NLTZ Must Hear

A small sampling of some great music. By no means a complete list..Dave Brubeck Jazz Collection ( A perfect collection.)

Chicago Transit Authority 1 (They should have quit here..)

Eric Clapton Unplugged (The best unplugged album.)

Elvis Costello This Years Model (Anything Elvis.)

Da Da Puzzle (Hear the entire album.)

Deep Purple Live in Japan (Import) (Trust me..)

Dire Straits Brothers in Arms (Beautiful album.)

Dixie Dregs What If? (Anything by the Dregs. )

Peter Gabriel So (Gabriel’s best.)

Good Rats From Rats to Riches (Great band you’ve never heard of.)

Knopfler / Atkins Neck and Neck (Good friends, good music.)

Preservation Hall Jazz Band Songs of New Orleans (Nuff said.)

Jean Luc Ponty Cosmic Messenger (Electric fusion pioneer.)

Buddy Rich Best of Pacific Jazz Years (NO ONE better on drums.)

Rockpile Seconds of Pleasure (Nick and Dave at their best.)

Steely Dan Aja (Steely is the best driving band around.)

10cc 1972-1978 (Too good to be unheard.)

George Thorogood The Baddest ( One of the best live bands.)

The Fabulous Thunderbirds Girls go Wild (Just listen..)

XTC Fossil Fuels (The best musicians to hit New Wave.)

Warren Zevon The Best of (I miss you, Warren.)

Doctors, Professors, Kings and Queens Big ol Box of New Orleans

Flawless compilation.

OK, Now for fun, a few miscellaneous categories :

Best Band that wasn’t signed: Losers Luck.

Find the CD online.

Bands that should NEVER have been signed: Styx.

Horrible songs, horrible performances. Music to vomit by.

U2. The music stinks and the politics of “Sonny” Bono ain’t no better.

Actually, Sonny Bono had a better voice. I’d rather eat a turd than listen

Most Overrated Band: Pink Floyd.

A garage band with better equipment.

Best song Ever: Tough, tough but here goes…

I Can’t Take It by Cheap Trick

A flawless song produced by the masterful Todd Rundgren

Best Medley Ever: Again, tough but I am calling this a tie between:

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World


Buddy Rich Band

West Side Story

No better drummer before or after. PERIOD.

The Song I NEVER Want to Hear Again:

American Pie. Don McLean

Pretty Woman Roy Orbison

The Album or CD you always have to Explain:

This is the one album or CD that everyone pulls out of your collection and wants to know WHY you own it…

Three Dog Night Naturally

My explanation: It was the first album I owned and I don’t care what anyone says, Floyd Sneed is a magnificent drummer. Listen to him. He is a great painter as well, check him out on line.

What do you think?


21 responses to “NLTZ Must Hear

  1. Always bashing Pink Floyd, and no Zeppelin on the list

  2. I caught 3 Dog Night at the Shrimp Festival in Biloxi a few years ago. This is a band that REALLY shows their years. They could have used Al Bundy to help them out.

    Guys it’s past time to retire!

  3. Larry,

    I agree with most of what you have listed as the best and the worst in music. I would have to argue with American Pie. Was just learning the guitar and being able to play and sing all the words was a big accomplishment for the 11 years-old. the words were too deep for many and yes, it has been over played. They should have played “Vincent” as often. Buddy Rich? YES! No doubt. Pink Floyd? I also wondered what all the fuss was about. Jean Luc-Ponty? Still trying to explain that he worked with Allen Holdsworth, Stanley Clark AND Al DiMeola…

    these young kids nowadays…

  4. Sorry everyone, I’ll try to catch up here.. Kyle,No Zep? Some things are understood my friend..Yuki, 3 Dog can’t be as rediculous as the Rolling Stones. LV, American Pie: It is not a bad song, I am just a little tired of hearing it every eight minutes or so. “Vincent” was a beautiful tune. Cracks me up when people ask for “Starry Starry Night..” The original “fusion” giants were so far ahead of their time. Ponty is right at the head of that class…Larry

