The Great Pretender/Contender

The rumblings of “change” are all the rage. The rumbling that you feel through the ground beneath you is not Michael Moore dashing for the buffet line, it is the “excitement” over the candidacy of B. Hussein Obama. 

Rodham “The Chameleon” will not go quietly into the night. In New Hampshire, Rodham inferred that Hussein is no Martin Luther King. I suppose we could say that Rodham is no Eleanor Roosevelt… Wait, just a second. She is a homely ex first lady who cozies up to communists. Scratch that last, she definately is Eleanor Roosevelt. There goes that analogy..

As the moments ticked away before the New Hampshire primary, the Arkansas Double Wide, otherwise known as the Clinton Library, was burning the midnight oil and sharpening the scimitars.

 Even ex President Clinton has been out beating the bushes for Rodham. It’s that “beating the bushes” part that has the Hillary Helpers trying to hide the one or two comely liberal groupies that Bill might see. The white haired, raspy voiced ex White House lothario railed on that elements of the opposing candidate’s campaign are “the biggest fairy tale I have ever seen.” It should be noted that after the event, the ex president was seen giving out gift cards from the Gap to enthusiastic and enterprising young potential intern-ettes.. We are being overwhelmed with images of pimply co-eds in tears listening to the oily tongued breeze at Obama rallies. An NBC reporter, Lee Cowan, actually admitted that “it’s hard to stay objective” when reporting about Obama, thereby securing lifetime employment with the “impartial” National Broadcasting Service. Why are all the green haired youngsters swooning? Probably because “Obama” is easier to spell or remember after the bong hits than “Kucinich.” Why all the exuberance over someone who has as much experience with running a government as the average liberal has with patriotism?

I would guess that it is the same as the feeling one gets when bungee jumping or sky diving. The excitement involves the unknown. With B. Hussein Obama, you have nothing but the unknown. At least with Jimmy Carter, voters knew that he had tried to run the State of Georgia into the ground before he tried valiantly to run the United States into the ground.

The unknown is always exciting. Adrenaline generated from fear unrealized becomes exhilaration. He reminds me of the Easter Bunnies I had as a child. Your first impression is that of a long and enjoyable afternoon of solid candy pleasure. Then your first bite reveals your bunny to be hollow inside and you are done with him in sixty seconds.. He seems to be the equivalent of a political Milli Vanilli. A lip synching purveyor of intellectual helium. They want you to be mesmerized by the “image”. Do not attempt to scratch below the surface in search of substance. Don’t concern yourself with the man behind the curtain…

The biggest problem Rodham has is that she has the SAME problem: nothing of substance to fall back upon. Neither has a record of accomplishment in the world of politics or anywhere else for that matter. The assumption was that as long as she put a “D” behind her name, she could not lose. She just represents old news, he is “fresh and unknown.”

The stops will soon be all the way out. Rodham tried to appear human by almost shedding tears the other night. This reminded me of a play on the Sally Field Oscar acceptance speech: “I can’t deny the fact that you really don’t like me, right now, you really don’t like me..” It will soon be time to assemble the “Scorched Earth” team of the nineties. Any minute now they will tighten the bolts in Carvilles neck, loosen the belts on the Howard Dean autographed model straight jacket currently restraining Begala and look under some desk at ABC to find the liberal Chia pet, George Stephanopoulos.

It is still early in the game but momentum has a tendency to steamroll. After all, there are no better (lemming) followers than the liberals. They will abandon you quicker than those same liberals abandoned common sense. With Rodham, everyone knows what he or she is getting. A blindly ambitious chameleon with absolutely no experience worthy of the position she is applying for. Her biggest problem to this point is that she has failed to point out the transparency and the weightlessness of the Obama campaign. If she wants pointers on how she should do that, all she needs to do is look at what everyone is saying about her campaign.

Their thought was to trot out the “’ol champ-een” who will fondly reminisce about the “good ‘ol days” of Whitewater, Chinese donors, blue dresses and the vast right wing conspiracy.” The experiment is proving to be a sure cure for insomnia.

The Democrats all want something “new”, something with no past. Face it, with the crew the Republicans are heaving onto the stage, just being the last socialist standing on the Democratic side should be enough.

From this point forward, Hussein had better cover his jugular because Rodhams claws are really sharp and there is no better example of a liberal carnivore. It might not be a bad idea for Hussein to begin toying with the idea of at least touching on items of substance. Eventually there will be a debate or two with a candidate from the other party. The “message” (AKA: sermon.) of “hope and change” needs to be supported with substance when played to the nationwide audience as opposed to the marionettes of the liberal left who will swallow anything as long as it is packaged with a capital “D” on the ballot.

The ridiculous references to Kennedy are merely moony imagery over substance. This has to be the angle because try as you might, you will not be able to find any substance beneath the silly symbolism.

This is the best the Democrats have to offer. There is no reason for them to reach for the substantive when the opposition has nothing of substance to offer themselves. If the stakes weren’t so high, the low comedy of it all would be worth the price of admission.


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