The Politics of Plumbing and Discrimination

With the diverse pallet of Democratic candidates available today (Even without Governor Richardson.) you had to know that this day was coming. Democratic “discrimination” (Definition: to choose. See how empty that word REALLY is when minority racists use it?) is all over the map. Roseanne Barr, (Who?) political sage for the undermedicated, railed at Oprah Winfrey for discriminating (Definition: choosing.) against Hillary. 

Roseanne, similar to “Rosie” in more ways than just the spelling of their names, is upset that HER discrimination (Definition: choice.) against Obama as a man is of less importance than Oprah’s discrimination (Definition: choice.) against Rodham as a woman. Roseanne hollered about Rodham’s “Thirty five years of political experience.” (For those of you who need further edification on this particular matter, refer to “Of Dodge Ball, Lazy Susans and UFO’s”) That is the equivalent of discussing Rosanne’s thirty-five years of experience as an intellectual. Needless to say, that would be a very short conversation. How appropriate that the last line of Fox’s report on all this read: “Roseanne’s blog did not appear to be functioning properly on Friday.” Those of us unfortunately familiar with the Trailer Park Queen know that more than just her blog is not functioning properly..

The Democratic jibberish keeps getting deeper and deeper. Next we hear of the Rodham “Commie Caravan” wobbling into Las Vegas where “Non-English speaking non-American” crowds of “adorable multicultural children” surrounded her all for the benefit of the fifth columnists of the fourth estate. Last time I checked, “Non American” meant “Non voter.” Maybe that should read, “Non voter FOR NOW.”  

Rodham began speaking about “What kind of stimulus” she believes it (the economy) needs. More on THAT softball later..

Here Rodham worked up more crocadillian tears over a woman who in “broken English” whined about not “Making any money as a broker any more.” Hint#1: Fix your broken English. Hint#2: Sell something else. Hint#3: There has to be a Holiday Inn or a Shoneys close by. Miss “Broken English” then asked the “Mother Of All Socialists” (MOAS, or should it be the Mother of all Secular Socialists or, ‘MO ASS.) the question of the hour: “So how will I survive?” With that, one of the Rodham “Gang of Five” handed her a copy of the “Clinton Communist Manifesto”, pinned a “Rodham for President” button to her lapel and whispered, “Go vote as many times as they will let you and we will take care of the rest..” Maybe Ms. Rodham can explain the financial benefits of “Cattle futures” to our floundering broker.

One man exclaimed, “My wife is illegal”, to which Wonder Woman replied, ” No woman is illegal.” There you have it: The politics of plumbing and the politics of Democratic discrimination (Definition: choice.). Rodham is of the belief that by rushing to the “PMS plank” of the United States, every woman alive will dash to her ample side and in no time the Lifetime channel and the Oxygen channel will be “wo-mandatory” for everyone within the Metrosexual States of America. Rodham advised that “Unscrupulous lending leads to bad mortgages.” Hint#1: Lending to those who can’t repay loans leads to bad mortgages. Hint#2: Rodham and those of her ilk DEMANDED that loans be made to those who can’t repay them in the spirit of “fairness and inclusion” in order to fight “discrimination” in lending. (The “discriminators”, AKA: Those who used to choose to NOT go bankrupt by NOT making bad loans to Democrats.) Hint#3: Rodham was surrounded by the reasons mortgages go unpaid. It’s called the Democratic voter base. And I do mean base.

She continued to unfurl the flag of the Hammer and Sickle party, “With all my experience, look at what I bring to this race..” (For those in need of further clarification of this ruse, consult “The Great Pretender/Contender” relative to the vacuity of the Democratic “frontrunners.”) I contend that “All she brings to this race” is a white haired washed up White House intern poker..

All of her baloney can be encapsulated within the following quote: “Change never stops. Change is going to happen whether anybody does anything or not. Is it the right kind of change? Is it positive change?” There can be no better example of the weightless bilge these two “candidates” (Rodham and Obama.) are passing off to their dreamy eyed zombies as “information.” Keep in mind that a liberal’s idea of “change” is generally defined as higher taxes upon those that work or create jobs and more “benefits” for those who are siphons. AKA: Perfect Democrats. “Positive” change? Ms. Rodham, I am “positive” that your Presidency wouldn’t be that big of a change from your mentor, Dhimmi Carter..

The final proof of that analogy comes from Rodham’s “plan to jump start America’s ailing economy.” Here are but a few of the HIGH lights of this economic barnburner: 1) A thirty billion dollar ($30,000,000,000.00) Emergency Housing Crisis Fund. Here Comrade Rodham concerns herself with foreclosures, calling them “unnecessary foreclosures.” Hint#1: I work for a living, I do not need the government subsidizing my living. I live WITHIN my means, not BEYOND it. I am responsible, therefore I am a bad Democrat because I do not have my hand out. 2) A twenty five billion dollar ($25,000,000,000.00) Emergency Energy Assistance program. Sky rocketing heating bills?? That is nothing that a little global warming can’t take care of, so lets get to work on this “Al Gore fiction” so that the Democrats “Will not have to choose between heating their homes, putting food on the table or purchasing prescription drugs.” Judging by the Democrats I have met, that list of choices should read, “Fewer trips to the gas station for lottery tickets, a gallon or two less of whiskey or purchasing illegal drugs..”

And of course, 3) Ten billion dollars ($10,000,000,000.00) in “Broadening unemployment insurance.” First, “Broadening.” Isn’t that a little “sexist”? Couldn’t we just change that to remind us of Rodham’s mid section by replacing that with “widening?” Every Communist knows that the best way to “stimulate” the economy is to “Broaden unemployment insurance” for those who have been “struggling” to find work for the better part of fifty or sixty years.

Rodham calls this a “Five point plan.” For those who can’t read between the “lies” that means: Taxes, taxes, taxes, benefits and recession. Any questions? Refer to the Carter presidency for the liberal template for Democratic failure.

Rodham said, “I think the economy is slipping toward recession.” Electing Rodham will guarantee further “slippage”, actually it will ensure an economic Tsunami, hurricane or earthquake.  You pick the disaster most to your liking.

So Rosanne wants women to vote for Rodham because Oprah wants blacks to vote for B. Hussein and Rodham is busily adding chapters to “The Little Red Book” of the Democratic Party. The moral of this story is: “If you pay taxes, be sure and “discriminate” against the Democrats on Election day.


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