“Ils sont partis!”

Richard “Call me DICK” “Turban” Durbin has topped himself. Never one to shy away from outright treason, on June 14, 2005, Turban, on the floor of the United States Senate accused GITMO soldiers of using interrogation techniques similar to Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and the Khmer Rouge. Was DICK finally admitting that these fellow fascists ACTUALLY COMMITTED ATROCITIES in WWII, the Cold War and in Vietnam? No, DICK was strictly accusing Americans. Illinois’ answer to Hans Max Haupt has done it again. During the confirmation process of soon to be Attorney General Michael Mukasey, DICK equated “water boarding” to the Japanese torture of “60 years ago.” Wow. DICK thinks that a little terrorist “bobbing for crapples” is the equivalent of the Bataan Death March and the rape of Nanking? Not only has the left lost its collective mind, but they have lost their souls as well.

In light of the obvious impartiality of the media, a bit of “truth in advertising” should be implemented. Each headline should be preceded with a requisite “truth barometer.” Suppose our headline read, ” Illegals win amnesty battle.” Applying our mandatory “veracity verifier”, the headline would then read, “I am delighted to report, illegals win amnesty battle.” How about, “Liberals lose key vote in congress.” It becomes “It saddens me to report, liberals lose key vote in congress.” In an ideal world, reporting the story should be more important than shaping the story. The liberal media should at least try a little harder to disguise their blatant biases and prejudices.

Let’s try to get this straight. The same bloated body of elected officials who, according to the left, have (supposedly) bungled their response to Katrina, (supposedly) mismanaged the War in Iraq and who have overseen the erosion of the public school system are, according to the left, precisely the ones who should be in charge of…SOCIALIZED MEDICINE!! The liberals believe the only problem with an oppressive federal bureaucracy is that they are not currently running it.



What is it about “success” that intimidates the liberals? It could be that those who are successful have become so without the oppressive mental yoke gleefully distributed by the left. The LAST thing anyone who succeeds needs is the ball and chain of liberalism. The left directs its fury at the successful through their focused and oppressive tax duress. The goal of the socialists is to punish those who have succeeded and to leave them with as much take home pay as the successful had when they were in middle school with a paper route and a bicycle. The left penalizes the successful and then rewards the slothful. Liberalism “empowers” the professional victims, the mendicants and the excuse makers and the “progressives” are a scourge to everyone else.

Someone said to me, “You say the liberals get around an argument by calling you an “-ist”, then why do you call everyone who disagrees with you a “liberal?” Where to start… Virtually everyone who does disagree with me is a liberal. Apparently, identifying someone as a liberal, is an insult. I say it is not a “defamation” of character, it is a “definition” of character, or a lack thereof. Furthermore, the “derogatory” term “liberal” is not my only contribution to the conversation. When someone on the left fingers you as a “fascist”, that is the de facto end of his or her creative input and you are directly required to illustrate why you aren’t what they say you are. The left uses “-ist” as their “habitual closure override” to end the discussion. If that does not work, they simply raise their voices. Lunacy does not become lucid with volume. This is another of the liberal “patented finishing moves” used against those who are easily intimidated or those with superior arguments. If a liberal considers the term “liberal” an insult, it can only be because of the historic actions and inactions of the liberal cult itself.

I have heard some expressing surprise and outrage at the idea of”talks” with Iran. That means there are those who do not understand the parameters of a “liberally approved military action”, otherwise known to the rest of us as the “liberal flaming hoops we have to jump through in order to kill the enemy.” In short, declare war and start bombing. First, we must: 1) Comprehend the operative liberal action word, “talks.” The Solomonic perspicacity of the liberal makes “talks” mandatory. Lots of “talks.” Lots of “conferences.” Lots of “task forces” and “round table discussions.” It is important to note that, given a copious tray of cold cuts, assorted cheeses and condiments, a rolling cart with numerous international beverages and a bevy of Brooks Brothers suited representatives from either rogue nations or terrorist organizations, the opportunity to “talk” affords the left the chance to “enlighten”, “empower” and exorcise evil from anyone. Never has there been a group more enamoured with the timbre and resonance of their own empty voices. 2) Next stop in this liberal charade is the mandatory inclusion of the “Useless Nations.” The liberals have so ordained that the idea of a war without “the world” is invalid. So we have to kneel and grovel before the assembled knaves and beg for their permission. Again, the emphasis is on “talk” with the end result being the eternally frightening “U.N. Resolution.” It is a good idea to plan on needing about thirty of these worthless reams before you will get the high sign from the potentates. 3) Next stop: “Build a Coalition.” The left will not agree to the concept of war until the French or the Germans sign on. The only way either of these two will ante up is if someone else is doing the fighting or if neither of them happen to have any illegal, under the table business with the despot in the crosshairs. 4) The last stop in the poltroon polka is with the liberals themselves. Please refer back to step one. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.. Prepare yourself for the pettifoggerie of “timetables”, the sanctimonious “exit plans” and their riotously hypocritical “support for the troops.” The liberals are the hardest sells because fighting goes against the very limp wristed nature of the softies. The liberals would rather knit whimsical doilies to give as Ramadan party door prizes. That would be vastly preferable to the left as opposed to putting a jihadist on the express elevator to “Virgin Village.” These are but a few of the reasons why conservatives need to “talk” their way into a war with fanatics that have our civilizations destruction at the top of their “to do” list.


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  1. Many of guys talk about this matter but you said some true words.

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