Quilting Bee

It is important to remember that when a liberal speaks they never speak to a point, they speak at it or around it. Since they specialize in “argumentative minimalism” it is imperative to recognize that they avoid substantive discussion by reversing the “syllogistic” pattern. The left simply tables its conclusion FIRST and ONLY. (Racist!!) They never submit any supportive evidence or proof. No major premise, no minor premise. Due to the progressives default belief in their own Solomonic perspicacity, their monosyllabic conclusion is obviously based upon learned research and erudition therefore the burden of proof must lie with the accused…

The liberals who snicker uncontrollably when you say you believe in God almost to a man believe that “we are not alone” in the universe. That’s right, these small turquoise men resembling Jimmy Carter with antennae, whiz about in interstellar spacecraft. They have made their presence known only to the subscribers of the National Enquirer and they are “watching” us. So this “Moon Men” thing is totally logical and the existence of God is ridiculous.

I think all liberals should come with warning labels because I find them to be infinitely more dangerous than cigarettes. How about: “Listening to this individual could lead to the premature ending of capitalism, common sense and the survival of the United States.”

Isn’t it strange to see the liberals lining up to protest the lethal injection process for murderers as “cruel and unusual punishment” but it was AOK for Terri Schiavo to be starved to death over a thirteen-day period? Liberal, thy name is Mengele.

If Rodham manages to steal the election are we going to have to put the White House on wheels so she can get back to her “Arkansas” roots?

Theme song for the Democratic Hajj in 2008: “We are the World..”

The progressive Quislings have a great deal of difficulty acknowledging their treasonous diversions that directly benefits their terrorist/insurgent pin up boys. Ask the liberals, watch them squirm. The Patriot Act? That’s bad. Roving wire taps? That’s bad. Profiling? That’s bad.. Clandestine operations? Bad, bad, scary bad.. Bag searches? (By that I mean purses or suitcases, not Janet Reno or Helen Thomas..) That’s bad.. Liberal eruptions of patriotism can be seen in the form of more civil rights for terrorists, demands for investigations of American soldiers and an apparatchik marshmallow roast over a few smoldering American flags in front of the White House.

The liberals routinely croak that “the death penalty is no deterrent.” Are they saying that they would support the death penalty if it were “scientifically” proven to be a deterrent? Is it possible that if the sentences were carried out with greater frequency than say, visits from Halley’s Comet, that the deterrent factor might be calculable?

The screaming voice during the commercial says: “Home ownership is at an all time high!” I am not sure we are actually talking about “ownership” here. Home “possession” may be at an all time high. With this new trend in “loans”, I believe “home ownership” may be at an all time low.

Every thirty seconds I hear: “Bills too high? Time to apply for a home equity loan!!” “No verification? No problem, we will approve you guaranteed!!” “You’ve got all that money sitting there. Put it to work for you by arranging a home equity loan..” I can think of no better example of your yearning power being greater than your earning power.

It would appear that a large percentage of the middle classes “homeowners” are gambling with the largest investment in their future. It’s not just our homeowners. “Car owners” can now “trade their titles for cash!!” Even “job holders” can get “pay day loans” at a “LOW interest rate.” If you can’t somehow make it to Friday without consulting a loan shark, you are in need of serious help.

The theory goes like this: Pay into your home for fifteen years. (I hope you anted up a sizeable down payment because the first ten or so YEARS worth of payments goes straight to interest. Virtually nothing goes towards equity..) Earn a little equity. Run up your credit cards. Buy that plasma television! Re-mortgage your home!! It’s quick and it’s easy!!! Now you are back to square one and you are back to thirty years of payments. What was once your home now belongs to the “Loan Sharks R Us” company where a chunk of your equity goes towards closing costs, re-titling, secretaries, advertising, etc. “Borrow up to 125% of your homes value!!”

Here is a radical concept: live within your means.

Home ownership has nothing to do with the urgency to refinance every fifteen minutes. These “re-fi’s” rarely have anything to do with a lower interest rate but they have everything to do with living beyond your means.

Years ago, credit was nearly impossible to come by. Back then, the only people who could get credit were the people who didn’t need it. Now sixteen-year-olds are regaled with countless offers of pre-approval for thousands in credit.

If the burning “desire to acquire” has you racing to the mall, try investing in your education. Your education generally translates into a higher rate of pay for your services and makes you a more marketable commodity within the workforce. Plan B: Figure out how to struggle through life without the fancy television.

In this time of “Easy credit”, you can “have it all” but at what price? With an over reliance upon “credit” the homeowner is actually nothing more than a renter. In this case, the landlord is the “Easy Equity Loan Sharking Corporation.” “So now is the time to consolidate all of your bills and payments into one easy check!!”

So feel free to run up the plastic because you can always take your house to the pawnshop. Your cars title is “money in your pocket!!” Miss a payment however and you will be riding the bus like so many other “pay day loan-ees”. “Now is the time to consider a reverse mortgage..”

The disclaimer at the bottom of the advertisement for the “Pay Day Loan” thieves says: “Always use pay day advances responsibly.” Doesn’t that sound like the beer companies and the casinos laughingly reminding everyone as a public service to “be responsible.” If people were responsible, they would be out of business.

In the end, if you need a “payday advance”, you have proven that you don’t have the slightest idea how the concept of “responsibility” works..


3 responses to “Quilting Bee


  2. noleftturnz

    George, If Washington calls, I hope they leave a message..I believe that that place corrupts everyone that it touches…Larry

  3. Liberalism is like societal AIDS. There’s no cure for it except cremation.

    I say burn em all or let the western world as we know it fall.

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