True Crime Stories

An article that should be front-page news in bold print passed the world by today with barely a sound. The chilling unaltered statistics point to a problem that simply will not go away without a change in leadership and attitude. The travesty of black on black crime is at a point where nearly half of the murders in the United States are committed by a population comprising only thirteen per cent of the nations citizens. The silence relative to this reality is disconcerting and intentional. Another deplorable facet of this is that these numbers are not a statistical anomaly. This self-destructive pogrom has been descending at this pace for many years. This “problem” has no problem hiding in plain sight.However, there are occasional noises within the black community as relates to crime. This “outrage” flares up periodically, with a well choreographed media at the ready, as its goal is to sweep the two ton elephant that is in the room under the rug and out of sight. Yes, the “crimes” that illicit hastily assembled marches and boisterous press conferences are the dual “epidemics” of “police brutality” and “white on black” crime. The so called “leaders” who painstakingly forage for anything remotely resembling “racism” or “profiling”, conveniently wear the blinders of ignorance relative to crime and criminals within their own community.

The instances of verifiable “racism” and “profiling” are as few and far between as visits from Haley’s Comet but the diligent race baiters, usually mail order theologians, always have their outrage antennae pricked up for any opportunity to enhance the weight of the collection plate. Meanwhile, the decay within the black community continues unimpeded.

Even when unmistakable fiction overtakes the hypnotic and overloaded rhetoric of these leaders, the responsibility for the resultant damages they cause seems to disappear from the radar screen quite quickly when the “”agitprop-agandist” slithers beneath the cover and concealment of diversion and denial. What permanent scarring followed $harpton’s Tawana Brawley phantasms? How about his Freddy’s Fashion Mart fabrications? What of his instigation of the Crown Heights riot? As well, what about the nonsensical ruminations of Je$$e Jack$on, Farrakhan, Spike Lee and so many others? It appears that accountability is on the endangered species list within the entire black community.

When the ACLU handed out cameras to alleged activists in the black community, why didn’t the snivel rights weasels instruct the locals on how to video tape criminals victimizing other black citizens as opposed to creating imaginary incidents of alleged police brutality? To complete the comical conundrum, periodically the black community marches and stomps about exclaiming, “the police don’t care about black crime”. This usually transpires shortly after they marched and stomped to “end the oppressive police presence in the black community.” It is no wonder the inner city aligns itself so firmly with the Democratic Party. It appears that both have an equally firm grasp upon the benefits of disingenuous hypocritical irony.

The responsibility for rectifying what is “wrong” with the black community “lies” within the black community itself. Maybe if the fairy tale style of activism currently accepted by the black community were roundly rejected, people like Spike Lee and Will Smith, who still believe in both the tooth fairy and the childish notion that the government created AIDS exclusively for the black community, would actually have to address the problems within the black community as opposed to chasing imaginary hobgoblins to the delight of the racial profiteers. Why are the common sense opinions of Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, Niger Innes, Dr. Thomas Sowell, and Dr. Walter Williams ignored or written off and why are the transparent rants of $harpton and Jack$on reported and regurgitated at the top and bottom of every news hour? How is it that Harry Belafonte, Dick Gregory, Maxine Waters, ad nauseum, are allowed to forward Bigfoot, Easter Bunny and Loch Ness style denial packaged as “leadership” to a community in need of a reality check as opposed to another government check?

In order to begin to properly combat the genuine epidemic of black on black crime, it would be a good idea for those directly involved to actually admit that the problem even exists. The self elected oligarch’s who have appointed themselves as exclusive and omnipotent community leaders and spokesmen, need to be challenged by level headed citizens. People who, unlike the $harptons and the Jack$ons, view bettering the community as a “not for profit” endeavor.

For the tidal wave of black on black crime to ebb and recede, it will require, first and foremost, a “true” affirmative action program.





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