Beatifying Barack

Many years ago, William James said that all you need is the will to believe. Today’s liberals are agog and thoroughly marinated in the hollow symbolism that is being offered up as political palaver, to be forever known as the vacant rhetoric of the next deity in the liberal pantheon, Barack Hussein Obama.

It is still humorous when the liberals recoil in terror at the thought of religious belief. They snicker at the image of an amassed congregation listening in rapt silence to the ruminations of a preacher. The left, when they assemble for a flag burning or other such convulsions of liberal patriotism, portray themselves as atheists when it comes to the topic of belief. Once they skulk back to their hovels, the hunger pains of “belief” begin to rumble within the vacuum that is their conscience. Today they quench their thirst for “belief” by listening raptly to the breezy sermons of Pastor Obama who is being billed as the next “JFK” by the wrinkly old Democratic vanguard, assorted apparatchiks and a bevy of bloated Bolsheviks.

The progressives are far too intelligent to worship God so they worship themselves. When they become introspective, they understand that their individual weaknesses, and the impulse to believe/follow, inevitably consumes them. The left has an overwhelming desire and proclivity towards devouring and digesting the fictitious and the empty. Their need to be seduced is an addiction. Therefore, with that as the rococo backdrop, the stage has been perfectly set for the Socialist Svengali, Barack Hussein Obama.  

What is important at this point in the charade is for Obama to continue saying absolutely nothing. Details are of no consequence to those so hypnotized. Those who are mesmerized ignore the details but those same details are systematically disassembled and their nonsensical nomenclature is grist for any political opponent’s mill. Therefore, the idea of “details” is a Democratic political minefield that the Senator should avoid at all costs. Having listened to a number of his  homilies to this point in the campaign, he is doing a masterful job of rerouting his rhetoric to the dead end streets of the specious and the obtuse.

Imagery is what is of the utmost importance. Form over function. The less the Senator says, content wise, the higher his popularity keeps going. The left doesn’t want details, they just want to believe. They HAVE to believe. Specificity applied to the liberal mind gets in the way of the excitement of the “movement.” Tomorrow’s eventual direction, the results of that “movement”, (most often backward with the left.) are irrelevant. It is all about “change” today. Tomorrow is about “hope.” The liberals need to go to church, so they “believe” and worship at the altar of the corny carny sideshow of Barack Hussein Obama.

The “freak show” qualities of Democratic politics helped to create this campaign of ether. When the liberals actually say what it is they aspire to do, they end up with another McGovern or Mondale.. It is imperative to remember that the liberal political animal’s “intentions” are always “good”. If the practical application of their “intentions” ends up afoul (The Carter Presidency, for example.) the blame is always laid at the feet of some other, usually uninvolved, source. Their virtuous designs fail only due to the foibles and weaknesses of others. The Obama team has concluded that the most expeditious way for the Socialists to reacquire the throne of power is through this campaign of elusory and oily lullabies.

In the mind of the liberal, things don’t need to be true, they just have to believe that they are and that is all the proof they need. This is the source of their “argumentative minimalism”, the one word “argument” as the fulcrum of their reasoning. (Fascist!!) It is the liberal corollary to Descartes Law: “I have said it, therefore it is true.”(And I don’t need any proof..) It is a logical adjunct to this minimalism that it should apply to their political discourse as well. Thus Barack Obama becomes the perfect Democratic candidate.

In order to re-attain the reigns of today’s government, the sloganeering without substance became mandatory. Throughout time it has always been impossible to implement the progressives idiotic idealism because the liberals always dream big but they are always too hung over or too stoned to show up to do the follow up work. The left has just enough political mental wattage to make an effective bumper sticker.

The bigger the phantasm the easier it is for the left to believe in it. The “Population Explosion”, the “Coming Ice Age”, the “Oil Shortage” and most recently, another shot at “Global Warming” have all been swallowed hook, line and sinker by the intellectuals of the progressive left. They have to believe in something. The more unbelievable the better. Another part of the perception of perfection surrounding the Senator is his inexperience. He has no past. He is the real life answer to Chauncey Gardener. He is vestal and without sin. He can only talk about what he wishes the future to be and how perfect the world will be if he is just given the chance, and don’t forget to leave a little something in the collection plate on your way out the door..In a gargantuan miscalculation of liberal politics, Obama’s opposition has loudly proclaimed that she has “thirty five years of political experience.” Never mind that she really only has one trivial term as the “Sandbagger Senator” from New York under her “experience” belt. She SAID she has thirty-five years of political experience so the liberals need no further proof other than her word, ergo the need for “change.”Rodham’s “Big Experience Lie” has portrayed her as the “establishment candidate” within the wandering political party in search of “change.” Her particular angle relative to the theme of “change” has been her gender identification. The “change” clique didn’t take the bait so she will have to settle for the typical Clintonian politics of strong-arming and eye gouging reminiscent of the Carville/Begala era. Concrete overshoes await those who foolishly get in the way of the Clinton Power Grab Express.

So some one who has no experience, but said she has experience, is being beaten to “inexperience” punch by someone else who has no experience as well, but who specializes in speaking in circles. Content is of no consequence. It is only important to speak in flowery and soaring metaphors, paragraphs of piffle. Consequences are only applicable to the opposition. Just give the left another dose of kaleidoscopic cacophony. Praise the Lord and open your hymnals…

The candidate with “thirty five years experience” will have no choice but to wind the conch shell, sounding the clarion call for the Brigands and the Berserkers to assemble with clubs and scimitars. Meanwhile, the pews will continue to fill as the liberal atheistic true believers proceed towards the beatification of Barack Hussein Obama, the man who has mastered the art of “substantive minimalism” much to the delight of his progressive worshipers.


2 responses to “Beatifying Barack

  1. quervodrinker

    You are 100% correct!

    The road to hell is paved with liberals…….

  2. Dear NLT:

    This is a wondrous little piece. And all so horribly true. Bloody quotable too. Like this fab bit:

    “The progressives are far too intelligent to worship God so they worship themselves. When they become introspective, they understand that their individual weaknesses, and the impulse to believe/follow, inevitably consumes them. The left has an overwhelming desire and proclivity towards devouring and digesting the fictitious and the empty. Their need to be seduced is an addiction.”

    Absolutely surgical, old boy. [I used your post on my shabby blog.]

    It’s a perfect palate stimulator to reading say [Left] Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg, The Death Of The Grown-Up by Diana West and Hell, any Mark Steyn or P.J O’Rourke. Again, a perfect article. YOU should get the traffic above many others I could think of. Bravo.

    All the best from Colonel Neville.

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