Monthly Archives: May 2008

Timing is Everything

Is there a “statute of limitations” or a “shelf life” for dumb political statements? Would it be possible to apply one of those “best if used by” expiration date stickers to a candidates political palaver? I suppose that there should at least be “user beware” warnings because a number of politicians lately have had the political savvy to regurgitate their crackpotterie for the public’s consumption in case they somehow missed it the first time around. Actually, with the Democrats, it depends on who says it and when they say it..

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The Inferences of People with Funny Feelings

As was correctly predicted within “Racing for 2025”, the discernable benefits of racial and gender recognition in the unseemly world of politics is growing increasingly more valuable with each passing day. Within the Democratic Party, these traits will soon prove to be even more important than the tactics of deception and outright lies that they usually employ.. With the most recent chorus of “Throw the Broad in the Pantsuit Under the Bus”, enthusiastically sung by Democrats of all stripes, the dog-eared “race card” will again be dealt from the bottom of the political deck. This time however, it will be wielded a little bit differently..

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Two Wrights Making Wrong

Mail order theologian, “Wavy” Al $harpton, decided to forego the balance of his Democratic payoff that had been offered for his silence this political season. Yes, the temptation to “demand justice”, (AKA: “Al’s Unique Brand of Justice”, not to be confused with actual law by anyone with a measurable IQ.) overwhelmed him due to the Sean Bell verdict in New York City.

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