The Countdown to Analog Armageddon

The scope and breadth of the governments compulsion towards an overwhelming amount of individual intrusion spreads now to the “trafficking in interstate commerce of..analog television sets.”Our government, in order to “free up the airwaves” has “outlawed” the distribution of analog television sets. Free up the airwaves? For what, one wonders. It could be to make room for more of the wildly successful liberal “squawk shows” on ‘Scare America’ that no one listens to..

Whenever our government gets inordinately involved in anything they shouldn’t, they reflexively need to assess its “impact upon the poor”. Relative to this burning issue of analog televisions, our governments response to its own restrictions was to create a “voucher program” worth one and a half billion dollars to “help analog TV owners manage the switch.” Each voucher is worth $40.00 and our analog owner will need to pay anywhere from ten to thirty dollars themselves to make up for the difference in the cost of the average converter box. I am stunned that anyone would be obligated to do or provide anything when our government is involved in its regulation.

After glancing over my copies of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, I have apparently overlooked the governmental guarantee, or the “right” to television that was addressed by the creators of these seminal documents.

When societal perks and privileges make the painful but “compassionate” transition to “rights”, they usually do so between the lines of the Constitution. Once the rubber apron crowd managed to hoodwink the infanticide of abortion by perverting Constitutional “privacy” protections, it seems that the floodgates of legal malleability were bound to be violated as a matter of reflexive repetition. When privileges become “rights”, it becomes mandatory for the government to involve itself within all facets of the “proper distribution” of this newly unearthed prerogative.

Turning a privilege into an imaginary right also removes any necessity for gratitude from the rights recipient. There is no need to be grateful for that which the government is duty bound to provide, because it is now a “birth right.” Since television is now a right, the government must become involved due to the inequities that now entangle twenty million citizens who now find themselves behind the technological and informational curves. We certainly wouldn’t want an un-entertained underclass to have even more unstructured time on their hands, so now “free television” has become a Constitutional guarantee.

It may appear to be trite to concern ourselves over the “redistribution” of a mere one and a half billion dollars within a multiple trillion dollar federal budget. At some point, the idea of a “principle tourniquet” needs to be applied to staunch the bleeding from the artery of unchecked perpetual revenues. Another transfusion forcibly extracted from the taxpayers is unacceptable. We should never become complacent about the amount of money the government allocates from those gainfully employed. All things being what they are, one and one half billion of anything is a considerable amount.

Putting the idea of the “principle tourniquet” aside, how many more “free market” areas of life are we going to allow the benevolent Behemoth known as the federal government to infiltrate and pollute?

I am surprised that they didn’t make the voucher applicable to the purchase of a new television. In this “Disposable/Wal Mart/NAFTA/China manufactures everything” society, forty dollars could surely secure anyone an analog free television. I will then assume that this newly minted “right” has ensconced within it, a “fifty inch minimum screen size” subsection buried inside all of its copious protections. I fear that the “right” of television will soon become the “right” of either cable or satellite television. In the land of “fairness”, if one has it, everyone is entitled to it.

There is concern as well over the “20 million U.S. households who rely on an analog antenna for their secondary TV set.” Again, I would hope that there are sufficient safeguards within the “right of television” to protect the necessity of duplicate televisions within the households of the poor. Conferrence of “rights” takes all participatory obligations from those so protected and places the responsibility solely upon the government regardless of the needless multiplicity of televisions within the home. Allowing for one “voucher” per “household” would not be “fair” to those households who now have several televisions. The idea that the homeowner would be “responsible” for anything above the minimum, say one television, places an undue burden upon the poor who are forever manacled to the governmental mammilla.

The liberals, who latched onto the Orwellian concept of “Big Brother”, shuddered and puled for years over the image of an all encompassing government and overseer. Somewhere that anxiety transformed itself into the liberal’s political and intellectual cosmology. The liberals, who were once afraid of a stifling and overbearing government, are now its most fervent practitioners. The only thing that truly frightened the liberals about a government that suffocates its captives is the fact that they weren’t running it. “Tear the system down” now reads, “Build the system up and put us in charge of it..”

The liberal’s brand of governmental addiction raises (or lowers) people to believe that the government is responsible for everything and as mere citizens (liberal children), they are responsible for nothing. The liberal government is “compassionate” and above all, “fair.” When the left is in charge, suddenly the government can be “trusted.” The theory of government as the “omnipotent provider and savior” caused people who were conditioned so, to wait for the government to save them from Hurricane Katrina which was moving towards them at about five miles an hour. It was the most avoidable of human catastrophes, which was enabled by the liberal’s governmental dependence indoctrination. The expectation of government “services” takes the place of our expectations of individual responsibilities.

For those with computers, probably provided free of charge by the government due to “technological inequities”, there is a web site which offers a “handy countdown clock.” A countdown to what? There appears to be an insufficient amount of the necessary delirium, so a “Five minutes until midnight” Doomsday clock needed to be created. Hopefully for the symmetry of it all, the Analog clock is along side the Doomsday clock at the University of Chicago.

I suppose the liberal thing for me to do is to sit about and anticipate the next area of my life that the government feels that I am incapable of managing without their guidance, regulation and supervision and await their instructions..


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