The Inferences of People with Funny Feelings

As was correctly predicted within “Racing for 2025”, the discernable benefits of racial and gender recognition in the unseemly world of politics is growing increasingly more valuable with each passing day. Within the Democratic Party, these traits will soon prove to be even more important than the tactics of deception and outright lies that they usually employ.. With the most recent chorus of “Throw the Broad in the Pantsuit Under the Bus”, enthusiastically sung by Democrats of all stripes, the dog-eared “race card” will again be dealt from the bottom of the political deck. This time however, it will be wielded a little bit differently..

Soon it will become earth shakingly evident to the nations voters that the ONLY reason that anyone would vote AGAINST BHO/JFK, or FOR McCain for that matter, is the innate and unacknowledged “racism” that lurks within their every thought and action… Prepare to be enlightened.

The first act in this rococo soap opera was served up by the Washington Post in a “story” aptly titled, “Racist Incidents Give Some Obama Campaigners Pause.” This lurid tale of backwater racism and hatred is conveniently sprinkled with a few critical words that reveal the actual lack of “racism” so eagerly over-inflated by the Post’s scribe.

Immediately we are lambasted with the horrific tale of one Danielle Ross who was just “chased by dogs” as she canvassed in cornpone Indiana. Our erstwhile liberal sapling, apparently fleet of foot but slow of mind, should consider asking the letter carriers of Kokomo about the “nationwide epidemic” of stray dogs before attempting to evoke images of the deep south of many years past. The inference is of course, that these dogs were intentionally sent to attack our Obama canvasser but as always, the left is more than a little light on “proof” when it comes to conjuring up provocative and incendiary imagery for their political benefit.

Vestal Danielle advises that this was “not the worst thing..” The “horrible response”, the “anti black sentiment” was almost too much for our little princess who said that “the worst” was, “The first person I encountered was like, I’ll never vote for a black person..”

As a public service for our liberal friends who are reading along with their finger, please note the use of the word “like.” This isn’t a quote and I would hope that Danielle isn’t of the habit to use the word “like” every twelve words or so while popping her gum like so many other of her ilk.. No, the apparent failure of “the first person” to drop to their knees and convert to the Obama Socialism on the spot was interpreted by the insightful Danielle as “racism.”

The left instinctively interprets the opinion, voiced or not, of anyone who has the audacity to disagree with them in the most simplistic and derogatory of terms. It is just their default fascism.

According to the Post, the “hope and excitement” of the Obama candidacy has degenerated to a “raw racism” employed by those who simply disagree with the marionettes hypnotized by the great BHO/JFK.

Our “story” says, “the candidate is largely insulated from the mean spiritedness that some foot soldiers deal with.” Again, note the word “some.” The clear implication is to read that seemingly insignificant word as “all”. The candidate is “insulated”, all right. For twenty years he has been “insulated” from any negative impact as he sat agape in the front row listening to “Reverend” Wright while wearing his “WWJD” shirt. (What Would Jeremiah Do?) To point out the obvious “mean spirited” screeds of his “spiritual adviser” is just “mean spirited” to the “Obamazombies”.

Yes, “doors are slammed” and our canvasser believes that the unbelievers “can’t fathom” Senator Obama as president. Ask any door to door salesman about door slams.. Our overly sensitive liberals “can’t fathom” the idea of disagreement with their individual Epiphany and the only “logical” source of anyone’s disagreement is “racism”, get it?

“Documentary filmmaker” (AKA: Living off the inheritance..) Rory Kennedy, daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy, said that she too encountered “a lot of racism” in Pennsylvania. Note: “a lot.” Please be a bit more precise, not so vague, young communist. I will wager that she tells time in “-ishes”… I wonder if the clerics tenured at whatever liberal madrassa young Rory was indoctrinated at, let her know that Dad and Uncle Jack demanded that true Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., be wiretapped by the FBI? No problem there…

As tens of thousands of cars passed, one or two passed and “yelled a common racial slur for African Americans.” “Common” for whom? Rap “artists”? Maybe Kokomoans should roll up their windows and not share their rap “music” within earshot of our hypersensitive liberal volunteers..

We are told that the “bigotry has gone beyond words.” A broken window. Bomb threats. In the month of October 2004 alone, the Bush/Cheney headquarters in Milwaukee, Orlando and Knoxville Tennesse were overrun, vandalized and riddled with bullets respectively. Liberal “hatred” when expressed in such violent ways is to be written off as mere outbursts of progressive patriotism, no where near as damaging as the imaginary or over blown “racism” “reported” by the left.

The same liberals who view the burning of an American flag as their constitutional right of “free speech” were aghast to find a green Obama sign ALLEGEDLY “burned” along a Pennsylvania St. Patrick’s Day parade route. No PROOF or EVIDENCE exists of this allegation, no incriminating pictures of this hate crime but by the same token, when something burns, there’s not much evidence left. Proof and evidence are irrelevant in the pagan progressive paradise. They have said it, therefore it is true..

Even a “Clinton volunteer” in Lackawanna County Pennsylvania “pressed” an Obama volunteer to explain her backing of Senator Obama. No PROOF of this of course, but what is the problem with “explaining” why you support your candidate? A lack of evidence and proof are key components in the patented liberal argumentative minimalism.

It was important to the “tone” of the “story” for there to be references to Kokomo Indiana because we are reminded a little later, that eighty five years ago, the largest Klan gathering in history took place there. The inference is that real estate prices were so affordable at that time that everyone at that meeting decided to buy a home and stay in Kokomo.

We need to brace ourselves for the subtle and overt accusations, coming soon, that any disagreement, contrary opinion, or failure to march in lock step with BHO/JFK and his fifth column of hypersensitive, pimply volunteers means that you must keep a heavily starched white sheet and hood in your bedroom closet. It is impossible to disagree politically with the left. There has to be some devious underlying subplot at play..

Our “story” closes with the thought that Obama volunteer Dondra Ewing is looking for “people with funny feelings” relative to Senator Obama. She need look no further than her fellow Obama supporters and the “funny feelings” of racism that mysteriously percolate within them when anyone disagrees with them about BHO/JFK…


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  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Waxwing.

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