School Daze

As another compulsory school year begins, the overwhelming thought that springs to mind is: Why? As a number of school systems (mostly urban.) across the nation beg for accreditation, as the drop out rate accelerates at virtually the same pace as the tear soaked requests for more tax dollars, it appears that continuing the public school charade is as useless as packing your bags and booking a flight on the Concorde. It is an exercise in futility that would exhaust Lance Armstrong. It seems that attempting to right this listing ship is a lost cause as well, but what follows are some random thoughts about this “ineffective endeavor” (my attempt at being descriptively diplomatic..) passed off as public education.Excellence, otherwise known as test scores and grades, have all but disappeared as a requisite within the quagmire of the public schools for they are considered “exclusionary” and hateful. As test scores have dropped, the logical answer within the public schools is not to buckle down and apply yourself, it is to lower the standards or eliminate the idea of grades (Outcome based education.) all together..The path of least resistance is well worn within the public schools intellectual Bataan Death march..

If school is mandatory between certain ages but there are no standards of excellence and accomplishment, then all the governmental gripsacks bursting with greenbacks seem to be providing are sniveling requests for “attendance.” It seems the public schools have deteriorated into government run day care centers..

Those who look for “answers” to the problems plaguing the public schools invariably hoist up the “lack of funds” straw man, “funds” to be defined as tax dollars. There is an air of Vaudeville, replete with rim shots and a Spike Jones soundtrack, when the “scarcity of funds” howler is tabled as the sole rationale for the pathetic ineffectiveness of the public schools..

When the “lack of funds” folderol falls flat, the excuse makers next blame the tests. It takes a special kind of humorist to claim that seven times nine equals “racist.” When that one fizzles out, blame the text, the curriculum itself. We must blame the curriculum for it is marinated in the mystical mosaic of “institutional racism,” which is the ” I see you and raise you” within the convoluted cosmos of the responsibility recoilers. It is the mental equivalent of the alligator’s death roll. It is meant to stun you then it eventually consumes you, if you are slow enough to be caught in its clutches. It is astonishing in its intellectual immaturity; lay blame at the feet of an inanimate object and support your “argument” with the unsubstantiated and the unprovable. Perish the thought that the teachers (they are heroes, remember?) or heaven forbid, the students, could possibly be at fault (responsible!) for the students inability to read and/or write. The unmistakable cure for this “epidemic” is…more money and a shorter school year!

When children “graduate” from high school with the reading abilities of a typical sixth grader and with the mathematical competence of your average fourth grader, “education” is clearly not the primary or even secondary goal of the public school system. Today’s enlightened “educators” consider themselves successful if their first graders can properly apply condoms to cucumbers or if the children can correctly identify Heather’s two mommies by name..

Would it be illogical to charge teachers and administrators with malpractice for “graduating” such a vast number of intellectual failures?

Here is how the cesspool drains: The political windbags send lachrymose mash notes to the teachers via their union, promising to “secure more funding.” (AKA: All parties involved, feel free to line your pockets..) This promise (bribe.) is tied umbilically to a similar promise (payback.) that the teachers will go to the polls and “do their Democratic duty.” The Democrats, ensconced in office with the help of those reliable NEA votes, will continue the liberal copywritten custom of “gouging the taxpayer as promised”, because, “It’s for the kids.” The public school system is the most effective and efficient assembly line for the eternal cultivation and reproduction of societies lowest classes. The Democrats faithfully redistribute pilfered tax dollars to the lowest classes, redefined as “benefits” for life, because the public schools failed to properly educate those who now have virtually no opportunity to permanently escape the lowest strata. The “Redistributionist” Democrats are the lowest classes “payroll clerks,” essentially assuring a lifetime of Democratic votes…

There is one word that if spoken in the presence of feminus liberalus has the same effect as a wooden stake to their chest: Vouchers. This word is not as hazardous to them as a cross extended towards them with elbows locked, but it is a very close second. The “V” word..Otherwise known as “choice.” I thought choice was a good thing within the liberal lexicon. I always forget that the liberals “choice” only involves a living fetus, ice tongs and saline injections. Liberals much prefer the slow death of the public school orientation program (pogrom??) as the segue to the purgatory of permanent poverty. The liberals understand that vouchers would infinitely assist those who need most to escape the cancerous public schools, the lowest class. They know that those who manage to escape the lowest class will not have much need for the liberals unique brand of compassionate oppressive governmental bureaucracy. Which means they have no “need” for the liberals any longer. Every individual success is another step towards liberal extinction. The first step on the ladder of success is an education. The termites within that first step are the liberals…

What is both fascinating (fascinating like an automobile accident, you can’t help but look.) and frustrating are the liberals and the public school administrators, usually one in the same. It is truly remarkable that both groups absolutely believe that what they are doing is “helping.” Mind you, this style of “helping” has been going on for about thirty years now. It has to be one of two things: 1) They are actually oblivious to the resultant destruction they harvest or, 2) They recognize the carnage and they refuse to acknowledge it. It is difficult to calculate which scenario is more dangerous or more disastrous. In short, the liberal/ administrators idea of “helping” a drowning man would be to throw him a sandbag…

While the liberals have busied themselves decimating the public schools and as their patented pacifier of unaccountability combined with their “compassionate” lack of any expectation of individual accomplishment proves, their “Final Solution” is the perpetual replenishment of the lowest classes who are congenitally addicted to the liberal welfare redistributionist restraints..

“Recycling waste” was adopted as formal policy the public schools long before the environmentalists embraced the idea…





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