Half Votes for Half Wits

The Communist Carny sideshow otherwise known as the Democratic primary season has been rife with lunacy. Then again, what would you realistically expect when Howard Dean is the Ringmaster/Generalissimo of the Democratic Party?

“Team Cat Fight” or the Clintonistas, which ever you prefer, is loudly listing to the port side as the “Democratic leaders” finally decided to seat the Michigan and Florida delegates come August, but said delegates are only allowed a “half vote”.

The liberal genus simply has trouble with pesky things like “the rules.” The left has become so used to moving the goal posts to retrofit their “stupidity du jour” that they can’t help but “victimize” each other as well. What worked so well for the Equal Rights Amendment will work for BHO/JFK!

One minute its 2,025 delegates, the next its 2,118. Florida and Michigan in, Florida and Michigan out. When the Socialist hurdy-gurdy finally stops playing and you don’t have a seat, you will only get half a vote at the convention. These wizards can’t even run their own party and with a straight face they are asking to run the entire nation..

Democratic Deity Barack H****** Obama himself said, “I hope we can start focusing on substance as opposed to process..” The “Change and Hope Rope-a-Dope” haikus recited by BHO/JFK have absolutely nothing to do with substance, so the rest of America “hopes” he can start “focusing on substance” as well.

The Michigan / Florida fiasco that non-leader Howard Dean ignored in the hopes that the problem would disappear into oblivion (like his own candidacy did..) has become a festering boil upon the festering boil of Democratic politics. Dean’s “Hands Off” approach is what has exacerbated the “We was robbed” mentality of today’s Clinton supporters. The “deep divisions within the party” are of their own making.

“The votes of 2.3 million people who participated in the elections must be recognized” screamed HRC. Mind you, these are the same Democrats who eagerly fought to dismiss the absentee ballots of soldiers stationed in Florida when the Democrats were trying their level best to steal the election of 2000 for Al Bore, so who is really surprised by this tactic? It is only relevant when some Democrats ox is being Al Gored..

All of the barking and howling will be for naught. The party of “inclusion” is saying, “Shut the hell up and we will get you the VP slot..” It is the typical Democratic arm-twisting version of “unity” that they hope will reunite the left for another “Summer of Love” come August.

Rodham’s options are as follows: 1) Skulk back to the Senate where her seat from the state of New York is all but assured for the rest of what is left of her political life. New Yorkers have proven over time that they will vote for just about anyone as long as they say they want the job. Just look at the political chameleon Bloomberg. 2.) Consume the humble pie so that she can have the pleasure of lording over the assembled Senators, gaveling them to order in between naps for the next four years. The good news is that if “all works out well”, she will have the best seat in the house to watch SOMEONE ELSES State of the Union addresses and she can pick out more of those attractive pant suits for all of those funerals she will be required to attend.

Then all of the Clinton zombies cavorting and cartwheels will be shelved in the name of “party unity.” The Clinton supporters will either toe the line or they will walk the plank. The “Line Toe-ers”, who will be doing 180’s faster than Anne Hecht, will be nothing more than typical liberal marionettes.

Clinton as the presumptive VP nominee has to be a palatable option because she does have “thirty five years of experience”, doesn’t she? Wouldn’t it be great to have Bill Clinton wandering around the White House again, decorating the dresses of cherubic interns while HRC works her magic in the cattle futures market down the hall? What presidential aspirant wouldn’t jump at the chance to land this Dynamic Duo, who have no choice but to bring all of their unethical baggage with them wherever they go?

What a thrill it would be to relive the days of “Air Farce One” with the usual entourage of Clinton derelicts and lackeys rekindling the “all night keggers” again. The days of having a bail bondsman on twenty-four hour call for administration officials will once again become necessary.

Again the Clintons could resurrect the “Offal Office” where they can try once again to institute socialized medicine, embarrass the nation and “feel your pain.” It would be great to see the Clintons holding hands and mugging for the cameras while telling the world about their deep and abiding love for each other.

At least when the red phone rings at 3 AM, BHO/JFK won’t have to answer it because it will only be the all night Chinese food joint delivering “the usual” to Ol’ Whitey.

Won’t it be grand for the “first black president” to be advising the “first black president” on the finer points of high crimes and misdemeanors? We all can not wait for the “pardon parade” to start up again. Who will be the next Paula Jones or Gennifer Flowers or Monica Lewinsky?

After all of the delegates that she has managed to land, they HAVE to make a public showing of fawning over her failed candidacy, but that will not be enough for her lathering supporters. They HAVE to offer her the second spot for fear of alienating a vast majority of those “Hillary Harpies.” That is the price the left will have to pay for the appearances of “party unity”. An Obama/Clinton headquarters would be the lefts answer to the Russians Potemkin Village in 1787. A hollow façade filled with mortal enemies ready to fight at the drop of a hat.

The unceremonious dismissal of the Clinton machine from the center stage of Democratic politics circa 2008 will only reinforce a permanent animosity from the scores of Clinton supporters who will feel “cheated by their own”. The Democratic bosses will simply say, “Who else are they going to vote for, the Republicans?”

This could signal the end of an era. Or the end of an error.. and the beginning of another.











6 responses to “Half Votes for Half Wits

  1. Great comment! I saw this site, in one of the comments on Ann Coulter’s site. Keep up the great writings!
    I love the word play you have done, because I enjoy doing word twistings on O’Dummy, and Hitlery. Of course, they make it so easy!

  2. I too came here from Ann’s site/Blog.
    Good points, all. Except I think it’s outdated now. Hil don’t stand a chance. (Homer Simpson voice)-Unless……
    Lord only knows what those morons will do next. I’ve heard many on radio talk shows say that they’ll vote for McCain because they can’t stand Obama. We’ve got to be smart now.

  3. drfooflegoo

    please come to http://www.blogsatwar.wordpress.com. Thanks!



  5. “These wizards can’t even run their own party and with a straight face they are asking to run the entire nation.”

    That about sums it up!! *laughing* I always look forward to reading your articles. They give me a “Hell, yeah!” kind of feeling, for some reason. ;o)

  6. I think I prefer the Communists….. at least its written in THEIR manifesto that they will lie, cheat, decieve, even kill, if they deem it to be in the best interest of the “working massess”.
    So there’s no need to even have “pesky rules” to be changed….those ARE the rules.

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