Even when a Clinton concedes defeat, they still cling to the psychotic notion that they are still somehow in the game. Five months after the preordained one began her festival of errors, she “suspended” her candidacy. When a child is “suspended” from school, they eventually return. When they are “expelled” they are not allowed back. The Quixotic Democratic Phoenix, swelling with narcissism, refuses to take her expulsion like a man.

Back in January of 2007, the planets in the liberal Socialist solar system were all properly aligned. It appeared that the only decision left was to choose the china pattern that the Clintons could then steal from the White House just like they did when they ignominiously skulked out after the last frat party ended in January of 2001.

Something strange happened shortly there after. Bill and Hillary couldn’t help but be Bill and Hillary.. An anonymous oily tongued tripe monger managed to hypnotize the liberal true believers and the next deity within the malodorous Democratic pantheon was symbolically anointed with the assistance of the duplicitous media.

What took so long for Rodham to “suspend” her ridiculous candidacy? The candidacy that began taking on water as soon as the “USS Pantsuit” was christened? She was officially “expelled” on Tuesday, why did it take over three days for her to agree to “suspend” her candidacy? The next logical question is how much did that “suspension” cost? My guess: about thirty million dollars, which is just about the amount her candidacy owes to creditors around the world. By the time she gets around to paying off these debts, most of her new Democratic contributors will be in jail with all of the old ones.

Prior to Saturday, I believe that the Democrats had been paying certain “undesirables” within their ranks to pipe down. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough in the kitty to keep Bill and Reverend Wright quiet.. Now it seems that they are paying for their “undesirables” to sound off. Leading the pack will now be the newly reenergized Obama spokeswoman, HRC..

This “suspension” speech was a real stem-winder and the funny thing is, Obama just gave his first campaign speech whether he likes it or not.

“Collectivist” Hillary constantly referred to “we”, so I hope that Obama believes in raping the middle class to pay for “Hillary Care Redux”, the global warming crackpotterie and any other Marxist claptrap that the Clintons are going to say that “we” believe in. What it sounded like more than anything else was a shrill sales pitch for the vice presidency.

Considering the over forty references to “woman” or “women” during her obituary, by comparison she hardly managed to mention the nominee, you know, BHO/JFK.. It was mostly this “we” stuff and the “I’ll take the girls with me” veiled threat ad nauseum.

Perpetual Democratic loser Terry McAuliffe said, “She will do anything..” Judging by the Clinton family dossier, that is the mother of all understatements.

The seventeen-month “Commie Caravan” was an endless series of miscues, missteps and miscalculations. Obama, spending the entire time saying absolutely nothing, simply stood still as HRC kept stepping backwards with each passing day thereby proving that all motion is relative.

Hopefully now, Bill can take his “I need a new chubby intern” pages off of MySpace and Craig’s List..

The Democratic avoidance of specifics and/or details during the primary season doesn’t afford anyone with any effective ammunition the caliber of “Voodoo Economics” to have to navigate around.

The “speech” itself contained many rhinestones in the rough. Let’s run through a few. Fell free to provide your own rim shots to complete the Vaudevillian ambiance…

“What are you going to do to make sure that I have health insurance?” There is no more transparent example of the Democratic inversion from “Ask not what your country can do for you..” to the liberal overseer government as the nations mother and pacifier.

“I entered this race because I have an old fashioned conviction..” Those familiar with the Clinton/Gore years remember a number of “convictions.”

“The front lines of democracy..” The Democrats version of the “front line” is always a product of their fertile imaginations. Bosnian gunfire, family members liberating concentration camps and Christmas excursions into Cambodia for example..

“The Democratic party is a family..” True. It is one of those families where all of the members do all of their counting on their hands and where they can also count to fourteen without having to use their toes..

“..or be stuck in dead end jobs..” Kind of sounds like HRC herself who is now left to pass mash notes to Chuck Schumer for the rest of her political life..

“..promoting unionization..” Where was all of this concern for health care and unionization when she was sitting on the board of the “EvilWalMart” a few years back? Another liberal epiphany of convenience..

“our shared challenges, poverty, genocide, terrorism, global warming..” Oh for four.. We have seen first hand what the Democrats have done as they have attempted to halt poverty and genocide, that is, when it has been politically expedient. We have heard their phantasms over mother Earth’s “Al Gore Disease” and their amazingly effective idea of fighting terrorism by “talking” the savages to death..

“Think about the lost opportunities on the environment, the economy, on health care, civil rights, education foreign policy and the Supreme Court..” These are actually all of the reasons to vote against the Democrats. Thanks Hill, for the timely reminder.

“We will have to work hard to get back to fiscal responsibility..” Fiscal responsibility is liberalspeak for “higher taxes”. Here is what she really said, “We will have to work hard to completely bankrupt our economy and to tax the productive to death..”

“We live in an America that’s as loyal to our troops as they are to us..” You will note that she didn’t elaborate on how loyal the Democrats have been lately..

“Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward..” For a national party dedicated to the idea of moving the nation backwards, this would be a novel idea for the real RED statists..

When it was all said and done, it was just another (self) serving of Arkansas moonshine. When a Clinton speaks, it is not at all difficult to read between the lies. Deep within the heart of darkness, she wants McCain to win in November. That way in 2012, she will be the “kid”, 64 years of age while McCain will be pushing 76..

“Suspend”. The operative word within that word is “end” and it is obviously “Clintoinan Kryptonite.”

Oh well, one candidate with “thirty five years of experience” down the drain only to be replaced another with thirty five minutes.. Let the games begin..


3 responses to “SuspENDed


  2. Good to see that I’m not the only one who feels like deep down Hillary wants McCain to WIN! She wants to be able to say “I Told You So” to the Democratic party and to the nation.

    Indeed….let the games begin. *shaking head and laughing*

  3. Nothing pithy to add, just kudos to the author, and, you’re right… if McCain wins come November that’s EXACTLY what HRC will chant to the masses! And BHO doesn’t owe HRC a thing! Especially a spot as VP!

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