Monthly Archives: April 2008

Mini Me-Too

It seems odd that HRC is now being “Kerry’d” by so many Democrats as of late, but then again, the Democrats have always been “fair weather fiends”, or to put it another way, with friends like this who needs enemas?

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Dancing on the Head of a Pin

With the passing of each day, my hope springs eternal that the progressives and their acolytes might actually get around to something that I have deemed “political topical specificity.” If they were to do so, those of us in the wings could easily dissect the rotting corpse of liberal politics thereby expediting this whole “election process.” Since they either do not have the capacity to be specific or they simply wish to evade political discussion while aspiring for higher political office, we are left with only a few miniscule quotes from an entire weeks “campaigning.” None of these quotes have anything to do with details, political positions, world problems and issues. Since we are only left with liberal lemons, let us make some lemonade..

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Electile Dysfunction

Each time they wind up “The First Black President/Ol’ Whitey” and send him out in the wide-open spaces to campaign for his “better half”, it always reminds me of the directions on my bottle of shampoo. Lather, rinse, repeat.. At this point, I find it necessary to explain that metaphorical analogy to our liberal friends since they themselves do not employ neither shampoo, deodorant or soap. It is the feculent progressive’s trifecta. The directions on these hygienic agents are as alien to them as the implied directions within the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments. Lather, rinse, repeat.. Bill goes out, bursts a blood vessel or two, (Lather.) they reel him back in and soak him down, (Rinse.) and they trot him back out again. (Repeat.) Of course, the “Queen of Denial” dons her purple robe and grabs her rusty scepter as she attempts to gloss over his embarrassing outbursts. “When you’re supporting the one you love, you really do take it very much to heart.” Remember she wants to be in charge of the United States of America and she has the audacity to float a howler like that with a straight face? She has an unshakable belief in her ability to lie and in your ability to believe it.. “Love?”

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