Friend or Faux?

The life of the political liberal Democrat is fraught with peril and danger. The most humorous aspect of this is that the peril and danger, more often than not, are creations that they themselves have manufactured with their own multi culturally diverse and slimy hands…and you never know when the liberals will consider you persona non grata for the sake of appearances.

On Monday, two Muslim women at a BHO/JFK rally in Detroit, were quickly given the bums rush before the typically staged “politically expedient” photo op was snapped. Their “crime”? They wore headscarves to the rally. This is a dangerous type of “discrimination” usually utilized by those less sensitive to the plight of the easily offended. This had to be a shock to the delicate sensibilities of those who eschew the typically depraved western wardrobe for the attractive shower curtains worn by your average Iranian bovine.

The beautiful thing about having a bloated national campaign staff is that the underlings can “enforce the rules” until some stranger gets their feelings hurt, especially if the national media somehow gets wind of the situation.. Then the “offensive actions” are immediately attributed to “rogue volunteers” who are of course dealt with harshly because they were “acting on their own and not on behalf of the campaign.” When you make “diversity” and “inclusion” your benchmarks, you had better be prepared to make a public scene of decapitating any volunteer who gets caught doing what they had been instructed to do prior to being “exposed/sold out”.

The “big tent of fairness and inclusion” has put a fetid finger in the wind and the “political climate” dictates that Muslims with headgear need not apply. At least not when it comes to the Democratic photo ops. This is a very risky thing to do when you are in Detroit, which is but a few scant miles from Dearbonistan, the Muslim capital of these United States. I certainly hope that no one will consider drawing a cartoon about all of this because heads will undoubtedly roll.. This is about as chancy a maneuver as making sport of Elton John in the “city by the gay”, San Francisco..

The idea of the Democrats turning their backs on the Muslims is the equivalent of the Republicans turning their backs on the military or Michael Moore turning his back on the smorgasbord..

The creators of the “salad bowl”, the ones who found the “melting pot” and the idea of assimilation to western society to be exclusionary and hateful, suddenly find themselves “discriminating” against Muslims just because they “look different” or in this case, “dress different.” After all, from the dystrophic perspective of the liberal operatives, their thoughts seem to be “whom else are they going to vote for, the Republicans?”

The liberals are the ones who have habitually made such a pother about being non conformist, progressive, inclusive, fair and all that kind of tripe. It is a “United colors of Benneton” world, isn’t it? Weren’t these the ones who wanted to “buy the world a Coke” and all of that Kumbaya post sixties claptrap? Now these same liberals, who were so fond of jamming “diversity, difference and tolerance” down the nations collective throats, have come to “appreciate” that the overwhelming majority of voters, come November, are kind of fond of assimilation and all things “American”.

The multi culturalists who used to “celebrate diversity” and the hostile assemblage of hyphenated “Americans” that they used to encourage and empower, now find themselves giving and getting cold shoulders during this crucial time when the bogus “imagery” that surrounds a national campaign must be carefully cultivated and manipulated. This is the time, every four years or so, when the liberals pretend to be “centrists”, patriots and 100% Americans. It’s the worst of political low comedy and the nation’s future is in the balance.

Suddenly, the majorities “concerns”, real or imagined, are important enough for the usually indifferent Democrats to act upon when the office of the presidency is at stake. The left is more than willing to “recognize” these “concerns”, real or imagined, just long enough, in order to hoodwink 51% of the nation’s voters as they seek to reclaim the throne of power. The liberals are only concerned with acquiring power. The body count along the way is of no consequence. Once safely installed in office, the left can then continue their “progressive pogrom” unimpeded.

Politico reports that, “Advance staffers typically pick supporters who reflect the candidate’s message.” That has to be a challenge for the Obama staffers due to the fact that he has no message. It is hard to reflect “hope” and obviously they have cashiered the idea of actually reflecting “change.”

BHO/JFK tried his best to offend the “majority” awhile back when he sounded off in the presence of a smarmy group of San Francisco liberals, saying the “majority”, “..cling to guns, religion, or antipathy to explain away their frustrations..” It appears that Barack H****** Obama has learned since that time that if you are planning to offend a group of potential voters, you had better make it a small one. Here his campaign seems to be saying that the Muslims cling to their hijabs to explain away their frustrations. The trivial “concerns” of the few Muslims in Michigan do not matter to the “majority” in fly over country and the Democrats are at least smart enough to understand the political ramifications of the last census.

The liberals have created this ambience of “sensitivity” where a minority no matter how small, and its lacerated “feelings”, takes precedence over the “majority” and their archaic jerkwater views. When a national election hangs in the balance, it is all colorful bunting and faux patriotism for the Democrats. Muslim malarkey (for example: “flying while Muslim”) gets appropriately back burnered. Dick “Turban” Durban and the weepy moralizing over the waterboarding of terrorists and the fantasies of fiticiously flushed Korans will all go into temporary liberal limbo. It is quite possible that the liberals might temporarily give up on their hobby of falsely prosecuting soldiers during the time of war..

It’s time to hand out the Old Glory lapel pins to every Democrat, especially those who find a way to end up on the Fox News network with any regularity. The Muslims former best friends have decided that for the time being, they would rather switch than fight, but this “Pro-American epiphany” will last for only a few months or so. Look at how quickly they snapped back to fifth column form after singing “God Bless America” post 9-11..

If Obama’s campaign is really all about “change”, then how come it really appears to be all about “conformity”?





6 responses to “Friend or Faux?


  2. Damn Good Read! Thanks.

    I belive that the word ‘diversity’ comes from the same root as divide. With all the diversity that we have in the good old USA, is it any wonder that we are so divided on any and all things?

    Old Honest Abe was right, “A house divided against itself can nt stand.” Or words to that effect.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Larry, for the sake of “diversity”, can’t you write a truly awful column once in a while?

  4. George, I appreciate your contributions to NLTZ. Thanks as always, Larry

  5. C70794, “Divide”…Yes by looking to the root of a polysyllabic word, the sunlight of truth shines through. Excellent point, my friend and thank you! Larry

  6. Rick, what I appreciate about you is that you are delving into the “archives”. I really feel that there are some good pieces there but they kind of get buried under newer and newer columns. Thank you for your kind words and thanks as well for your contributions to NLTZ, and happy hunting. Larry

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