Enemies at Play

Part of the problem as regards the War on Terror is our approach to the enemy and the proper recognition of the fact that there are multiple enemies at play both here and abroad, foreign and domestic.

We must develop a workable understanding of how to neutralize all of these related enemies. It seems evident that defeating several of these enemies could be accomplished without firing a shot. It is imperative that we identify and neutralize who or what it is that is that deflecting and diverting the proper identification of and the appropriate responses to our enemies. We need to eliminate or counter the external forces that have an unnecessarily negative impact upon this War. In short, the enemies are the terrorists, the liberals and the biased media. This is no small task indeed.

The terrorists have as their primary focus, the total “Islam-ification” of the world. Their goal is for the entire world to be totally converted to sharia law. Terrorism is an arrow in the Islamofascists “psychological warfare / total conversion” quiver. As physically and economically devastating as 9-11 was, the fallout and residue of the psychological effects of that attack upon America most benefits the terrorists today. Who better than the western liberals and their worshipers in the media to stir the embers and pump the bellows of enemy propaganda? Let us try to approach these enemies one at a time.

The terrorist’s fulcrum is their distorted view of their religion. Islam, as portrayed to them by their lathering imams, is their Alpha and Omega. It is this distorted view of Islam that reinforces within the terrorist, the conviction that everything they do is approved of by their deity. The liberals, who have an intellectual aversion to religion, will never properly comprehend Islam’s overwhelming effect upon the Islamofascists.

The megalomaniacal liberals will often ascribe poverty or other such soft excuses as the root cause of terrorism. I am not sure that the exact “cause” or “causes” of terrorism will ever be discovered. Said discovery is not of primary or even secondary importance. The discovery of the “cause” of terrorism is not as significant as the discovery of the terrorist and his or her plan because the vast majority of the terrorist “army” is a hodgepodge of individual outcasts and misfits, not a formal or identifiable unit. Even if our intelligence managed to locate a verifiable “army” of terrorists, the left would simply call it “America’s latest bout of irrational Islamophobia.”

Taking it a step further, even if our intelligence identified a location where 10,000 terrorists were taking target practice, the liberals would not allow the American military to perform a little “target practice” of their own even though the terrorists did us the favor of gathering in one spot. The liberal response would be to assemble, remove their hankies and start sobbing over “America’s unjustifiable Muslim genocide”. Killing the enemy in a time of war is now classified as a “war crime” from the left’s tilted perspective.

Any goon can be a “terrorist” if he or she does the following: 1) Acquire a video camera to tape your “terrorist last will and testament”. 2) Find a few smelly bandannas to wrap around your head. 3) Gain a moderate working knowledge of the products available at the neighborhood grocery store and the local Radio Shack. 4) Most importantly, absorb the proper motivation supplied by any radically enthusiastic imam. Yes, you too can be the next terrorist “Un-American Idol” who will be celebrated “post de-partum” with reproductions of your greasy face silk screened onto T-shirts all over the Middle East. If you factor in all of the roadblocks that the liberals and other terrorist apologists throw up as well, the task of discovering these individuals BEFORE they attack is almost impossible.

I could be wrong but a possible “cause” for terrorism might be percolating beneath the “ACLU protected” dome of the “Mosque of the Apoplectic Cabbie” right here on Main Street in the good ‘ol USA. Another “cause” could be this ridiculous promise of “seventy two virgins.” This is the Muslim answer to “the check’s in the mail” complete with rim shots. Wouldn’t it be great if the suicide bomber gets to “paradise” only to discover that he actually gets rewarded with a “seventy two year old virgin”? Could you imagine blowing yourself up and then your “prize” is spending eternity with Janet Reno? Some of the “causes” could be the suspicious passivity of the worlds “moderate Muslims”, the tacit approval of the CAIR and the outright encouragement and cartwheels turned by the liberal left in support of their “insurgent” friends, but I digress…

As the liberals insist on separating church and state here in America, they are oblivious to Islam’s church and state umbilicus. Islam trumps all in the mind of the radical Muslim. Even in the mind of the illusive “moderate” Muslim, their religion supersedes their government. The liberals, who are convinced that it is intellectually dishonest to believe in God, none the less need to believe in something. So they believe in their own cerebral and ethical superiority, their “special” version of a Leviathan government under their tutelage as a moral barometer and arbiter for all and the “proven fact” that America is the cause of terrorism. The left will always struggle and perspire as they try to understand the radical’s obsession with religious faith. It will forever be confusing to the progressives when they have been so amazingly successful here in America at prying religion out of everyone’s lives with barely a whimper from those assaulted.

By marginalizing religion in America, the liberals have succeeded in removing one of America’s building blocks. America no longer has religion or religious belief at all, in common. The left’s deft carcinogenic touch removes from America another element of a shared American identity. Another example of the left’s “identity pogrom” is their insistence on the “salad bowl” versus “the melting pot”, which removes even the common identity of Americans as Americans. Everyone is hyphenated, not only by country but also by race. African-American, Asian-American, etc., etc.

As the enemies continue their psychological assault, it becomes harder to get the American public to believe “America” IS the target of radical Islam. Most “Americans” do not have any idea what America is and what it is that She stands for. That is not even taking into account the efforts of the liberal obfuscators and the Muslim apologists as relates to the actions of the radical Islamofascists and their mutual belief that America DESERVES to be targeted. Throw that in to the mix and you have muddied the intellectual waters to the degree that one needs a liberal intellectual wizard the caliber of Dhimmi Carter or Al “Gulfstream” Gore to decipher and clarify things for you. Then again, turning to these two cerebral composters looking for clarification and insight is about as fruitless as turning to Ted Kennedy for lessons on driving or life saving. (Other than his own life, that is..)

The decomposition is already under way in America. When the Muslims insist that terrorists be identified as “enemy combatants”, “insurgents” or “freedom fighters”, it would appear that they have become quick studies of the liberal’s patented psychological warfare manual. When the Muslims howl for their “civil rights” in America when “civil rights” do not exist under sharia law or within any Muslim paradise in the Middle East, when incubators of hate disguised as mosques bawl for “privacy” in order to continue their psychological indoctrination unimpeded, we not even being MILDLY observant to the Islamic hypocrisy and their utilizing of willing liberals as unindicted co-conspirators in the “Islam-ification” of America.

As each IED explodes, we can rely upon the impartial media to replay its video feed every six minutes with an accompanying American body count for the full dramatic effect. The psychological IED’s of the media have a bigger impact and have a far more reaching effect than those of the Islamofascists. The terrorist places his IED’s by the roadside in Iraq, the media places theirs in living rooms around the world. Within the unbalanced world of the media, one nude pyramid is the equivalent of the twin towers falling. A Lyndie England is the equivalent of a Saddam Hussein. A lone warped soldier is the personification of everyone in the American military but the millions of Islamic radicals around the world are an “extremely minute fraction of the practitioners of the religion of peace.”

The media’s transparent agenda of opinion shaping has hijacked their journalistic integrity and displaced their supposed neutrality. The media’s distorted imagery and blatantly biased propaganda has been eagerly beamed around the world for consumption by friend and foe alike.

Some try to ignore the radical’s addiction to religion. The left castigates religion as childishly solipsistic while subtly and overtly attacking the underpinnings of America. The media continues it’s own “war on the war” with “extreme prejudice”. With those incontrovertible facts laid before you, it is of the utmost importance that we defeat and neutralize all of the enemies at play, both here and abroad, foreign and domestic.


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