Monthly Archives: June 2008

The Unstoppable Farce

“Disorientational Symbolism” is of primary importance this time of year to the liberals who, every four years or so, try their level best to pass themselves off as Republicans in order to attain higher office. Substance, which is as foreign to the liberals as soap and work, is to be avoided at all costs. Thus the two Democratic windbags finally finished their “negotiations”, and it was off to Unity New Hampshire, no less, as the next phase of the Democratic political game of Three-Card Monte begins.

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The Pot Calling the Kettle

While visiting in Jacksonville Florida a few days ago, liberal deity BHO/JFK said that he “expects Republicans to highlight the fact that he is black in an effort to make voters afraid of him.”

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Friend or Faux?

The life of the political liberal Democrat is fraught with peril and danger. The most humorous aspect of this is that the peril and danger, more often than not, are creations that they themselves have manufactured with their own multi culturally diverse and slimy hands…and you never know when the liberals will consider you persona non grata for the sake of appearances.

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Political Hodgepodge

Days after the “suspended” candidacy of Hillary Rodham was painfully announced, it is still the hot topic of political conversation. That fact stands as a testament to the vacuous and vapid “campaign” of Barack H****** Obama.

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Even when a Clinton concedes defeat, they still cling to the psychotic notion that they are still somehow in the game. Five months after the preordained one began her festival of errors, she “suspended” her candidacy. When a child is “suspended” from school, they eventually return. When they are “expelled” they are not allowed back. The Quixotic Democratic Phoenix, swelling with narcissism, refuses to take her expulsion like a man.

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Half Votes for Half Wits

The Communist Carny sideshow otherwise known as the Democratic primary season has been rife with lunacy. Then again, what would you realistically expect when Howard Dean is the Ringmaster/Generalissimo of the Democratic Party?

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