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“Racing” for 2025

Democratic politics have always been more than just a little contaminated but 2008 is quickly pushing the envelope of political environmental pollution to its breaking point. It appears that the “race” is on to grab the 2,025 delegates necessary to clinch the Democratic nomination and the Marquess of Queensberry rulebook has been torn asunder all in the name of political covetousness. Things are quickly deteriorating to the point where the Democratic recruitment slogan will soon be “The politics of racial and gender recognition.” Continue reading


Yearning Versus Earning

The screaming voice during the commercial says: “Home ownership is at an all time high!” I am not sure we are actually talking about “ownership” here. Home “possession” may be at an all time high. With this wonderful new trend in “loans”, I believe “home ownership” may be at an all time low. Continue reading

Quilting Bee

It is important to remember that when a liberal speaks they never speak to a point, they speak at it or around it. Since they specialize in “argumentative minimalism” it is imperative to recognize that they avoid substantive discussion by reversing the “syllogistic” pattern. The left simply tables its conclusion FIRST and ONLY. (Racist!!) They never submit any supportive evidence or proof. No major premise, no minor premise. Due to the progressives default belief in their own Solomonic perspicacity, their monosyllabic conclusion is obviously based upon learned research and erudition therefore the burden of proof must lie with the accused…

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Moist Towelettes

My how the times and technologies of our world have changed. It used to be that if you drove down the street and you saw someone alone in a car and they were talking to themselves, you could assume that this was a typically under-medicated liberal suffering from another uncontrollable verbal spasm directed at no one in particular. Now with microphones in the sun visors and Blue tooth headsets, the default assumption of insanity relative to solo conversation is out of play. We now have to rely on the Kerry / Edwards bumper sticker still firmly in place four years later on the back of their Prius as the absolute affirmation of their insanity.

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The Politics of Plumbing and Discrimination

With the diverse pallet of Democratic candidates available today (Even without Governor Richardson.) you had to know that this day was coming. Democratic “discrimination” (Definition: to choose. See how empty that word REALLY is when minority racists use it?) is all over the map. Roseanne Barr, (Who?) political sage for the undermedicated, railed at Oprah Winfrey for discriminating (Definition: choosing.) against Hillary. Continue reading

The Great Pretender/Contender

The rumblings of “change” are all the rage. The rumbling that you feel through the ground beneath you is not Michael Moore dashing for the buffet line, it is the “excitement” over the candidacy of B. Hussein Obama. Continue reading


Occasionally, the stack of stories that I print from the Internet gets as big and unruly as Ted Kennedy with a bout of the DT’s. Today as I went through the heap, a small but telling story caught my eye again. It was titled, “Study Finds One-Third in D.C. Illiterate.” Is this the same Washington D.C. that’s located within the United States of America? For a moment I thought “D.C.” might have stood for “Distant Countries”. How could this be possible? If you really want to know the answers to this question, you should look no further than to the sclerotic public schools, the liberals and our immigrants, both legal and illegal, as the sources of this embarrassing statistic. It is a crime of epic proportions.

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