Queen for a Day

District attorney Mike Nifong received a sentence of one day for, of all things, contempt of court. That is the equivalent of charging OJ Simpson with trespassing while conveniently overlooking the murders he committed.A gathering of lawyers (feral rodentia) on the Fox news channel discussed the “alleged” charges against Nifong and whether his “sentence” was too severe or within reason. There was very little talk of whether this “sentence” was a little too lenient.

“Alleged” in this situation, is nothing short of blasphemous. There was only one district attorney pushing this sham case, there can be nothing at all “alleged” about what he did. His actions are all on paper and in the public record. Subpoenas, warrants, transcripts, and interviews. The only matter up for discussion here would be the exact number of votes Nifong hoped to secure at the expense of three innocent college students.

“Alleged” disappears from the media vocabulary when police officers are accused. The focused accusations of the media are synonymous with conviction, but Nifong “allegedly” did wrong.

One day. For those wearing intellectual blinders, this politician saw an opportunity to not only play the race card but to up the ante with the class separation gambit. A district attorney, up for re-election, gets a case that was apparently vetted by Mary Mapes and Dan Rather. No matter, the political “frequent liar miles” available for lynching rich white kids was more than worth the risk to Nifong. The diligent district attorney also knew he had a powerful ally in the “no evidence necessary” impartial media.

It was all a lie. Top to bottom. Front to back. Inside and out.

The collected lawyers were also compelled to reiterate that, “this should not reflect badly on all the hard working district attorneys out there.” Please note the irony of that statement when the police are “alleged” to have done something wrong: 1) “Alleged” disappears quicker than Al Sharpton when the dinner tab arrives. 2) Have you ever heard a “medi-oso” say that “this shouldn’t reflect badly on all the hard working officers out there..” No, they immediately begin discussing “the epidemic of wanton police brutality that needs to be fully investigated” and for full impartial effect, they might run some archived video from the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago.

Nifong groveled for black votes by “standing up to the white elite” as he championed the cause of a black prostitute with a proven track record of being a habitual liar, and that was one of her better personal attributes. It was Nifongs desire to secure minority votes in order to retain his elected office that motivated him to “believe” the lies of Crystal (meth) Mangum to the degree that he did. Truth and justice had nothing to do with it. Blatant opportunism had everything to do with it.

Nifong carelessly wandered where no sensible prosecutor would ever consider going: into the minefield of minority politics without the protections of being a minority. The “No Whiteys Allowed” warning signs were posted everywhere, but when you are blinded by your own personal ambition, you invariably become a casualty of your own carelessness.

Nifong is not alone as far as being susceptible to the exaggerations of imaginary victims. How about Al $harpton? The Tawana Brawley fiction rates right up there with Crystal Mangum’s, but ‘ol Al never took a hit for his chicanery. Al even went “all in” with his Freddy’s Fashion Mart and Crown Heights activities. Al’s nonsense directly led to arson and murder. Mangum’s and Brawley’s lies simply disappeared without any negative effects to either liar. Al’s silly hair isn’t the only bulletproof thing about him, Nifong never understood the power of minority infallibility cloaked in the comfortable protections of pigmentation.

It appears that evidence and the truth are irrelevant to the prosecutor’s office in Durham County, so I will conscientiously save the taxpayers some time and money while I solve a few cases that have been dangling for a few years. 1) Jimmy Hoffa staged his own disappearance. He now serves as a greeter at the Wal Mart in Laramie Wyoming. 2) The Kennedy Assassination was an “inside job” cooked up in Crawford Texas just before President Bush put the finishing touches on his 9-11 conspiracy…

A crass lawyer/politician, a prostitute and a willing media. It was a prosecutorial “perfect storm,” and all Nifong gets is one day for lying to a judge. If it is all about lies, then why isn’t Mangum in jail? I am sorry, I did not mean to blame the victim here… Wait.. She is not a victim, she is a victimizer, but her victims are of no consequence because they are “white and rich.”

If Nifong actually believed the fables concocted by Mangum, I am willing to bet that he still puts his teeth under his pillow and he never steps on a crack. If he didn’t believe them, in other words, if there was no evidence to substantiate ANY of her claims, then he had no business charging and prosecuting three innocent college students. Nifong’s crimes certainly merit more than one day in jail.

One day. What a day it should be. If justice meant anything, the boys in the hoosegow should be given ample notice that the “Queen for a Day” is in route. The denizens should be encouraged to scrub their every crack and crevice in anticipation of this big event. Hopefully the evening will be sponsored by the Vaseline corporation and everyone will be getting their dance cards ready. If it is going to be one day, it is only appropriate that it should be a memorable one.


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