Menace) Kucinich. The Democrat’s Ron Paul. The little liberal herpes sore that just won’t go away. Diminutive Dennis actually questioned President Bush’s mental health on October 30th. He then reminded everyone why his sanity is above reproach by reassuring everyone that he has seen an “unidentified flying object.” At a nationally televised debate the next day, no less. Dennis again proves that his best political attributes are his willingness to humiliate himself in front of God and everybody and an unlimited supply of hallucinations and hobgoblins from which he can chose.

Also, we present, John Edwards, otherwise known as “Miss Cleo” or the “Liberal Channeller.” It is more than slightly ridiculous to read that a poltroon like Edwards was quoted as saying, “Who is honest? Who is sincere? Who has integrity? Not Hillary.” When John Edwards says something that is correct, it stands as a reminder that even a blind squirrel finds nuts every once in awhile and if you are looking for nuts, look no farther than the next televised Democratic debate for a bushel basket full.


One response to “Of Dodge ball, Lazy Susan’s and UFO’s

  1. Hmmm… that is odd! Great blog! I like deep thinkers and like to read all types of blogs from politics, religion, ancient civilizations, to UFO’s.
    Hey have you seen this blog (BlogRDie?): http://blogrdie.wordpress.com ! Maybe you or one of your readers know what this blog is referring to, I became LOST!!? It claims stuff about the end of the world, time travel, religion (I think?), etc…?! Maybe a joke or something, but was interesting! Again good content!

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