Handicapping Hillary’s Ensuing Extinction

Before HRC’s “performance” in Ohio and Texas and with sixteen states left to go including Pennsylvania, what follows are my guesses as to how things might play out for the Democratic party..

The “It’s not over ‘till the fat lady sings” theory. Probability: 99%. Otherwise known as “The Brokered Convention.” (The first since 1952.) Otherwise known as “The 800 Super Delegates factor.” (These are the Democratic Parties answer to the Electoral College. Known as “PLEO’s, unpledged party leader and elected official delegates.” Rule 9.A). Clinton, above all else, is an “all or nothing” kind of political carnivore. I don’t think she cares if she makes friends or enemies, it is all about the acquisition of power. She doesn’t care what anyone says behind her back. She knows that if she gains the office, they will have to smile to her face. She wants people to fear her. Look at Bill as your barometer on that.

As far as her obsession with “higher political aspiration”, the election of 2008 is quite probably her “swan song.” Regardless of how many Molotov cocktails she or any of her minions throws, or whose windows they go through, she will likely retain the sandbagger seat in the Senate from her adopted state of New York for as long as she wishes to stay there. In the end, her being pigeonholed into that spot with “no potential for promotion”, her inability to “break that glass ceiling”, will gnaw at the ambition nucleus deeply ingrained within her liberal genes. It will chap her for all eternity when she realizes that from that point onward, the only thing she will have to look forward to is sounding sardonic raspberries and blowing spitballs during SOMEONE ELSES State of the Union address. Passing mash notes to Chuckie Schumer for the rest of your political life isn’t Hillary’s idea of “making a difference.” It is certainly easier to implement Socialism from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue than from the East End of the National Mall.

Her over-inflated ego is what has caused, and will continue to cause her continual trouble. The idea of her “supremacy” as a politician caused her to let Obama off the hook or to disregard him as a “political” opponent. She simply thought that there was no way that anyone else could possibly defeat her with all that “experience” she has. Now she has Dianne Feinstein croaking that everyone is picking on Hillary because she is a girl. If I may alter the phrase, “If you can’t stand the heat, get BACK in the kitchen”… We all know that if the roles were reversed, we would (and will) have had someone stepping forward to accuse Obama’s adversary of “racism”, of “picking on him” just because he is black. Guilt should play no part in politics but these are the liberals we are talking about here…

Another factor that plays against HRC is the fact that a number of states allow open voting. Because there is essentially no contest to speak of on the Republican side, Republican voters in those states may tilt the Democratic table for them. Hillary doesn’t have “experience” but she does have a “history” that a lot of people remember..

Without question, her best moment during this entire campaign was in Providence when she said, “Now I could stand up here and say lets get everybody together, lets get unified, the skies will open up, the light will come down, celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect..” She never followed up on it. She overlooked someone within her own party as a threat to her candidacy because he was campaigning without saying anything. She underestimated the importance of his personal gravitational pull, which was a mistake because both were running campaigns swollen with helium and devoid of substance. Attacks directed at him should be based upon his inexperience as a leader not upon anything “personal”, but that is HRC’s weakness as well, no tangible experience, so what else is there to attack?

She felt that she had no peer or rival on either side of the aisle. Both she and Obama have spent months saying absolutely nothing about anything and everything to anyone who would bother to show up. As HRC began from the “experience mythology” platform, her opponent was hypnotizing the masses (Democraticus Imbecilicus) by telling them the moon was made of green cheese. Hillary, even after the “extreme makeover” to her feral temper, still retains a personality as stimulating as a dial tone.

Among Rodham’s biggest blunders is that she did not understand the “entertainment value” of politics. The less information they want, the more they simply want to be “entertained.” She underestimated the “Paparazzi effect” of BHO/JFK’s candidacy. He is the “political American Idol.” Even if she had addressed specific topics with an overabundance of statistical evidence and a bevy of accompanying charts and graphs, she overlooked the fact that the facts have become irrelevant to the Democratic base.

In the dystrophic world of Democratic politics circa 2008, the “sermons without substance” enchanted the crowds. Rodham’s “school librarian” delivery of the exact same weightless drivel being forwarded by BHO/JFK, is exciting no one else but herself. A cursory look back at the last two Democratic zombies forwarded by the Democratic machine, John Kerry and Al Gore, should have made anyone see the appeal and the need for “excitement.” Obama has apparently mastered the art of saying nothing while speaking in mesmeric melodies. HRC just continued communicating in her narcoleptic tone..

An offer to be the Vice Presidential nominee on the ticket becomes a moot point because she has spent too many years playing second fiddle to Bill to accept such a menial assignment from anyone else. However, it would give her the chance to dust off and rename all of her “Bill voodoo” dolls..

A “brokered convention” allows her to polish up the brass knuckles and to sharpen the cutlasses. The “Clinton cutthroats” all have their marching orders and the sand tables are in place at the Clinton doublewide Library in Arkansas. This “will of the voters” tripe that she has regurgitated over the Michigan and Florida voters will mean nothing if it looks as though a few Superdelegates getting their arms twisted or their knee caps tapped can put her over the top. Her goal is the seat at the head of the class. The body count on the way there is irrelevant to her.

“Doin’ a Mitt” or, bowing out gracefully: 1% at best. (If she loses everything on March 4th.) The idea of HRC “putting her party first” is almost laughable. She is fighting her inevitable political extinction here.

In order to estimate the effectiveness of what would have been the second Clinton Presidency, we must use the candidate’s campaign as a guide. That said, up to this point in time, she would ranking right “up there” with Pierce, Buchanan and Carter. Maybe if Obama gets around to talking specifically about anything, we might be able to apply that same standard to him.

The presence of eight hundred uncommitted “Superdelegates” (Nearly one fifth of the total delegates) who won’t be voting until the Democratic convention (The Superdelegates turned the tide for Mondale over Hart in 1984.) and two states (Florida and Michigan.) who may turn up again in the fray (If the lawyers end up getting involved) makes for a long and potentially humorous Democratic campaign. This one is going until the bitter end and bitter it will probably be..


2 responses to “Handicapping Hillary’s Ensuing Extinction

  1. The latest allegation of Hillary’s campaign DARKENING Obama’s pictures….is beyond the pale….no pun intended.

    That ALONE, will be her demise!

    There will be no Brokered Convention! America with INTEGRITY will kick her behind to the curb in a heartbeat!


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