  5. It “cracks me up” when people call it ‘Pretty Woman.” (snark)

    So, I never heard of the Good Rats, eh?
    I am the proud owner of TWO plastic rats (caught 2 separate times in the audience when flung by Peppi.) The first one was caught around 1975ish. (shhhh,, don’t tell anyone that I was in that bar at the age of 15.) The second one was probably around 79.
    I’m pretty good at catching foul balls at Shea, too. I’ve got 3, and that is only going to about 20 games. I’m convinced that if I just sat in the outfield bleachers for McGwire or Bonds I’d be a millionaire.

  6. WG, You are the man! My rat was rubber but I’ll bet that it came from the same trash can that Peppi used to bring on stage. The way it sounds, you should be in the bleachers anytime a record is going to be broken.. Thanks for the Good Rats memories, Larry

  7. Pink Floyd, I’ll disagree. Liked them a lot actually, but, I will say they may indeed qualify as overrated. No Led Zeppelin (you knew someone had to ask), no Joe Jackson? I know, it’s clearly marked “by no means complete” 🙂

  8. Patrick, I’ll just say that I don’t get all of the hoopla over them. Us and them is actually a nice tune..LZ was a given and too obvious. If somenoe doesn’t like Physical Graffiti well, they are beyond hope. Joe Jackson started to fizzle with “Beat Crazy”. “Pretty Boys” is a wicked cut and “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” from his first LP is a classic..Thanks for your input, Larry

  9. The band I always have to explain is Green Day. Now, before anyone throws empty beer bottles at me, hear me out. I LOVE their music and I DESPISE their politics. Mike Dirnt is my fave bassist, but I lost some respect for him (and the rest of the band) after American Idiot. Read my blog entry for more insight
    I may love the band, but I do not blindly follow their politics. I really lost respect for them when the cited Michael Moore’s Farenheit 9/11 as undisputed fact. It made me want to reach through my TV and strangle all three of them.

  10. Amy D., Green Day has written a few catch little tunes. Their original fan base believes that they have sold out. I’ve been a drummer since I was ten. The music is elementary at best but the record industry doesn’t want to take any chances so the simpler the better..A friend calls Green Day, “Three chords and a cloud of dust”..Thanks, Larry

  11. Larry,
    I remember those days when “Dookie” was considered their “sell-out” album because it was on a major label. I personally think “American Idiot” was their sell-out album because that’s when they decided that music shouldn’t just be fun and entertaining, but political too. I find that unless a band is a Christian or country band that there just aren’t a whole lot of conservative rock bands. If you know of any, please enlighten me.

  12. Amy, I long ago conluded that the politics of the “artists” unless it became blatantly over the top, as has been the recent “coming out” of Green Day, wouldn’t mar my appreciation for what they produce. Sometimes that is a little difficult to do. If there is a particularly idiotic actor or actress in a movie but the rest of the cast and crew (to my knowledge.. it’s all a guessing game now with Hollywood now but its probably as safe a bet as any group of media people or professors..) seems “normal” and the movie gets good reviews from friends, I will go see it. Wouldn’t it have been interesting to see how things would have turned out if the original “political hero” of the musical world, John Lennon, had been a rock ribbed conservative? Thanks as always, Larry

  13. Wow, just came across your site as a result of reading Ann Coulter’s latest column and am so glad I did. Will be back often.

    A couple of comments regarding your list.

    God Bless you for putting Dave Brubeck at the top. He did more for expanding “Modern Jazz” into everyone’s life than will ever be realized. If you can find it, listen to “Pilgrim’s Progress”. It’s a rare one, and the only place I’ve found it is on an old Playboy Allstar album…one of the first one. (Mine’s all scratched and unplayable.)

    Saw the quartet many times while growing up, and I therefore have to disagree with you about your selection of Buddy Rich. I consider him completely over-rated as I’ve seen Joe Morello do things one-handed which Rich couldn’t do on his best day with both hands! Brubeck had the greatest, unsung, drummer of all times! PERIOD.

