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The Countdown to Analog Armageddon

The scope and breadth of the governments compulsion towards an overwhelming amount of individual intrusion spreads now to the “trafficking in interstate commerce of..analog television sets.” Continue reading


Sermon by the Mountebank

Barack Hussein Obama, otherwise ordained as the next JFK, felt compelled to verbalize a “message of unity.” BHO/JFK as always, took great pains to say as little of actual substance as possible. However, if you read through the entirety of this torturous tract, minute morsels of wheat can be cut from his childish chaff. We will approach this Sisyphean challenge chronologically.. Continue reading

Commander Howard Queeg

The Democrats, who at this moment have two candidates that would love to see each other getting a nocturnal visit from Dr. Kevorkian, wish that that were the only problem their party has. These two candidates are alarmingly close in both the popular vote and the delegate count. Two “maverick” states, (See, no one really likes a maverick..) Michigan and Florida, who were both penalized for moving their primaries up on the election calendar, have now become a very popular topic of Democratic conversation and attention. Let us not forget that it is quite possible that the “superdelegates”, who are being pulled as much as the taffy at the state fair, might actually decide the nomination.

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Icarus begets the Phoenix

Once called the “future of the Democratic Party” by Bill Richardson, Eliot Laurence Spitzer now joins the pantheon of “National Democratic Embarrassments” due to his proclivity for prostitutes. In the end, his downfall might end up being the “money trail” more than the trollops..

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The Big Bang Theory, Liberal Style

As the events of March 4th unfolded, it seemed that the liberal planets all managed to align themselves for a magnificent collision. Lets just call it the Big Bang Theory, liberal style. As the progressive pundits pray and pontificate over a ticket comprised of the two candidates, it is all just puffery in an attempt to defuse or deflect the inevitable explosion. Or explosions. Continue reading

Handicapping Hillary’s Ensuing Extinction

Before HRC’s “performance” in Ohio and Texas and with sixteen states left to go including Pennsylvania, what follows are my guesses as to how things might play out for the Democratic party..

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Howard’s Historical Inversion

On February 28th, Howard Dean managed to free himself from his restraints just long enough so that he could “address” the assembled at Georgetown University. His “address” was supposed to be in reference to Black History Month. Howard used the solemn occasion to forward his extensive knowledge of history, black or otherwise, which quickly transformed itself into an undisguised and exemplary opportunity to attack his political adversaries.

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