Mapping Muslims and Religious Profiling

Hip, hip, HOORAY for the LAPD. In a city with 500,000 Muslim “inhabitants”, the LAPD wants to “map” the “communities” with a propensity for “violent, ideologically based extremism.” This should not be the most difficult of tasks. I would put in on par with the “mapping” of “guys” who love to sing show tunes and watch the Lifetime Channel. These “guys” are not that hard to pick out of a crowd.

It is no surprise that the Muslim mouthpieces of the CAIR stood side by side with the domestic liberal terrorists of the ACLU, otherwise known as the “unindicted co-conspirators” or the “terrorist water boys.” Together these Siamese twins (connected at the agenda) sent a letter to the LAPD Deputy Chief expressing “grave concerns” about “religious profiling” that is “deeply offensive.” If I may, I would like to draft my own letter to these “enemy combatants.”

“Dear Muslims, I am intrigued by your “grave concerns.” By mapping Muslim terrorist green houses run by flea bitten imams and the psychotic underlings therein, our legitimate “concerns” keeps us out of premature “graves” due to the handy work of another frustrated foreign exchange student from the Mohammed Atta flight school of thought. Your exposure to the “Snivel Rights smallpox” has through osmosis, hatched another sub-species of “victims” who are constantly persecuted by the newly ordained and soon to be the latest “epidemic du jour”, “religious profiling.” If all you have to worry about is being “religiously profiled” understand that there are those who worry about your hardwired (both mentally and physically) Islamofascist friends and your unlimited capacity to excuse their savagery. What I find “deeply offensive” is the duplicitous silence from you relative to the homicidal tendencies of those who claim to have the approval of your so-called “clerics” and your deity. Try to understand that all the “religious profiling” in the world can not cause as much damage to your religion’s “world wide reputation” as the actions of a supposed minority within the religion of peace. When I see you and your fetid liberal friends marching in the streets to protest the murders perpetrated by the “Magnificent nineteen”, only then will your lacerated sensitivities be of any concern to me…”

The Muslim whiners continued to pule about the police’s new role, as opposed to their old role of “fighting crime and enforce the laws.” The “religiously profiled” are unaware of the total scope of crime fighting which involves both pro-active and reactive work. For our obtuse Muslim friends, “pro-active” means the authorities try to stop crime BEFORE it happens. For example: BEFORE one of your Islamofascist zombie friends “spontaneously” detonates within a crowd of the truly innocent.

Muslim friends, how do you feel about your British comrade Samina Malik? She is a “lyrical terrorist” who yearns to behead the infadel. Does her vile “poetry” fill you with rage over her “defiling of your religion” or are you more concerned for her “rights of free speech”? No quick glances at the liberal worms for help with that.Our British friends have taken care of this problem. The kicker? Malik worked at Heathrow airport, which to a fledgling terrorist had to be as tempting as an open box of Twinkies in front of Linda Ronstadt. Our British friends had better start “mapping” their own Muslims before that great nation begins to resemble Dearborn-istan Michigan.The apologists letter was not without its inherent / inadvertent liberal humor. It said, “The mapping of Muslim communities seems premised on the faulty notion that Muslims are more likely to commit violent acts than people of other faiths.” “Violent acts?” Don’t you mean “terrorism”? I am trying to remember the names of the last Christian “Beheaders in the name of Jesus” club. I am having a little trouble recalling the list of victims from the numerous “Jewish suicide bomber” attacks. Help me with the names of the “Hindu hijackers for Buddha” sect. No, more often than not, the beheaders, the suicide bombers and the hijackers have at least one hyphen in their name (which is yet another reason not to trust Rodham-Clinton) and they frequently employ Mohammed somewhere within their ridiculous laundry list of surnames.Imagine my surprise when the ACLU and the CAIR teamed up to voice their mutual displeasure. I strongly suggest we begin “mapping” every ACLU madrassa. Please refer to the previously mentioned “show tunes” mapping list, “cut and paste” and your cross-reference work is done. “Media mapping” (Media Matters… You know, the group Rodham founded.) will also locate the bulk of their intended targets within the “show tunes / Lifetime channel” crowd.

Why would the ACLU care about “religious profiling”? NO ONE profiles religiously (get it?) more than the ACLU. If you don’t believe me, try this. The next time you encounter an ACLU minion, tell him you want to pray for him or that Jesus loves him. If you are having trouble finding said minion, stand on any street corner and yell “I love America” and at least one should surface from down below.  If that plan fails, try the White Pages (Sorry liberals, I meant the “Without Discernable Pigmentation and Therefore Biased and Non Inclusive” Pages) under “Methadone clinic” and stand outside with a copy of Ann Coulter’s latest book.  The ACLU “guy” will pull up his skirt and shriek as if he had seen a mouse and he will dash away with all his feminine grace and charm. The ACLU is only concerned with those who hate America as much as they do and they will lay like spoons with anyone who fits that bill. If Jesus and His believers are your targets, the ACLU will gladly hold the ammo belt for you.

The ACLU and the CAIR both want only to “protect the civil rights” of Muslims. The “no BS” translation of that is, they want to ensure that those who hate America have every unimpeded opportunity to kill as many Americans as possible.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the “mapping” of our Muslim friends. The practitioners of the religion of peace have nothing to hide so there is nothing to worry about. Those who always begin to crow when you want to take even the most cursory of looks at their “community” know that turning over a few rocks within this “community” will cause you to be overrun with all sorts of vermin and rodents.  The biggest percentage of these will be funny talking ones wearing ill fitting rococo suits from the Middle East and funny smelling ones wearing ill fitting rococo suits from the East Coast’s liberal enclaves and communes.


2 responses to “Mapping Muslims and Religious Profiling

  1. so, just another liberal attempt to prevent Americans from protecting themselves so the terrorists can up the body count in our country??
    ie, so they can slam Bush for “allowing” it to happen??

  2. Sweet comment.
    I know you will like my page..
    Thank you again

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