Timing is Everything

Is there a “statute of limitations” or a “shelf life” for dumb political statements? Would it be possible to apply one of those “best if used by” expiration date stickers to a candidates political palaver? I suppose that there should at least be “user beware” warnings because a number of politicians lately have had the political savvy to regurgitate their crackpotterie for the public’s consumption in case they somehow missed it the first time around. Actually, with the Democrats, it depends on who says it and when they say it..

“..it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti immigrant sentiment or anti trade sentiment as a way to explain as a way to explain their frustrations..” That political death knell was sounded by the anointed Barack H****** Obama. And for good measure, when questioned later about the previously mentioned stem-winder, he reinforced and reiterated the soliloquy with an antagonized aplomb.

I am of the opinion that what is important here is the alleged “viability” of each candidates candidacy at this point in the election process and the whims of the power brokers within the “Big Tent” Party to “assassinate” the “competition”.

All of this heady talk of “holding one accountable” relative to the statements made by the candidates from the Jackass Party has made me, for the first time in my adult life, proud of my country..

So what is it that HRC said that was so egregious? “We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California.” The Democrats are trying vainly to “dismiss” the candidacy of HRC, the same candidacy that they were turning hand springs over when Senator Clinton was the presumptive nominee and raising money to beat the band a short while back. Then, a little known Senator from Illinois joined the fray with his helium filled homilies of “Hope” and “Change”..

“Mo” Elleithee, Clinton spokesman, said Hillary’s reference was just an “historical example.” Larry and Curly were apparently busying themselves refining the “thirty five years of experience” howler at the time Mo was making that statement to the press…

The Clinton camp has been leaking oil since the “thirty five years of experience” clunker lost its luster. After the flash fires of her “Tailgunner Hillary” escapades in Bosnia were finally extinguished, along came the “historical example” which then became another convenient excuse/opportunity for the Democrats to shove her in front of the speeding “Hope and Change” train.

Strangely, she appears to be enthusiastically encouraging these stabs in the back, as it seems that she has stuck her foot in her mouth so often, she is suffering from a politically terminal case of “athletes tongue.” I hope the people at the Lamisil company are taking note of this golden opportunity to sponsor the Clinton campaign as I am sure that Team Clinton could use the infusion of cash right about now.

The HRC boner was immediately used as ammunition against Rodham by those within her own political party who posses the ulterior motive of seeing her candidacy, voluntarily or involuntarily, implode. In this “24 hour news/internet” age, every spoken word or action is being recorded and disseminated by someone somewhere. A candidate with “thirty five years of experience” should know this by now.

Mrs. Obama herself voiced concerns about the Senators safety BEFORE he was a Senator. Is she just paranoid? Can she see into the future? Is she just as good a student of history as HRC? Does she remember June of 1968?

“Uncommitted” Superdelegate James Clyburn, through a spokesman, said that HRC’s comment was “beyond the pale.” Well, beyond the fact that she IS pale, her comment, “historical” in nature, might have offended the Kennedy family. BHO/JFK’s comment, directed at the “pale” of Pennsylvania, offended tens of millions of other “pales” nationwide as well. Liberals when speaking to like minded San Francisco uber-liberals, tend to let their hair down especially when they think no one else is listening or scribbling..

Timing appears to be everything as well because back in March, Rodham let the “Bobby Kennedy” thing fly to Time magazine. This statement, which came just prior to her “War experience” knee slapper in early April, should have made for a “one-two” punch, flooring her candidacy, at least that is what a large number of Democrats were hoping. More than anything this seems to point to the lack of readership or the overall unimportance of Time magazine because HRC wobbled on virtually unscathed and without missing a step.

No, this is more about timing. The days are quickly ticking away towards Denver and the former First Lady and her 1,780 delegates just won’t go away whether the Democrats admit they want her to or not.

Even the “Reverend” $harpton expressed “outrage and dismay” over her comment. Of course, Al himself is desperately fighting off his own personal obsolescence and his transparent “outrage” at whatever “outrage” he manufactures today, always manages to keep the collection plate full. As long as someone else is picking up the tab, $harpton will always be available in order to generate a sufficient amount of outrage, made to order.

With so many people gunning for the Clinton candidacy, I believe that the best thing that she can do at this point is to demand to be placed on some kind of liberal “endangered species” list. It will then be illegal, from this point forward, to harpoon the rare “Pantsuited Chuckling Sandbagger” and all “open season” hunting upon her will have to cease and desist by law..

It is natural for the Republicans to want to see the end of the “Clinton Volume II” candidacy. However, it seems odd that the party so consumed with “fairness” and “inclusion” is so eagerly trying to yank the poles out from under the “Big Democratic Tent” in order for it to collapse upon their former poster girl.

HRC’s words certainly weren’t intentionally offensive and from this point forward, if she won’t “take one for the team” and ceremoniously bump herself off, her best plan would be to take a monastic vow of silence. Her every word from now on will be placed in a Petri dish and poked and probed by the very people who were her staunch allies only a few months ago.

It has come to the point where every sentence or word spoken is being dissected to reveal its “underlying” messages. The funny thing is the guys wearing the rubber aprons and handling the tongs are all Democrats. This odd expectation of perfection from our politicians surely makes their fall from grace all the more predictable and all the harder.

Those who have studied ancient mythology know that the Gods of the various pantheons weren’t perfect, they were just “chosen.” The Democratic deity himself has verbally stumbled, but the politics of race seem to trump the politics of gender within today’s Democratic Party and that smell coming from under the “Big Tent of Ideas” is the rotting liberal phony idealism of “inclusion and fairness.”



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  2. Another excellent article! Am trying to catch up. Barack’s “helium filled homilies”……LMAO

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