Political Hodgepodge

Days after the “suspended” candidacy of Hillary Rodham was painfully announced, it is still the hot topic of political conversation. That fact stands as a testament to the vacuous and vapid “campaign” of Barack H****** Obama.

Since Ol’ Rodham grudgingly gave up the ghost days ago, the presumptive Democratic nominee has taken the opportunity to…brace yourselves…say nothing, which is a stunning departure from the Aesopian gossamer gibberish he ladled out during the primary season. The difference is that before, he used a boatload of hollow words whilst saying nothing, now he is just invisible…

Apparently, it is news to some on this planet that the Clinton’s and their lemmings have a “list” of all of those who have been naughty and those who have been nice. A story in the International Herald Tribune claimed that Ms. Rodham was “gracious” in her endorsement of BHO/JFK. You will note that they did not describe her endorsement as “genuine”…

The Democratic Parties answer to a casino’s “cooler”, Terry McAuliffe said, ” Revenge is not what the Clintons are about..” That qualifies as either the most naïve statement ever-uttered in public or it is without question the most disingenuous. Never in the recorded history of Democratic demagoguery has there been a pair who have had “vendetta” so inherently hardwired into their political DNA.

Several Clinton shills were quoted as saying that “there is no list..” That is the scientific equivalent of saying that “the sky is green” or “Al Gore is right”.

The “list makers” actually have a rather copious and diverse grouping of liberal turncoats, from individuals to entire states. The article places “the state of Iowa” on the supposedly non-existent list because they had the temerity to vote in greater numbers for a completely unknown entity as opposed to a mildly unknown entity.

Included on this “imaginary” list are “all the women who sold Hillary out..” I am going to conclude that John Edwards will fall into this “broad” category as well. It would seem that “free thought” and “choice” are verboten within the ranks of the liberal fifth columnists and they would rather be called “sexists” as opposed to “racists” during this election cycle…

No sooner had the gates been unlocked at the “Democratic Home for the Perpetually Demented” when Obama’s “heavy hitter on national security”, John Kerry said that John McCain was “out of touch” and “confused.” I find that intriguing when Kerry himself was “confused” over the borderlines of Cambodia and exactly who he considered to be the “bad guys” during and after the time he was in Vietnam. Senator Ketchup also said McCain was “inconsistent”, which is as ridiculous as Rosie calling someone “homely” or Jimmy Carter calling someone a “traitor”…

If BHO/JFK has learned anything through the osmosis of being a Democrat for the twenty minutes or so that he has been in office, it is how to surround your self with the ethically questionable. Then again, this IS the Democratic Party that we are talking about, so there are no other options available for their consideration other than the “mug shot” boys.

The team of Howard, Fine and Howard, otherwise known as James Johnson, Eric Holder and Caroline Kennedy have been tapped to pick the vice presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Obama’s first three choices to help with his higher political aspirations, are two fellas with ethical resumes that would make a Clinton proud and a gal with nothing more than a familiar last name.

Johnson, who was given the “insider wink wink, nudge nudge” sweetheart deal from Country Wide Financial, fits the Democratic “old school” mold that Senator “Hope and Change” allegedly wanted to do away with. You have Madison Guaranty and the last “savings and loan crisis” under Clinton and now Obama picks an insider who gets favors from Country Wide. You have the McDougall’s with Clinton and you have Johnson with Obama. Give Obama his due, he is a quick learner when it comes to the nomenclature of the Democratic Party apparatchiks.

Johnson gets a “deal” from the company that BHO/JFK blamed for the subprime mortgage “crisis” and the astute aspiring commander in chief picks this wizard to help him choose his vice presidential candidate. That is as rediculous as planting Jamie Gorelick on the 9-11 commission. (Oops, they got away with that, didn’t they.) I suppose if Obama demanded ethical purity from his fellow Democratic operatives chosen to be search team members, he would have probably ended up in the room all by himself.

How are insiders like Johnson or Holder even considered when it’s all about this bogus “change” mantra? The only “change” the liberals really care about is what they try to sponge from the rest of us in front of the 7-11 or the library.

Above and beyond Johnson’s ethical quagmires, he ran Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign and he helped John Kerry with his vice presidential search. The only Democrat with a more impressive provenance of working for Democratic losers would be… Terry McAuliffe! While he is at it, why doesn’t Obama ask Barney Frank for advice on dating girls.

It gets better. Eric Holder, who did a lot of back slapping and thumb twisting in order to get Democratic fat cat Marc Rich a pardon from the Clintonistas in 2001, fits right into this whole “change/no insiders” motif that our “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” Democratic candidate was trying to purge from D.C.

“Change”? Lets look back at the most recent leaders chosen from the Jackass Party and how they have applied “change.” Jimmy Carter’s idea of “change” for starters, meant changing national security to national insecurity. He is responsible for ushering in the Isalmofascist revolution in the Middle East, and that is the best thing he managed to do while in office…

Bill Clinton’s “change”? You mean Bill “Caligula” Clinton? The White House became an outhouse and he ushered in the Bin Laden era. He also dragged Ms. “Two for the Price of One” along with him and it has taken what has felt like an eternity to forcibly remove her from the spot light of the Democratic political three ring circus…

Senator Sensitive, antennae already pricked up for racial over and undertones has begun a web site to quell “rumors” about him aptly titled : “fight the smears dot com.” Might I suggest that Senator McCain start one as well and title it : “fight the ears dot commie”. I have been told that there is a “rumor” going around that Obama will “address the issues” someday…

If the Democratic primary season were to be compared to a “reality show”, it would have to be the “last comic standing”…

Keep up the good work Senator “Change and Hope.” Keep whispering sweet nothings into the ears of your marionettes but for the rest of us casual observers of the Democratic side show, the more things “change”, the more they remain the same…


2 responses to “Political Hodgepodge


  2. Dumb Eskimo

    silent??? Maybe. The evil pollsters are checking their figures. Waiting for the water temperature to reach HRC’s optimal 38 chilly degrees to decide if she helps BH*O or hurts him.
    Only then will the decision be made to “thaw” her once again to something more palatable to the voters.
    Trust this, the evil-thinkers are trying to fit her round ass into whatever square hole they can find in BH*O’s “change-making” machine.
    If successful, we’ll have 4 more years of slick-Willy looking to put his round peg in some square intern…
    Ever been cheated by one of those “change-making” machines?? get ready…. The Rope & Charge train is heading our way… (rope you in, then charge you out the a$$).

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