Uber Liberales

I have recently begun to wonder why the liberals refuse to debate the issues honestly. When the liberals sanctimoniously claim they want an “open and fair” debate, what that means is that they want you to immediately concede your point due to their intellectual superiority. Why won’t they honestly debate? 1) Their first gambit is to always categorize the opposition as blithering idiots. This was the locus of their attacks on Ronald Reagan who inherited the presidency from the typical liberal “genius”, Jimmy Carter, freeing him up to continue his career as the American who most enthusiastically wanted to destroy America. 2) The second failure rests with the uniquely liberal concept of the personal attack as the fulcrum for their debate. It involves the liberal calling you a “fascist” or a “racist.” They then stand there with their arms crossed, marinating in their noxious liberal juices, vile subversive thoughts percolating behind their sinister eyes. Let’s just call it “argumentative minimalism.” It used to work. The recipient of this rhetorical rabbit punch would have to immediately go off message in order to “prove” they aren’t a “nazi,” because once that stink bomb is detonated, your superior points are lost in the cloud of self imposed liberal moral superiority. The left never forwards an alternative plan, they just simply do not like yours. Why? Two reasons. 1) Over the years, the simplification of the liberal thought process has atrophied their argumentative abilities. 2) The liberals are morally bankrupt. They have also heaved all of their intellectual baggage overboard, they are without scruples or standards and their core constituency is a dystrophic mob of pimply college cowards, middle aged pony tailed failures and senile old “yellow dog” Democrats. With this group as your “base,” there is no need to intellectually refine your arguments. A series of obtuse grunts and snorts will do just fine.In theory, the liberals should be the biggest proponents of the War on Terror because they, and their “principles,” are the primary target of the Islamofascists ire. The freedoms, real or imagined, that they abuse under our democracy would soon disappear under the Muslim oligarchy. The liberals are amoral (pornography is a “right.”), they have no respect for religion, (or is it just Christianity? Would their love notes to the terrorists and their religious tome change if the Islamofascist “government” began “establishing or endorsing Islam?”) The left supports homosexual rights, drug use, abortion and other wholesome core values. The liberals must be of the belief that they would have the full complement of “rights” formerly available to them under the Constitution. We all know how fond the Islamofascists are of defiance, debate and disagreement. So as they bray over their rights of “free speech” and as they utilize their “right of free assembly” to protest the oppressive Islamic government, they need to comprehend the fact that in a Free America, they are idolized by the jackals of the sympathetic press but in the black hole of the Muslim nirvana, they will quickly become smoldering piñatas at the next terrorist coming out party. The liberals should support the War on Terror for their own good. P.S. Someone else is fighting, so you don’t have to. Meditate on that as you paint your next placard.

The liberal “legalize marijuana” crowd needs to understand one very important thing. ANYTHING that the government legalizes will become the next thing it TAXES. If the government were to allow for its legalization, it would have to keep “local” growing, manufacturing and sales illegal, for it would cut into the governmental monopoly and its ability to acquire “revenues.” The “munchies” crowd might even precipitate a “sin tax” on Cheetos and Twinkies. Just a little junk food for thought for the junkies.

The Democrats, who were at one time led by progressives like JFK, Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Hubert Humphrey, have seen those legacies stampeded by the likes of Howard Dean, Al Gore and Jimmy Carter. Great black leaders like Dr. King and Booker T. Washington have been supplanted by $harpton and Jack$on. The old-line liberals believed in a strong national defense but now the left cowers behind the “Cindy Sheehan white flag appeasement” trolls. The old-line liberals believed America had a right to defend itself and its allies but now they clamor to give terrorists Geneva protections and as many lawyers as the fire laws will allow. The left stood tall in December 1941, but as the dust settled after September 11th, they reverted back to antagonizing those charged with the security of this nation and its citizens. The left used to ardently support the freedom of the press but they remained silent as the Islamonazis brazenly attempted to intimidate the free press in Europe. The old liberal belief in the strong public schools has given way to the goons of the NEA and a syphilitic school system that is the template for failure. The left now views a plastic Jesus placed on your lawn as more of a threat to Democracy than radical Islam. The left used to believe in color blindness but now they are obsessed with color consciousness. The left fought for an end to slavery but they now systematically enslave the lowest classes through a dependency on welfare and endless government handouts. The left used to abhor the idea of discrimination based on race but now they labor for discrimination based on race via quotas. The liberals used to believe in America, Americans and Democracy. Now they worship at the alter of this One World “Kumbayah” soft boiled socialism. As we observe the illegitimate offspring of the liberal body politic attack this country and all She stands for, incessantly and with a fevered brow from within our borders, it is painfully obvious that what was once the old liberal progressive has now become the new liberal regressive.

Robert Spencer has illustrated the Islamic abuses of women in his piece, “The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam.” He explains Islamic “temporary husbands” and “temporary marriages.”(mut’a) He says Islam is essentially classifying these women as “religiously sanctioned prostitutes.” Under the “liberal religion” and its “permanent welfare doctrines” here in the United States, the women of the lowest classes are unquestionably viewed as “religiously sanctioned prostitutes.” “Temporary husbands and temporary marriages” are both encouraged and endorsed as well in order to sustain the liberal welfare machine and to keep it running on all cylinders ad infinitum.


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