Exchanging Hats

In his most recent effort to appear presidential, (other than plagiarizing the Presidential seal..) Barack H****** Obama has announced that he and his grownup chaperone will be going on some field trips in the Middle East as well as Europe for extra credits in both his geography and history classes for next semester..

Another “presidential” move of absolute political necessity was to find someone/anyone who had any kind of military experience who also had the chutzpah to admit to being a Democrat in public. Enter Wesley (Weasely) Clark. When you have as much “experience” as BHO/JFK, it is necessary to hire “experts” who will speak on your behalf relative to topics with which you have no familiarity. Obama needs a lot of experts. The overriding question that the liberal hierarchy has to continually wrestle with is how much irreparable damage does the typical Democrat invariably end up doing when they are only trying to “help”?

When “hiring Democratic helpers”, it might be a good idea to “vet” them for any instability or for any potential political liabilities. The desperation to find a “military Democrat” must have led to the cutting of a number of corners and the fast tracking of Clark as their military “go to” guy. It is the Democratic equivalent of looking to “ABSCAM” Murtha for help with ethical issues or going to Michael Moore in search of dieting tips.

Clark (whose 2004 presidential campaign was more of a national embarrassment than even John Kerry’s, but not as ridiculous as Dennis Kucinich’s..) as a freshman Obama employee hoping to impress his new boss, immediately decided to unload a few below the belts of ammo upon John McCain. Who else has the credentials to question the credentials of a John McCain other than a retired General? Clark weighed in by saying that McCain hasn’t “held executive responsibility” or that “he hasn’t been there and ordered the bombs to fall” or that “I don’t think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be the president..”

Good choice, Senator Obama.

Clark, when questioned by Bob Schieffer, said that Obama is “running on the strength of his character and good judgement..” Is it more than just a little obvious to point out that the choice of Clark brings Obama’s “judgement” into question, but there is no questioning that Clark is a “character”…

The liberals and even the Democratic liberal of choice, circa 2008, have habitually had to employ underlings who specialize in the typical Democratic dirty work, low blows and rabbit clouts, all of which their candidate can “genuinely” renounce and distance themselves from at a later date. But the damage is done and the candidate’s hands and conscience are clean.

When it comes to McCain and his service, the left just keeps flailing until something sticks. In April, Jay Rockefeller, while attempting to question McCain’s character said, “What happened when they (the missles) get to the ground?” According to Clark, McCain didn’t “order the bombs to fall” but when he was in the pilot’s seat, according to Rockefeller, McCain was responsible for the missles fall and the resultant damage and the Generals like Clark were off the responsibility hook.

Clark came into prominence during the Wag the Dog/Kosovo War era of the Clinton/Gore debauchery. At the time, Clark thought so much of Bosnian leader Ratko (that name my friends, is known as foreshadowing to the mentally alert..) Mladic, that in a publicized “stunt”, Clark exchanged hats with Mladic as the flashbulbs popped. Never mind that this thug was charged with war crimes and genocide.. So much for Clark’s abilities as a good judge of character… This inability to spot character flaws appears to be reflexive to those on the left. The inability to possess character seems to be prevalent within the left as well.

Just as the Lewinsky Impeachment was ending and the Federal Contempt of Court charges relative to the Jones case were being filed, “Operation Allied Force” or “Operation Get Clinton’s Weenie out of the Frying Pan and out of the Headlines” began.

Operation Allied Force (Wag the Dog) came to light during the Kosovo War. Clark spearheaded the operation hoping to enforce United Nations resolution 1199. Everyone mired in the “tragedy of ethnic cleansing” during this war overlooked the fact that resolution 1199 was written to bring about a CESSATION of hostilities. Clark and Clinton just thought it meant an ACCELERATION of hostilities for political expediency. According to the demented left, the Iraq War was a “war for oil.” If that nonsense were actually true, at least that war had a purpose because a number of us are still curious as to what the Kosovo conflict had to do with America’s vital interests or our nations security..

Clark was in command when NATO bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in May of 1999. We are all still waiting to hear the anti war worms marching about while bellowing, “Clark lied, Chinese died..”

Clark’s bumbling at the Pristina International Airport almost brought about a conflict with the Russian Army after the end of the Kosovo war.

Clark was “relieved” of command in April of 2000 and he was “forced into retirement from the military on May 2, 2000.” All Clark needed to do to seal his Democratic liberal credentials would have been to come back and testify to the “atrocities” he “witnessed” in front of a Fulbright Commission or two because we all know how well that plan panned out for John Kerry..

During the Waco Siege of 1993, Clark was in command at Fort Hood, which just happened to be conveniently close to the Branch Davidian compound. To my knowledge, the FBI doesn’t own any M1 Abrams tanks but somehow these machines ended up on the premises in Waco. Clark HAD to have a part in the planning of this atrocity. He at least had to have some knowledge of the siege and the whereabouts of the tanks and the military personnel operating them that were under his command or else he would have been negligent in his duties as base commander. One would have to think that with his vast knowledge as a commander and leader that his input was important to those in the FBI who were putting together their plans for the siege. We all saw how well that operation turned out.

