Commander Howard Queeg

The Democrats, who at this moment have two candidates that would love to see each other getting a nocturnal visit from Dr. Kevorkian, wish that that were the only problem their party has. These two candidates are alarmingly close in both the popular vote and the delegate count. Two “maverick” states, (See, no one really likes a maverick..) Michigan and Florida, who were both penalized for moving their primaries up on the election calendar, have now become a very popular topic of Democratic conversation and attention. Let us not forget that it is quite possible that the “superdelegates”, who are being pulled as much as the taffy at the state fair, might actually decide the nomination.

With the primaries being so close and with all of these collateral issues in this mix, there is one crucial element that is missing from the Democratic Party.


Here we have a political party that wants to run the government of the United States of America and their duly elected leader is Howard “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” Dean. In case the liberals can’t read the writing on the wall (and with the intentional damage they have inflicted upon the public schools, it is not surprising that none of the Democrats can read..) there is a situation looming where a large group of Democrats are going to feel a little more than just “disenfranchised” no matter what the DNC’s Mad Hatter does or doesn’t do. What will magnify and intensify these feelings of “disenfranchisement” is the amount of time that will pass until SOMEONE actually does something about the impending liberal Chernobyl. These issues are not going to dissipate on their own and the DNC’s “leader” isn’t really doing anything about it…

Approximately fifty percent of the Democrats, one candidate and his or her supporters, won’t think that the eventual outcome of all of this is “fair.” Hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned.

There is no doubt that the lack of leadership on the Democratic side of the ledger is of no surprise to anyone who is even mildly observant. The swooning Socialists of today’s left are hot for something they are generically calling “change.” There is no actual direction inferred with that, they just want “change.” (Just like the smelly liberals with the cardboard signs who stand at busy intersections..) The liberal rudderless dinghy of “change” isn’t likely to go anywhere. (Please keep in mind that all motion is relative. If I stand still and the left goes backward, as they invariably do, I have moved forward, haven’t I?) Change just represents motion or “action”, “direction” is irrelevant. In order to implement “positive progress”, “change” needs to be accompanied by realistic goals, an orderly arrangement of parts as pertains to an overall design or objective. The liberals believe that “positive progress” will simply “just happen” due to impersonal causation, inspired by the “good will” and “vibes” sent out by the left. The left has been devoid of ideas for nearly five decades now. Their idea of a plan is simply saying they don’t like yours. It is no wonder that there is a leadership void within the party of Lenin.

The Chairman is fiddling while the liberal’s burn. There have been whispers that as the Chairman stumbles about wondering what happened to that quart of strawberries, another Democrat will need to step forward to moderate some type of “deal”. The two names bandied about have been Pelosi (who?) and the “Environmental Dirigible” otherwise known as the liberals “Sir Gawain the Green Knight”, Al Gore.

When push comes to shove, and you know it will, it does not matter who says what, the line has been drawn in the Democratic quick sand. No matter who does what, 50% of the nations Democrats, who are firmly entrenched supporters of one of the two candidates, are going to feel as though they have been robbed, that their destiny has been “stolen” from them in an ill-gotten manner. They have spent so much time conditioning others to be “victims” that through osmosis, they have become victims themselves. Who better than Al Gore, who still fumes over his “imaginary victory” in 2000, to empathize with the “victims” in this impending liberal Battle of the Somme.

Even the deep pocketed Democratic donors have begun to stomp their feet, upset that their “vote won’t count.” Like a typically spoiled child, a liberal doesn’t just want to participate in the electoral process, his or her candidate HAS TO WIN, and if someone else wins, then there must be chicanery afoot. The liberals don’t even trust each other, so “Sugar Daddy” is going to withhold his “allowance” to the DNC until he gets his way. Of course, Clinton campaign Ayatollah and former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe said he did not approve of donors holding back their Democratic contributions.

A leader could bring closure to this. The liberals have always more closely resembled lemmings, not leaders. Democrats with foresight should have elected a Chairman who could negotiate when potentially explosive issues appeared on the liberal landscape. A leader with foresight might have anticipated and had contingent plans in place for such a tight contest and the ramifications of two entire states delegates being neutered. These are the people who want to be in charge of the Armed Forces and no body wants to step forward because someone’s feelings will get hurt.

The solution or solutions for these problems aren’t the responsibility of either of the two candidates. Their job is to campaign. Besides, Senator Obama is busy apologizing over his “abomination dropping” mail order Pastor who is himself busy evading the men with the nets. Senator Clinton is otherwise engaged with the business of assembling the squad for the “Night of the Long Knives, part two.”

On Howard Deans watch, one candidates name didn’t even appear on the ballot in a state that decided to move its primary on its own. Another “primary jumper” state’s Senator (a state which is already famous for the density of its voters..) wants to allow its delegates only “half a vote” come the convention in August. Two Governors, one hitting from both sides of the plate and another, who studied from the Mayor Jerry Springer manual, have become national disgraces and that’s just for starters..

A political party that can’t even run its own primaries wants the responsibility to control our government. This is a political party that dips into its bag of “experienced politicians” and forwards two woefully inexperienced candidates, a former First Lady and a former “activist”, to run the most powerful nation on the planet. At least when they offered up Jimmy Carter we all knew how he tried to destroy the state of Georgia before he tried to destroy the United States.

Chairman Dean, we are all waiting with bated breath to see your “exit plan” from this “quagmire” of your making…


2 responses to “Commander Howard Queeg

  1. Man…talk about the “gang that couldn’t shoot straight”…


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