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Vetting NYT style

Before reading another word of the following, if you are unfamiliar with the definition of the word “sarcasm”, find a dictionary, look up the definition, keep it handy and refer to it as often as necessary. Also, keep in mind that if BHO/JFK had ANY past what so ever, the possibility exists that something like this would be unearthed by the “impartial” New York Times.. As well, you might want to have a copy of “For McCain, Self Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk” taken from the fetid pages of the New York Times. Imagine the NYT chiding anyone about “Ethics”…

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Modern Mugwumps

The “protest voters” on the Republican side need to properly consider the far-reaching effects of what it is they say they are going to do (or not do) and what they would be unleashing upon the nation. I will call the “I’m still votin’ for Mitt!” folks, the “I’m stayin’ home” folks and the “No Way Anti McCain-iacs” what I think they are.. “Perots”, or for those of you with an historical bend, “Modern Mugwumps.” Continue reading

Runs With Scissors

Buried within Barack Obama’s “Global Poverty Act” is the mention of the “HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and Malaria Act Initiative.” (22 U.S.C. 7601 et esq.) Let me show you how the liberal ethos becomes a self-sustaining entity. Take Malaria for example. The enviro “green haired brown shirts” armed with junk science that would make Al Gore and John Edwards proud, (Silent Spring) threw hissy fits until the pesticide DDT was banned. DDT properly utilized upon an overwhelming mosquito population brought this disease to its knees. Enter the omnipotent and self-absorbed liberals, out goes DDT and Malaria makes its triumphant return. With the liberals, the key may change but the solipsistic song remains the same. When DDT eliminated Malaria, the problem was “overpopulation” and “world hunger.” Malaria is eliminating the “overcrowding problem” through what could be best described as “Liberal Compassionate Darwinism.” Without the proper pesticides, Malaria is back on their weepy “to do” list. If science manages to somehow eliminate the mosquito population while being “conscious of the delicate environment”, they will revert back to the “overcrowding/world hunger problem.” It’s the circle of liberal life, Simba..

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The Soft Soap Box Derby

It is always more than a little comedic when the liberal media adopt a cuddly new plaything. It seems as though they do it about as frequently as Jolie or Madonna. The last “conservative” that the left was so enamoured with was Colin Powell. From the liberal media’s point of view, a “conservative” is someone who parallels the left on the majority of their ideological idiocy even though there are one or two “disagreements” with the Democratic cosmology. Regardless, that little bump or two in the road still qualifies them as a “conservative enough” truncheon for clubbing Republican melons.

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Protecting Pandora’s Box

For all the evasive flummery that the Obama apparatchiks are packaging for the true believers consumption, (refer to “Wag the Dog”, the “Courage Mom” video as reference material.) the time had to come for Senator “BHO/JFK” to attach his name to something resembling a bill or legislation. For all the circumvention and forestalling and for the battening down of the hatches on the Democratic Pandora’s box of involuntary Socialism, the seams had to eventually give way. Thus the carefully choreographed candidate was “liberated” from the shadows of anonymity with absolutely no fanfare because anyone with even a pedestrian understanding of Democratic politics comprehends the liberal lineage.

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Political Potpourri

It has been revealed that Ms.Rodham just “deposited” five million of her own dollars into her bumbling campaign. That leaves at least ninety five million dollars available for her to tap into if necessary, from her miraculous insider trading “success” in cattle futures.. Continue reading

Beatifying Barack

Many years ago, William James said that all you need is the will to believe. Today’s liberals are agog and thoroughly marinated in the hollow symbolism that is being offered up as political palaver, to be forever known as the vacant rhetoric of the next deity in the liberal pantheon, Barack Hussein Obama.

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