There was a time when the idea was to get your point across without all the evasions that are so popular today. Everyone now seeks to couch their primary points in a cornucopia of flowery and intentionally confusing metaphors, copulative conjunctions and dangling participles. Chief purveyors of this are lawyers and liberals.If one of today’s lawyers had written the Gettysburg address, we would still be sitting in the fields of Pennsylvania listening to the speech 144 years later. Lincoln’s version consisted of ten sentences, 272 words and took three minutes to recite.The Declaration and the Constitution are brilliantly concise, presenting their points in what appears to be an ascending order of importance. In the Declaration, the second sentence speaks of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” My copy of the Declaration covers a scant seven pages, one of the pages consisting of all those who signed. The Constitutions first sentence covers “a more perfect union” as well as “provide for a common defense.” My Constitution, with twenty-seven amendments, spans forty-one pages.

With today’s lawyers and liberals, the warning label on a bar of soap is greater than forty-one pages and that is before the lawyers add twenty-seven amendments to it. This ridiculous embellishment isn’t lost on today’s Republicans either. Remember that the vast majority of politicians are lawyers and “lawyers” and “liars” are not only similar in vowel and consonant construction.

These important documents were composed at a time in our history when the best minds the nation had to offer didn’t necessarily consist of barristers alone. The ninety pages of assorted lawyers available in your Yellow Pages reinforces the idea that education is by no means synonymous with intelligence. The countless layers of lawyers and liberals today seem to just exist in order to keep the other busy.

This is the reason the “wheels of justice” move so slowly. Frivolous lawsuits, endless appeals and scads of ridiculous laws are everywhere. Every time the government prepares another “document,” scores of trees shudder in anticipation of their lives ending prematurely due to another three thousand page tome on the changing of Dearborn’s city motto to “Allah Akhbar!”

No, the simple eloquence of days past, of calling a spade a spade are gone forever. Now it is replaced with: “A bowed or concaved metallic device usually found at the end of a wooden or semi wooden round dowel utilized by individual/s of a mandatorily multi ethnic and diverse segment of our inclusive society who wish or desire to transfer earth or other similar or smaller particles from one geographic location to another via automotive anti gravitational force or resistance..” You are getting very sleepy….

To those of us who understand that words have meanings, an introduction to the intentional obfuscation within the liberal lexicon:

The “Onslaught” : (Words have no meaning.) A polysyllabic landslide of unintelligible gibberish meant to put you into a narcoleptic state. (Please refer to Massachusetts as the definition of a “narcoleptic state.”)

The “Interpretive Definition” : (Words have flexible meanings.) For example, “Discrimination is bad. OUR discrimination (Quotas.) is good.

The “Liberal Inversion” : (Words have contrary meaning.) For example, liberal “fairness” is exclusionary.

If the poor did not have the right to vote, it would be interesting to see how much “compassion” the liberals would have for them.

If Rodham wins in 2008, prepare for the “Night of the Long Knives” volume II.

Why is America the nation that everyone wants to come to? Is it because of the rampant hate and discrimination within America? It could be because of our “standard of living.” How did we attain this “standard of living?” By large numbers of Americans “achieving.” Weren’t large numbers of those Americans immigrants? Yes. Then why are you against the idea of amnesty or even open borders when immigrants have contributed so much to the American way of life?

Well, today’s immigrants, legal or not, are vastly different. It used to be that immigrants needed marketable skills or a verifiable secondary education in order to immigrate to this country. (Example: Joe Kennedy, rumrunner, ergo: marketable skill. Get it?) We used to limit the number of unskilled or uneducated individuals coming to this once sovereign nation because their ability to contribute positively to this nation at any point in their tenure here was minimal at best. Today, illegals and legals alike flood America with little to contribute of a positive nature. Illiteracy, communicable diseases and a lengthy criminal history do not qualify as positive contributions unless you are an aspiring chairman of the DNC.

Immediately they become burdens to the city, state and federal governments. The reason they came here is a better “way of life” or our “standard of living” is higher than where they came from. Our “social programs” or in the liberal lexicon, “benefits,” which are immediately available to any “immigrant’ automatically places them at a higher standard of living than what they had in their home country. All anyone has to do to qualify for this bounty is take up space here. The only effort they need to make is to acquire the stamina necessary to stand in line and fill out forms with other Non-Americans who are suddenly classified as Americans via squatting.

Where does this ‘benevolent booty for bums” come from? Me. You. The middle class.

So, the altruistic behemoth known as the federal government bleeds me dry so we can be “perpetually compassionate.” It is the “perpetual” part that I care about. If legal and illegal immigration without any prerequisites or standards continues unimpeded, OUR standard of living will soon mirror the third world countries our illegal and legal immigrants came from. Oh well, maybe THAT will somehow stem the tide of unskilled, uneducated mendicants streaming into our country.

The 20,000 rule: Everyday, a “celebrity” (actor, athlete, author, etc.) encounters, whether they want to or not, 20,000 people like me. Nobodies. A blur of 20,000 unrecognizable faces. Once every 20,000 days or so, a “nobody” might have a chance “encounter”with a celebrity. The “nobody” will NEVER have this opportunity to encounter this celebrity ever again. It is possible that a change in perspective as relates to the number 20,000 might help the celebrities understand why the “nobodies” feel compelled to intrude upon them and their privacy.


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  1. OH my, now that’s calling a spade a ‘damn shovel’!

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