The Pot Calling the Kettle

While visiting in Jacksonville Florida a few days ago, liberal deity BHO/JFK said that he “expects Republicans to highlight the fact that he is black in an effort to make voters afraid of him.”

What is astounding (to those of us fully cognizant of the liberal conditioned response or “political projection”) is the fact that the only thing that would make the voters afraid of Senator Sensitive is his policies, not his pigmentation. His Democratic political lineage, as miniscule as it is, is considerably scarier to the voting public than his familial lineage.

In the past, the left has always had to rely upon recitations of childish mythology and/or girly histrionics to explain away their perpetual embarrassments at the polls. After all, George Bush “stole” the election back in the year 2000, didn’t he?

Now, just on the outside chance that Obama might lose the November general election to the Republican’s “Obama Lite”, they are beginning to oil up the liberal excuse machine. The only reason that Obama could possibly lose this election is due to the inherent subtle and overt “racism” simmering within the entirety of these United States.

His Democratic Socialist policies would have nothing what so ever to do with his defeat were he to lose on November 4th. Impossible. Within the ossified mind of the Paleolithic liberal, there is always chicanery and hi jinx afoot when the majority of the electorate rejects their Communist offerings.

For some unknown reason, the Democrats are habitually mystified by the fact that the “majority” finds the lefty fondness for exorbitant taxation, their warm embraces of their uber-liberal lunatic friends and their overall immorality, generally distasteful. Their rejection at the polls is always the result of something dark (Ooops..sorry..) and sinister.

As has been the case in the past, when the jig is up and the fetid feline is out of the bag, the liberal excuse parade/charade slowly begins to wind the Bolshevik bagpipes of blame. When it comes to the failures of the left, it is always someone else’s fault.

With deflection and diversion as their chief political tools, the left seeks to couch their inherent destructiveness within the soft and fuzzy philippics of political poppycock. Distraction techniques, for those fond of brevity.

For that reason, BHO/JFK has become the perfect candidate for a political party that is constantly looking to run away from itself and all that it skulks for.

From Day One, Obama has regurgitated the fascinatingly illuminating dual platforms of “Hope and Change”. It doesn’t get any more ambiguous than that. The liberals of old at least had the decency to explain in greater detail how they wanted to orchestrate the nations internal implosion and resultant collapse. For those unfamiliar with the nomenclature of the “I feel your pain” school of liberal Democratic obfuscation, “hope and change” means, “I hope to bankrupt the nation and change us to a more perfect collectivist union..”

The Democrats, for nearly fifty years now, have made the fulcrum of their dystrophic politics, the mandatory recognition of everyone’s differences. Everyone, no matter how microscopic their “special interest group”, is to receive equal (read: preferential.) treatment and the majority must “tolerate” this in your face “look-at-me-ism” and “celebrate this diversity”. Disagreement is verboten and the liberal equivalent to a “hate crime.”

For nearly fifty years, we have been conditioned to recognize and tabulate our differences in order to ignore them when it is convenient, so that the “proportionality police” can assure that everyone is “fairly” represented within every element of our society.

For nearly fifty years the left, who were supposedly paying attention when Dr. King called for a “color blind society”, felt that the best way to achieve a “color blind society” is to demand and legislate a “color conscious society”. It is just another patented example of liberal intellectual inversion. It is understandably difficult for the left to comprehend the meaning of “the content of one’s character” when they themselves are completely devoid of character.

With Obama himself saying, “They’re going to try to make you afraid of me..”, BHO/JFK is merely limbering up so that any political differences that the opposition expounds upon from this point forward, will be morphed and molded into a festering evil “-ism” or two. It is certainly difficult to discuss the “issues” when the voicing of your opposing thoughts automatically brands you as a “racist.” It is doubly difficult to discuss the issues with someone who doesn’t discuss the issues either. McCain has his work cut out for him as he attempts to duel with the “Great Pretender”.

The guy who says he fears that the opposition is all about racial recognition and defamation fires the first salvo in the racial recognition “war.” The best defense is a good offense and Obama’s comment certainly qualifies as offensive.

Obama said, “That old stuff just divides us..” On the racial recognition battlefield, his “new stuff” does a pretty good job of dividing us as well. As long as you occupy the moral high ground, you are immune from the consequences of your own racial divisiveness.

For twenty years, Obama sat fixated and enchanted by the “dividing” rhetoric of his Pastor and said nary a word in defense of those unfairly harpooned by the lathering cleric. No wonder it took so long for Michelle to finally be “proud of her country”, every Sunday she was told what a horrible place America really is.

The reflexive “dividing” capitalized upon by $harpton and Jack$on has also somehow eluded our hypersensitive Senator for decades. Racial divisiveness is apparently only an issue that the Senators opposition needs to address and overcome.

So what is it liberals, are we to pay attention to race or are we to ignore it? Is race off the table for some or is it off limits for everyone? Since I have asked two pointed questions, feel free to try to hypnotize me with the “Obamamantras” of “Hope and Change” while conveniently avoiding the initial issues that I have raised, if they are too difficult for you to comprehend or address.

For the Democratic Senator to accuse the opposition of highlighting his race in order to “make voters afraid” when they haven’t even had the slightest chance to do so is simply the pot calling the kettle…





6 responses to “The Pot Calling the Kettle

  1. struggling business man

    well, you nailed another one there Cosmo.
    On the other hand, since BHO is legally HALF white, I prefer to see only his white half and I’ve decided not to vote for him because he’s not “black enough”. Harvard grad, white momma, never an honest day’s hard work in his life, … yep- he aint black enough for me!

  2. If BHO had received just one more chromosome from his white momma, would he have been too fair complexioned to even call himself a “black” candidate??
    Oh wait, we already had a pasty-faced white boy calling himself the first “black president”…forgot about ol’ slick Willy.
    So BHO would be the second “black president”??
    But, where the first was actually zero percent black, the second is still only 50 percent black.
    Maybe when the GOP puts Collin Powell in the White House we’ll have our first true black president??
    But wait, lots of blacks don’t consider Powell “black enough”…..
    That’s enough…..I’m writing in Jackie Chan for President!
    But wait!! He’s from Hong Kong, not “China”…..AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  3. Funny, McCain is accused by a Democrat of pandering when talking to Hispanic in NM.

    Somebody from the Republicans must also stand to go against what Obama said. McCain should not answer that foolish call by Obama.

  4. I am white voted and would vote again for Alan Keyes in the 2000 primary. BHO’s claim about racism is flawed. Does that also mean tht all the blacks that vote for him and not McCain are bigots too? Blacks must vote for McCain or else they are racists I think.

  5. Ayn Rand Lives

    I read somewhere that Colin Powell is getting ready to endorse Obama. So while many of us thought that Colin was a Republican with sense and integrity, it seems he too cannot resist the vote for color mantra. (It was reported that 98% of black voters voted for Obama in the primaries. I guess it was all based on his character. Righhhhhhhhht.)

  6. Kimosavie.
    Me think half white man speak out of both sides of his mouth.

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