Monthly Archives: December 2007

A Run For The Border Is In Order

If you ask the typical liberal how the War on Terror is going, their response, after a fit of the vapors and the delicate dabbing of perspiration from their foreheads with their pink monogrammed hankies, is that it is a colossal waste. If you ask the typical conservative how the War on Poverty is going after hundreds of trillions of wasted tax dollars, they will respond that it is a colossal waste. If you ask the typical ILLEGAL alien how the War on Border Burglars is going, you may have to ask them quickly as a phenomenon known as “self deportation” is taking the ILLEGAL world by storm. Continue reading


This and That

I have often wondered why, throughout the generations, the human body has not adapted to its hostile environment as quickly as a number of the other life forms that we share the planet with. After just floundering under the influence of a particularly nasty virus, the thought of 98.6 as the ideal body temperature seems a bit faulty. It is possible that at 110 degrees, more than a few pathogens might cease to bother humanity. The possibility also exists that at 98.6, most human brains do not function to their maximum capacity. In brief, the gray matter is somewhat refrigerated. At 120 degrees, it might be possible for liberals to be intelligent. Possible, but not probable.. Continue reading

Vacation Ruminations

For the first time in my life, I flew first class. Having never done that before, I did not know what to expect. What I ended up getting was about four more inches in front of me, about four more inches along side of me and I arrived at our destination about .3 seconds ahead of coach… Continue reading