Electile Dysfunction

Each time they wind up “The First Black President/Ol’ Whitey” and send him out in the wide-open spaces to campaign for his “better half”, it always reminds me of the directions on my bottle of shampoo. Lather, rinse, repeat.. At this point, I find it necessary to explain that metaphorical analogy to our liberal friends since they themselves do not employ neither shampoo, deodorant or soap. It is the feculent progressive’s trifecta. The directions on these hygienic agents are as alien to them as the implied directions within the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments. Lather, rinse, repeat.. Bill goes out, bursts a blood vessel or two, (Lather.) they reel him back in and soak him down, (Rinse.) and they trot him back out again. (Repeat.) Of course, the “Queen of Denial” dons her purple robe and grabs her rusty scepter as she attempts to gloss over his embarrassing outbursts. “When you’re supporting the one you love, you really do take it very much to heart.” Remember she wants to be in charge of the United States of America and she has the audacity to float a howler like that with a straight face? She has an unshakable belief in her ability to lie and in your ability to believe it.. “Love?”

The two Democratic frontrunners haven’t changed one iota since they declared their candidacies. BHO/JFK is still saying as little as possible and using as many meaningless words as necessary to say it. Rodham, the “experience candidate” has tried her best to fabricate as much experience out of thin air as she can get away with. Obama continues his recitations of rhapsodic rhetoric, which are embroidered with flecks of ornate flatulence. Hillary continues to count her grade school field trips to the Art Museum and to the Zoo as experience. Listening to these people for any length of time is the nutritional equivalent of ingesting a bucket of progressive Trans fats. Their liberal lipids clog the arteries of common sense..


It would only seem appropriate that shortly after Hillary suffered from her most recent combat flashback, that she would insist on lecturing New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson on the news flash that BHO/JFK could not win the presidency if he gets the nod at the Democratic convention. “He cannot win, Bill. He cannot win” she was quoted as saying. First her ability as “Hillary the Historian” was called into question, now her skills as “Hillary the prophet” might appear to be deficient. She and her entire candidacy seem to be suffering from a perverse “electile dysfunction.”


After hearing of Governor Richardson’s endorsement of BHO/JFK, Ol’ Whitey flew into a “purple rage”, in of all places, a private meeting with a number of California Superdelegates. “Five times to my face” Governor Richardson denied that he would support Obama, claimed the ex President. Five times. That’s about the same number of times the ex President said to the nations face that he “did not have sex with that woman.”, finger wagging and all. It would appear that the Democrats lie to each other about as often as they lie to the rest of us..


BHO/JFK nabbed what he believes is a key endorsement this week. Co-chairman of the 9/11 commission Lee Hamilton praised Obama’s foreign policy stance as “pragmatic, visionary and tough.” (How can you retrieve that from “change, change and change”, which is the only “stance” the Great Posturer has struck?) The Co-chair of the 9/11 commission is not necessarily the best endorsement for a liberal candidate. Remember, the vast majority of the nations liberals believe that an impossibly inept bungler and buffoon from Texas planned 9/11 from his ranch and he also coordinated the positioning of the explosives that actually brought the Twin Towers down. A Lee Hamilton, in the ossified minds of the Socialists, must just be another “Uber-patriotic Kool Aid drinker” and not a true progressive American. BHO/JFK needs a few endorsements from “real” Democrats like Michael Moore and Jeremiah Wright.


Initially, combat veteran HRC first claimed she “misspoke.” Now when quizzed on her lambasting of Bill Richardson, (“Judas” as coined by James “Brown shirt” Carville..) she “misheard” the reporters question. I would say her “mishaps” and “misguidance” earns her the new moniker, “Misgovern”…


There are two notable absences from this Punch and Judy show, otherwise known as the Democratic primaries. $sharpton and Jack$on.. What is the going rate within the Democratic cesspool for their “silence”?


The same candidate with all of this “experience”, the one that did not have a clue about Bill garnishing a blue dress and using at least one intern as a humidor, the candidate who had no idea that her husband was doing put up jobs for the country of Dubai, now finds one of her top aides shilling a free trade agreement for the country of Columbia that she herself allegedly opposes. Remember, she wants the keys to the entire country, folks. This same staffer will still do “polling and advise” for the former First Lady. This sounds like a great idea being that he came up with Swiss watch of a plan portraying Hillary as the “experience” candidate when the Democratic base was agog over the fiction of “change.” “Change” as a platform, has just enough vowels and consonants and just one syllable, so that the “typical Democrat” can understand and properly comprehend without help from their chaperone. “Experience” has way too many “eeee’s” and more syllables than the average Democrat/savant can comprehend..


HRC also said that, “pledged delegates are a misnomer.” For those Superdelegates deficient in the powers of deduction, that means that all of you will be getting pictures of dead relatives in the mail with helpful reminders from the Clintonistas written on the back. Misspoke. Misheard. Misnomer. The Clinton’s have always added a peculiar malleability to the words they speak. After all, they managed to elasticize the word “is”, so mollifying words with more syllables should not prove to be that difficult of a task for these suppliers of the liberal linguistic laxatives..



2 responses to “Electile Dysfunction


    Seems the demonrats are divided between Change and Experience. Perhaps they need a candidate with Experience at Change?? BHO has no experience – even at the change he keeps lying about, and HRC can’t change her experiences (because she doesn’t have any), besides she has no intentions of changing anything – just keeping the Clintonista Crime Family running smooth.
    I’d have more to say, but I need to run across the parking lot and dodge some sniper fire…

  2. Larry,
    I love reading your stuff.

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