Icarus begets the Phoenix

Once called the “future of the Democratic Party” by Bill Richardson, Eliot Laurence Spitzer now joins the pantheon of “National Democratic Embarrassments” due to his proclivity for prostitutes. In the end, his downfall might end up being the “money trail” more than the trollops..

I would hope that I am not offending the delicate sensibilities of the nations Democrats when I used the Governors middle name. If so, please accept my most humble of apologies, as I do not wish to play on any obscure “fears” that any of you may have and I promise to no longer use the “L” word within this missive.

Upon an impartial viewing of the entire body Spitzer’s ham fisted political work, you would think that the citizens of New York, let alone the Democrats, would be turning cartwheels of joy over the resignation of the Attorney General turned Governor, whatever the reason or reasons. He created a multiple billion-dollar deficit, increased the state payroll and nearly led the nation in total jobs lost. Spitzer managed to make almost as many enemies as someone else we all know and love, with his “scorched earth” kind of political Darwinism. “Megalomaniac” would have been a more appropriate middle name. He is without a doubt the real worlds equivalent to Charles Foster Kane.

Spitzer enjoyed wielding the sledgehammer of power in the subtle manner of the Norse Berserkers. It appears that he believed in “prosecutorial discretion” in relation to the sniffing out which rings of prostitution were in need of his professional attention. As with his dealings relative to the Grasso intimidation, “selective enforcement”, or the selective non-pursuit of H. Carl McCall, a Spitzer supporter, was simply a foreshadowing of the future.

You have to consider him a prototypical Democrat. When he was asked about the possibility of having to testify before the New York State Ethics committee over the Bruno scandal, Spitzer said, “That might happen. I don’t know what path to take.” It seems the “fork in the road of truth” deeply confused a man who managed a perfect score on the LSAT test. The next stop in this downward spiral of illogic would be, “it depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is..”

From the multi million dollar loan from his father (Daedalus, for those familiar with mythology.) when he ran for the office of Attorney General in 1998 to his desire to legalize same sex marriage. From his issuance of subpoenas to twenty-four non-profit crisis pregnancy centers who reportedly attempted to caution women against having abortions. From his wish to give drivers licenses to illegal aliens to his placing tails on the New York state Senates majority leader, here was someone with a deep belief in his own infallibility. He was destined to spontaneously combust. He was a political paladin. He was a “crusader”.

Somehow all of this brings to mind the midterm elections of 2006 and the unsavory “gift” that fell into the laps of the Democratic Party.

A small time Florida Representative named Mark Foley, who was a “crusader” against the exploitation of children, sent some “instant messages” and some emails of a suggestive nature to both current and former congressional pages. From that point forward, each and every Republican running for any office in the land was henceforth to be known as “John ‘Mark Foley’ Doe” when spoken of by the vestal Democrats. Every Democrat alive was in a fever to play “Pin the Tail on the Honkey” in order to secure elected office.

The Democrats can rest assured that the Republicans won’t be designating their candidates as ” Barack ‘Eliot Spitzer’ Obama” or “Hillary ‘Eliot Spitzer’ Rodham”. That political mud puddle has been solely occupied by the left for quite some time now..

Lets look to the future, shall we? What happens to the poor wife of the ex Governor? If history is any indication, this could be the birth of the political career of Silda Wall Spitzer.

From this point forward, she too can claim a “lifetime of political experience” and run for office hoping to oust Chuck Schumer in order to sit next to her political contemporary, Hillary Rodham. Both have had the unfortunate political resume of being manacled to philandering cad. The “humiliated spouse” platform was a success for one transplanted Arkansan, so it should prove to be just as profitable for a true New Yorker. The constituents of New York have proven that they will vote in droves for the “woman scorned” and there is no reason to believe that they wouldn’t do it again. Silda’s “experience” doesn’t involve the handling of 900 FBI files or the obscene profits in the cattle futures market, just to name a few, but her tenure at the Chase Manhattan Bank could actually be deemed as “experience.” I would also safely wager that the pictures from her days at Harvard Law School are more palatable than the ones discovered from Hillary’s days at Wellesley..

Recently, this desire for “public service” seems to run deep within any and all spouses who appear to be involuntarily drawn to the narcotic attractiveness of political power. It would be safe to say that any member of either the Clinton or the Spitzer families will probably never have to dirty their hands with “work” ever again, if they ever did. Both of the sullied spouses, through their years of “public service”, have acquired more wealth than several African countries. In the case of Ms. Rodham, that wasn’t apparently enough. The retirement of Daniel Patrick Moynihan afforded her the golden opportunity to add “carpetbagger” to her barren political dossier. With that, her mysterious “lifetime of experience” as the wife of a liberal lothario transformed itself into an itch for “public service.”

Keep in mind, Silda Wall Spitzer is an attorney at law just like Hillary Rodham Clinton. It has also been reported that she encouraged her husband to not resign and to stay in office while fighting the charges made against him. Is this the blind devotion of a spouse in complete denial or is the potential lure of elected office apparently not lost upon the ex First Lady of the state of New York…

Could the possibility exist that the fall of Icarus can again become the rise of the Phoenix?


3 responses to “Icarus begets the Phoenix

  1. I wonder how soon before MSNBC and Keith ‘Olberdumb’ will be touting Mrs Spitzer as the new “BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD”?

  2. Why is it one demonrat candidate wants to hide his middle name, and the other insist we call her Hillary RODHAM Clinton??


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