Every four years, almost to the day, the liberal’s version of Halley’s Comet streaks across the political landscape. Strange things always seem to happen to the “message” of “The Chosen One”, the Democratic messiah that has been scrubbed, polished and placed before the teleprompter, as the election process drones on.. Soon after the Democratic apparatguys and apparatchiks decide who shall be their next Jimmy Carter, a liberally unnerving phenomenon takes place.. The rest of us can never be sure if it is the result of some kind of epiphany of introspection or whether the candidate’s lackeys finally understand the available polling data and the nations overall disgust for liberalism in general, but its effects upon all facets of the liberal animal are always entertaining..

The mission of the ridiculous primary process is to weed out the most sensible of the Democratic candidates. Once that job is done, the liberals sub-standard bearer gets down to the usual rote recitations from the Democratic Little Red Book as they speak to no one else but the hometown fans. Soon thereafter, the “firm convictions” and the “core principles” of the anointed Socialist du jour, find themselves strangely malleable. Now they have transformed into “capricious convictions” and pliant principles”. The liberal Democratic terra firma inevitably and laughingly becomes more than just a little terra infirma…

The phenomenon, which was once known as “triangulation” when applied to the Clinton crime family, now has come to be known as “flexibility” with BHO/JFK. This revelation comes as no surprise to anyone who has been exposed to the Democratic political virus for even the smallest amount of time but to the gullible saps of the left, it is a devastating blow to his, her or “its” delicate sensitivities and feelings.

The whole dog and pony show of liberal baloney invariably begins as the Democratic candidate initially seeks to “energize the base.” The “Democratic base” is nothing more than the typically under medicated uber liberal nut bags who live in their parents basement and spend most of their time bicycling to the free health clinic so they can score some clean needles. Here our Democratic candidate feels the most at ease. Within this crowd, the candidate is free to speak his mind for he is among Comrades. Think back to just a short time ago if you will, to Obama’s heart felt soliloquy in San Francisco where he sniffed and snorted about the “frustrated” voters who “cling to guns and religion and anti immigrant sentiment” much to the delight of the assembled alternative lifestylers. When a liberal is amongst fellow travelers, they have the overpowering tendency to vent, as though there will be no consequences for their words.

Once the candidate has cajoled and fleeced the Democratic base (and with the left, I do mean “base”..) out of its monthly government checks and lottery winnings, the campaign staffers realize that the campaign is in need of more “donations.” This ushers in the transitional period whereby the candidates “core principles” become “capricious principles” as the left without exception begins its predictably bogus “move to the center”, otherwise known as ” taking the Big Lie to a wider and less receptive, AKA: a ‘normal’ audience”. This is typically the clumsiest period for a Democratic candidate because this is probably the first time that they have had to step away from the safety of their Socialist inner sanctum.

This is the time when the candidate and/or his staffers say things like, “He will revisit that when he is President..” or “I voted for the War before I voted against it..” Obama’s most recent “Kerry-isms” on public financing, the War in Iraq and the Washington D.C. gun ban, just to name a few, all fall neatly into that transitory classification. The hyper sensitive girly left usually begins “expressing their outrage” at this point. The liberal’s embarrassment over being duped yet again has created the sparks and embers responsible for igniting the hysterically humorous wildfires of progressive vitriol.

Leading the matronly charge against BHO/JFK, is the “al-Qaeda house organ” known to the civilized world as the New York Times. The Times editorial page leaked copious tears over Obama’s “legion of supporters” and how he “raised our hopes”. (You will note the usually impartial New York Times accidentally put the word ‘our’ in place of ‘their’. Please also note my sarcastic use of the words ‘usually’, ‘impartial’ and ‘accidentally’ within that last sentence, as pertains to the most ‘partial’ media outlet this side of Al Jazeera..)

The left never saw, or chose not to look, through his silly sermons, his homilies of “hope” and his cacophonous crowing about “change”. The estrogen-laced editorial said, “We don’t want any redefining on these big issues. This country needs change it can believe in..” (Why didn’t the writer use ‘we’ instead of ‘it’? It seemed to work very “impartially” within the previous sentence.) (I know, it is an editorial, but for the Times, the editorial page might have less bias than any of the allegedly “impartial” stories they deem to print, as hard as that is to believe..) With the metrosexuals of the left, it appears that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned..

This is a very confusing time for the simpletons of the left. Their paladin has seemingly turned his back on them in search of other less easily gulled voters so that he can secure higher office. In order to do so, the candidate has no choice but to “speak to the issues” that the left had been promised were sacrosanct. Their formerly inflexible liberal deity has recently become quite a bit more receptive to a whole boatload of formerly “not up for discussion” topics.

Obama’s initial allergy towards the issues and his complete political inexperience affords him a certain latitude if he were ever required to address the issues during this campaign. He has never taken a stand on anything so he has no long history that he needs to deflect or hide from the glare of investigators and interlopers. BHO/JFK used to spend almost all of his time crooning to the left. Now he has to broaden his horizons and open up new and more creative avenues of fiction to a voting bloc that will be considerably more difficult to hoodwink. As slow as the liberals are, when they heard that Obama “will revisit it (the war in Iraq) when he becomes President..”, they finally realized that they had again been played for chumps. Who else are you going to vote for, lefty..

