Moist Towelettes

My how the times and technologies of our world have changed. It used to be that if you drove down the street and you saw someone alone in a car and they were talking to themselves, you could assume that this was a typically under-medicated liberal suffering from another uncontrollable verbal spasm directed at no one in particular. Now with microphones in the sun visors and Blue tooth headsets, the default assumption of insanity relative to solo conversation is out of play. We now have to rely on the Kerry / Edwards bumper sticker still firmly in place four years later on the back of their Prius as the absolute affirmation of their insanity.

Liberals generally take any attempt to engage in a debate on the issues of the day as an apostasy. To discuss topics where the potential for disagreement is conceivable is heresy. To disagree with them is blasphemy. They firmly believe that the right to deliberate on any topic is solely the domain of the left. Any attempt to confront them about their dictatorial mindset results in the huffery and puffery of moral indignation couched in the verbal warfare of “argumentative minimalism.” (“Fascist!!”) This infantile and inevitable diversion is the result of the inherent lack of substance deeply ensconced within the “progressive” cosmology.

I had a friend recently ask me what I thought of the War in Iraq. My response, “What I think of the war is irrelevant. The legally elected officials of this nation decided to send our troops into harms way. We, as Americans, should unequivocally support our troops and ensure that they have every tool necessary to do their job as expeditiously as possible.” That response has been the same regardless of which political party is has been in power and where ever they have sent our forces, as it should be.

Michael Moore is to Leni Riefenstahl as Fahrenheit 911 is to “Triumph of the Will.”

I have come to see the importance of one word in our society: trust. Let’s try an example of trust. We have one car on the road traveling northbound, one traveling southbound. The only things separating these two vehicles are a painted yellow line and the unspoken trust between the drivers. After awhile, our driver has passed numerous other drivers moving in the opposite direction, so their level of trust builds. If the trust is broken, say with a crossover accident, our driver is justifiably leery. The trust, which can be reassembled with patience, is never quite the same as it was before the trust was broken. Carry that interpretation of trust into any area of your life. It would be as if you were carrying a large pane of glass. You pass people for days without incident. Then someone bumps you and the glass hits the ground shattering into pieces. Over time with patience you could reassemble the pieces into its original form but the transparency will never be the same.

I still laugh when I think back to the dedication ceremony for the “Arkansas Double Wide”, known to some as the Clinton Library. The liberals were calling it, “The bridge to the future…” If the liberals are going over that bridge, I hope for their sake that Ted Kennedy isn’t driving the bus.

Would it be too much of a stretch to conclude that the thirteenth amendment ratified in 1865 made the sixteenth amendment ratified in 1913 null and void? Is the “taxation” called for in the sixteenth amendment equivalent to the “involuntary servitude” which was outlawed by the thirteenth? It would be interesting to analyze how the government managed to function prior to the implementation of the sixteenth amendment…

The liberals are never concerned with results, just intentions. Their “intentions” are always to “help” those people they are actually destroying in practical application. The liberals stand hands akimbo, amid the rubble of a permanent underclass but nothing else matters as long as the liberal “feels good” about what they are doing. They float about in a world where logic is cashiered and feelings (their own) are of the highest priority. The labyrinthine liberal logic is based upon two premises: the liberal is morally and intellectually superior and the conservatives are prehensile and intellectually inferior. There is no vacillation on these points within the liberal hegemony. Such sniffishness may make the liberals feel good, but it has gone a long way towards losing the hearts and minds of those in the fly over states.

Sometimes it is difficult to categorize and chart the astounding number of areas where the carcinogenic touch of the liberal has met its goal of societal dystrophy, but the one that comes to mind immediately is the liberal shibboleth that poverty is the root of crime. This numbskullerie, with its roots in the stupidity tree known as “political correctness”, is patently wrong for a myriad of reasons. The highest number of the poor, working or otherwise, do not participate in criminal activity. There are a number of rich spoiled children and adults who routinely participate in criminal activity. This is just another excuse for the liberals to trot out their Marxist “class warfare” argument. Criminal activity and even terrorism are now connected to this “poor” gambit. If this is true, how can you explain Bin Laden? His family has millions, as does he. He has never suffered the slings and arrows of poverty. The foundation of crime/terror is a lack of personal morality. The liberals will blame inanimate objects when it’s too inconvenient to lay the blame upon the person or persons. In the liberal fantasyland, if we melted down every gun in the United States and turned them into statues of Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, Ward Churchill, PolPot, Stalin and the rest of the deities in the liberal pantheon, crime would still flourish. The costliest attack upon the United States was perpetrated using 1) Box cutters 2) Jumbo jets and 3) Radical Islam and a multi millionaire planned it. What did they all have in common? A lack of personal morality empowered by radical Islam. The liberals must blame an inanimate object. Blame can never be laid at the feet of the responsible person or persons because liberals abhor the concept of personal responsibility. As we continue to lacerate the liberal boils from society and the body politic, our lives will become appreciably better.


3 responses to “Moist Towelettes


  2. Yours is some of the best stuff I’ve read–found you by accident reading Ann Coulter’s most recent piece.

    You really need to keep it up.

  3. noleftturnz

    George and Charlie, Thanks for your comments and I will definately keep it up…Larry

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