Colonel Hugh Shelton said during Clark’s failed 2004 campaign that “the reason he (Clark) came out of Europe early had to do with integrity and character issues”. Having issues with integrity and character makes the transition from the military to the Democratic Party all the more buttery smooth.

Keep in mind that Clark began the 2008 election cycle by supporting presumed nominee Senator Clinton, that is, until he saw the light.. So, Clark believes that Obama is “running on the strength of his character and good judgement” and Clark was sent packing due to (a lack of) “integrity and character issues”. Sounds like the closest match the Democrats could ever hope for..

When you have no choice but to look to the likes of Clark, Kerry, Clinton or any of the other Democratic apparatchiks and Bolsheviks for guidance and input, I believe that it would be better for the Senator to take his chances and strike out on his own.

Be careful who you exchange hats with Senator Obama and keep up the good work..





12 responses to “Exchanging Hats

  1. it will be interesting to see what happens after BHO’s trip abroad.
    When Nancy Pelosi went to visit Syria, the Green Zone in Baghdad was mysteriously bombed.
    When Jimmy Carter went to visit this same state-sponsor of terror, oil prices shot through the roof.
    Fortunately, BHO has not been privy to any top secret information as the other 2 have.
    The most this freshman senator has had bestowed upon him is re-ordering office supplies and making sure the senior senators, such as McCain, have enough cream for their morning coffee.
    Yes, we should be safe from this one. The worst BHO can pass along to Islamic extremists is whether the local deli uses paper or plastic.

    Clark was only made a general by Clinton because he shared the same ideologies.
    Clark couldn’t make general under Reagan or Bush Sr. And under Bush Jr he was put back in his proper place (ie, not in command of anything). So now he’s just a little sour grape Napoleon looking for a conservative to kick in the shins…. poor little man…….kick Wesley..kick….good boy…..now go eat your jello..

  2. Who’s going to sign BHO’s field trip permission slip?
    Can’t be his daddy. His daddy is back in Kenya…a Muslim country. And BHO, now the defacto ruler of the “party of partially inclusives” wouldn’t dare visit a Muslim country seeking approval.
    Heck, he wont even let them on stage with him.
    Can’t go to his momma either. She’s white, and, well, there goes his “street creds” if he visits her.
    I guess we’ll have to wait for the custody battle between Pelosi and Hillary to see who gets the title “parental guardian”.

  3. R.F. HORKA


  4. SylviaMarie

    stitch, apparently you haven’t heard . . . the reason BHO can’t go visit his momma has nothing to do with losing “street creds” or her being white — She’s dead, for crying in the sink.

    You need to bone up on a few pertinent details, methinks.

  5. Ayn Rand Lives

    Sylvia, it doesn’t matter that his momma is dead. He has already thrown her under the bus numerous times. Read his books. One excerpt: Like Malcolm X, he wished he could remove the white blood from his system that was violently put there. I guess his momma raped his Daddy, or this passage makes no sense. Oh, and he threw his white grandma under the bus, too. He’s quite a guy.

  6. I response to Old Glory’s post above, I, too, think “it will be interesting to see what happens after BHO’s trip abroad”. But what I fear is that the Islamonazifacists movement will welcome this inexperienced, two faced leftist. If we put this guy in office, we will deserve what we get and I believe there will be dancing in the streets of the Middle East.


  8. quite right, Ayn Rand, we all know his family heritage….unfortuately BHO CHOOSES to forget it.
    I’m speaking figuratively. The point is, the man has yet to mention either side of his parental lineage.
    His mom is white, daughter of Iowan farmers (ie, non-slave owners). Her grandparents also are white, Iowan farmers, etc, etc.
    His father is Kenyan (ie, not a former slave). His father’s parents are….Kenyan (ie, not former slaves).
    Just exactly WHERE and WHEN can this dude trace ANY part of his lineage back to American slavery???
    Only if his great-great-great-great-great-(14 more times)-grandparents were slaves…TO THE ROMANS!!!
    I’m done..

  9. ok, I’m not done…
    fact is…BHO’s “roots” can easily be traced to plenty of WHITE Americans. But not one single tether of a single root has yet to be traced to ANY former slave, or ANY other black American descended from a former slave.
    Outside of his Kenyan father, is he related to ANY other black Americans???
    No wonder this idiot doesn’t want to make patriotism an issue in this election…. he doesn’t have any to talk about.

    Ok, now I’m done done.

  10. Judging from the previous posts…BHO is the product of an american white woman forced to have sex with a non american just happened tobe black. just lucky for him his mother didn’t use the typical left solution and abort him . Unfortunate for us .me thinks

  11. Obama is running on “hope” and “change” can’t Wesley Clark get anything right!

  12. For BO, the office of President is available for on the job training for the experientially deprived as an affirmative action program. (It’s not faaaaiiir that BO can’t be president like everybody else). Why caaaann’t a black person become president?? Ans: of course he/she can! All he or she needs is QUALIFICATIONS, that’s all! Now run along, liberals. Go outside and play.

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