When the stretch run begins and the finish line appears on the horizon that is when the liberal disingenuousness will reach a fever pitch. At this point, the Democratic candidate habitually begins flailing about in desperation. One day, apologizing to the left. The next day, capitulating to the right and then straight back to repenting and genuflecting in front of the fifth columnists. This will all be explained away using the colorful ruse known as “reaching across the aisle in the spirit of bipartisanship”..

It has been said that there is a fool born every minute, so every sixty seconds or so, a new Democrat is hatched who will soon allow themselves to be enthusiastically led by the nose down the progressive primrose paths of “firm Democratic convictions” and “liberal core principles” during each and every election cycle ad infinitum..


17 responses to “Flexibility

  1. GOPGail Csaszar

    I’m new to NoLeftTurnz & you are Bloody right on! Keep up the scathing commentary.

  2. When B. H****** Obama was asked about not wearing a lapel flag, he replied, “why?”.

    When McCain was beaten, broken, and ordered by his Vietnamese captors to remove the flag from his flight suit, he replied… “..never…”.

    I’m voting for the PATRIOT !



  4. This is the best writing I’ve read in a long time. My feelings 100%. Sure glad I heard about this website. Great stuff!

  5. Another brilliant article, Larry. You know the enemy very well. My toes curl up every time I hear the Dems and their Marxist “sing-along”: “The rich against the poor”; “Haves and have nots”; “Nasty, wealthy corporations”;
    “Redistribution of wealth” – Holy Smokes!

  6. DemonRats have learned that they can pretty much say anything they want, in any venue, because the liberal news media will NOT hold them accountable.
    In Detroit, BHO can “commit” to bringing blue-collar manufacturing (ie, car building) jobs back to America…then the next day, in California, commit to going after “smoke stack” industries for poluting the air and drive them off our shores.
    The New Jazeera Times, will never hold their candidate accountable to something they said yesterday. The only thing that matters is who the audience is for that day. Feed them what they want to hear, then move on.
    We, as conservatives, need to treat McCain the same way. Let him say whatever he has to say today to whatever conservative group he is speaking to, even if it conflicts with your own beliefs.
    To say we have to choose between the lessor of two evils this November is not quite accurate.
    Its really the difference between life and death.
    Dead is DEAD….there is nothing we can do with that. Life, no matter how fragile, is still LIFE….we can work with that…
    BHO is certain death for our country.
    McCain is, at the very least, life.
    I don’t agree with McCain 100% of the time. Probably more like 80-90%.
    But with BHO its 0% (ZERO).

    Dont Hope for Change…. VOTE for it…
    vote McCain!

  7. case in point: today J. Jack$on apologized for making “regretfully crude” comments about BHO.
    In other words, for letting out how he TRUELY feels about him.
    Watch what happens next……NOTHING.
    New Jazeera Times wont even mention it.


  8. With out doubt a very incisive article. The liberal democrat (AKA Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing) will blind the masses with woolly rhetoric only to bare the fangs once it is too late. I fear for America and indeed the world if BHO/JFK is elected come November……….common sense must prevail!

  9. come to think of it, one person that I do seem to agree with 100% of the time is……


  10. A Flying Rat

    I’m sure everyone has thought of this, but no one wants to say it out loud (too un-PC).
    So I will (snicker snicker)…
    I would bet some folks within the CCF – Clintonista Crime Family (exactly what has Carville been up to lately??….) is already working on a scenerio by which some idiot from the far right fringes can get close enough to BHO to get off a clean shot.
    Makes you wonder WHY Bill/Hill aren’t ever more than 2 steps away from the anointed one’s shadows.
    The CCF knows exactly where BHO will be and when (because their own dogs are in the show too). And, they are intimately in tune with whatever security arrangements are being made (which includes knowledge of any, how shall we say, “loopholes”, in those arrangements…).

    Sounds like a Hollywood script:
    * candidate #1 gunned down by right-wing nutbag.
    * candidate #2 “un-pauses” her campaign just in time for the convention.
    * candidate #2 becomes #1 candidate by default
    * Convention has no choice but to nominate…. A BITCH!

    I think I can call her that if that is how a scenerio just described pans out….

    I know…..I’m such a conspiracist….. 😛
    Ohh Mr Clancy……wanna write another book??

  11. Gosh…..that was a fun read!
    Keep on keeping on

  12. noleftturnz


    You have my word. I’ll keep writing if you’ll keep reading..deal?


  13. Holy Crap! An excellent read. I learned about this site from your comment on Ann Coulter’s article and have passed this on to other sane friends. Thank you so much for saying what so many of us think … but you say it so much better! Thank you!

  14. Thank you for an excellent read! So many of us think these thoughts and you manage to say them so well. I’ve passed this site on to others. Again, thank you!

  15. noleftturnz

    Sane Val, Thank you for your kind words and especially thanks for passing my site on to others. I greatly appreciate your input and keep your comments coming. Thanks for reading. Larry

  16. Excellent dissertation on the lies that BHO spews as he tries to appear more moderate in order to gain votes from the center. Obama is just like Clinton (take your pick), willing to lie and promise anything to anyone for a vote. Thanks for exposing BHO and keep the pressure on!

  17. noleftturnz

    Wales, I will never release my grip from the throat of the liberal animal. It’s all about the acquisition of power with the left. It is our job to frustrate that objective. Thanks for your comments…Larry

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