    Dixie Dregs! Wow, if you only knew how far I’ve traveled to see them. They were the greatest, and when I mention their name, no one knows who the hell I’m talking about. Thank you for taking me back to “the good old days”.

    Pink Floyd—overrated? Yes, perhaps. But God forgive me, I love their songs and their stage show! Meddle is a GREAT album.

    You’ve got a number of albums I’m not familiar with, but based on your comments, I’m going to get them and check them out for myself. (Just went to You Tube to listen to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole “Over the Rainbow”. WOW, and I thought “American Trilogy” by Mickey Newbury was the greatest medley ever! Still do, but Isreal is great. Sent the URL to all my friends.)

    Again, loved going over your list. (BTW: do you know where any of the Dixie Dregs are playing now, or who they are with?)

    Regards, KC

  14. KC, First off welcome aboard!

    Brubeck did for jazz what Billy Cobham did for the “matched grip”, (sorry, drummer lingo..) he gave it “credibility”. KC, I too love Morello and his complete body of work, but Buddy for all of his quirks, really was the best. For the Brubeck quartet, the Morello touch and stylings could not have been more aptly suited. Buddy was a force of nature. Joe was a tactician. Both approached and handled the instrument differently. Joe was a caresser, a masseuse. Buddy was a rhino..more on this a little later..

    The Dixie Dregs: As far as the “originals” goes, Andy West is involved in a computer software company, Allen Sloan is an anestheologist. Rod’s wife of many years passed away recently and if Steve isn’t playing guitar, he is flying somewhere as he is a licensed pilot.

    Pink Floyd: I don’t HATE them, they have a number of nice tunes. I just don’t get the hubub..

    KC, I have two great personal stories about meeting Rod Morgenstein and Buddy Rich on seperate occasions.. if you wanted to read them, send back another comment and put your email address on there and I’ll forward it.

    Been drumming since I was ten. Now on a 28 year old set of Tama superstars which were recently reissued as the Tama Starclassic line.

    Thanks for contributing to NLTZ.


  15. Larry, my story first: I must admit that my feelings about Morello are not based on my capability with drums. (Played violin and guitar actually…and neither for the past 50 years). However, I saw Joe do a solo riff where he picked up a extremely fast beat with his left hand (palm up…old style), put down his right hand stick, take out a handkerchief, wipe his brow, put it back and pick up the riff with both sticks again without missing a beat. Most remarkable piece of drumming I’ve ever seen. I will definitely bow to your expertise in the drumming area and agree that Buddy was the greatest. (Agree with your masseuse vs rhino literation.)

    Thanks for the update on the Dregs. Still listen to some of their stuff.



  16. BTW: I’m sure you have heard the “American Trilogy” as sung by Elvis, but it was written and performed by Mickey Newbury, who also wrote, “Just Stopped in to See What Condition My Condition Was In” among others. Has a great web site.

  17. KC, I will check out the trilogy. Thanks for the tip.

    The single hand roll done with double strokes, has alot to do with balance. Its kind of a fulcrum thing. I’m not trying to reveal the magicians secrets, but with a little practice it can be done.

    Reminds me of the episode of “Cheers” where Norm said that it was impossible for a woman to play “Wipe Out”..

    Control and balance equates to speed and power in the world of drumming. The last that I had heard, Joe was nearly blind but still his work with Brubeck has to go down as some of the most groundbreaking work in music..

    Thanks, my friend.


  18. Awesome taste in music too… stunning! Grew up on LI… love the Rats, will need to pull those CD’s asap!

  19. Redbone,

    Snuck in and saw the Rats in St.Louis. It was a drinking place so you had to be 21.

    Joe Franco is an exceptional drummer.

    I truly love the Rats.


  20. hahaha i like the loser’s luck comment 😉

  21. My favorite T-shirt:

    I may be old, but…
    I got to see all the cool bands.


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