The Com Passion Play

Compassion, as a career, is not only financially rewarding for the “compassoineer,” its emotionally cathartic as well. The liberal compassioneer is unconcerned if their altruism, which is extorted from my income, has any malignant effect upon the intended beneficiaries. They just “Feel good having done something.” The eventual “Cause and Effect” diagnosis is better left to those who do not derive their remuneration from the perpetual socialist merry-go-round of income redistribution. Those outside the compassion clique can conveniently be branded as some type of “-ist” for having the audacity, with minimal effort, to argue that the liberal welfare machine is synonymous with slavery.The liberals will underwrite you indefinitely as long as you agree to be a slave, or in liberal speak, a “victim.” The moment you become enterprising or entrepreneurial, the left immediately cashiers you as a “sell out.”

Example: In downtown St. Louis we have ” New Hope 6.” I believe its safe to assume that “New Hopes 1 through 5” failed to produce a permanent cure for poverty but they succeeded magnificently in molesting and assaulting the taxpayers under the liberal ruse of compassion. Questioning the logic of skipping through the same mine field willy nilly when five ridiculously similar tries have failed, immediately categorizes you as an “-ist,” and an insensitive cad who is selfishly concerned only with themselves, not the plight of the “less fortunate.”

It is imperative for the liberals to discourage the underclass, constantly reinforcing the futility and the uselessness of an individuals attempt to free themselves from the lefts patented welfare bondage. They weave dark and morose tales of “racism” and “poorism” and any other one word explanation for that which cannot be explained or does not exist. They then proceed to long and mesmerizing philippics filled with convoluted pyrotechnics and bewildering logic chopping. Polysyllabic obfuscation is the cornerstone of the liberal mental pogrom.

The end result is: “You can not make it without your liberal overseers.” If there comes a time when you are a little wobbly on that, just give them a call and they will be more than happy to repeat and reinforce their uplifting message of individual hopelessness.

The liberals also specialize in transforming handouts into “rights.” When the dole is converted into a “right,” the government therefore has an obligation to supply it. Morphing relief into a “right” also simultaneously insulates it from reduction or elimination and almost certainly guarantees its expansion and its immortality.

Could anyone please point out the “benefits” of having others pay your rent, your utilities, your grocery bill, ad nauseum, ad infinitum? Could you then describe what would motivate an individual to remove themselves from this “lifestyle” and embark upon the risky but potentially rewarding world of employment and personal responsibility, other than, for example, the horribly insensitive concept of a mandatory end or limit to ones suckling of the governmental teat? The simple answer is to run to the media and bawl that the “benefits” you receive are not copious enough for you to escape the horrific manacles of being “poor.” Please explain how having no expectation of individual accomplishment aids a person in contributing positively to society. The answer: “It doesn’t, but it guarantees a perpetual pay day from the monolithic bloated welfare bureaucracy for all parties involved.” Robbing a person of ambition and the rewards of personal achievement is considered “compassionate” within the jaundiced liberal mind.

The mental image one gets of the “poor” differs from the reality of the “poor.” The mental image of Americas poor might bring to mind the cinematic interpretations of the Dust Bowl or the Depression. The reality of the color televisions, cell phones, automobiles and lottery tickets of the American poor does not correspond with the “poor” of Africa, for example.

If a truly poor family from Africa were swapped with a typically addicted “poor” family from America, the African family would rejoice at the concepts of free medical care, free education, cabinets full of free food, and even free cabinets that store the free food. They would be grateful that so many generous people donate their income for redistribution by the liberals for the downtrodden. All would be well until the liberal Welcome Wagon stopped by. The family would then “realize” that they are “oppressed” and that they are the “victims” of “discrimination.” Stern grimaces would relay the fiction that their “rights” to “benefits” are in grave danger. Even though they are now the equivalent of the upper class if they were back home, in liberal America someone, through effort and achievement, “has more” and that is “hateful.”

The indoctrination process continues as the families children are deposited in the public schools, which have been decimated and vandalized by the very same liberals. The libs encourage the family to reject the “racist” hegemony of “assimilation,” and proceeds to tell the family to speak only in their native language. For English is not the language of business and success, it is the language of “exclusion and hate.” Any request for the family to “speak English” should be met with physical violence, a protest replete with placards paid for by the tax payers, and a hefty lawsuit or two. And on and on and on…

The compassion cankers are never around long enough to understand the permanent damage they do. They are off as soon as the flash bulbs pop, their gated communities await. Tomorrow there will be another imaginary wrong to right. When questioned about the futility of the fifty wasted years and countless trillions of squandered tax dollars in their failed “War on Poverty,” they invariably snort that, “It’s the system, man.” When cornered at the methadone clinic or the bus stop, they will resort to the tried and true diversionary liberal game of “Pin the Tail on the Honky.”

As an aside, what is their “timetable” for withdrawal from the “War on Poverty?” What is their “exit plan?” When will congress vote to cut off the funds to this “failed war” the liberals got us into?

As the liberals continue to spread their cancerous compassion, you have to wonder how long it will take the oppressed to see that the oppressors are actually those who are there claiming to be “helping” them.

In the world of the benevolent liberal and their unsuspecting “victims,” being “poor” is a life sentence without possibility of parole.


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